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Lin Manuel Miranda in Talks for ‘His Dark Materials’ Adaptation

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Lin Manuel Miranda, the mastermind behind hit musical Hamilton is close to signing a deal to play “balloonist and adventurer Lee Scoresby in the BBC One and Bad Wolf TV adaptation of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials.”


Pullman’s absolutely unbelievable fantasy trilogy will stretch over eight parts in the planned adaptation, which will include The Golden Compass (known as Northern Lights in the UK and Ireland), The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass.


Dafne Keen

Logan star Dafne Keen is in talks to play Lyra | Via Film School Rejects 


Director Tom Hooper, who earned an Academy Award for The King’s Speech, is slated to direct the series, while Logan star Dafne Keen is in talks to play the lead role of Lyra. According to Entertainment Weekly, Lyra is “a young orphan girl who finds herself thrust into a dangerous adventure when she sets out to find a kidnapped friend. Over the course of the trilogy, Lyra joins Will, a boy with the ability to cut through worlds, and together they embark on a journey that thrusts them into a world-spanning war where they discover a prophecy surrounding their own destiny.”


The Golden Compass was made into a truly appalling film in 2006 starring a woefully miscast Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra, alongside Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. Pullman’s trilogy is an exceptional example of worldbuilding, and deals with earth shattering concepts and ideology, and the film totally ignored this, so here’s hoping this upcoming series will give it the time and attention it deserves. 


Featured Image Via The New York Times


Writer of ‘Hamilton’ Inspiration Has New Book on Ulysses S. Grant!

When Hamilton first came out in April 2016, it created a spike in Broadway tickets and insane crowds that no one could’ve expected. Who knew hip-hop and American history could go so well together? Based on author Ron Chernow’s 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton, the Broadway production has memorable lyrics by the multi-talented Lin-Manuel Miranda. 


Now, the historian Ron Chernow just released another successful biography on Ulysses S. Grant.



Image Via Amazon


In Grant, Chernow set out to correct any negative and conventional ideas about the former president and his leadership during a time of duress after the Civil War. In the 959 pages, he touches on every battle Grant fought in as well as his racism and struggle with alcohol. But we also get the story of Grant having Jefferson’s statue removed from the White House because he was a slave owner. 



Image Via USA Today


From his desire for any labor at a young age to his working class father, we get every detail we could ever be curious about and more. The cover shows a stoic image of Grant with a stern expression, dark hair, and a look that portrays something further from any explanation we could think of. Check out the New York Times review!


Will there be singing and dancing? No, not exactly. Will you be able to brush up on your history? Absolutely.


Feature Image Via Newsweek and Wikipedia

Lin Manuel Miranda

Puerto Rico Receives Love and Lyrics from Lin-Manuel Miranda

Four weeks ago, if you’d played a word association game with ‘Maria’ and ‘Puerto Rico,’ your mind might have conjured up the image of a dark-haired girl in 1950s New York City, leaning over a balcony and wishing goodnight to the boy she’d just met at a dance in a gym. It is a beautiful yet heart-wrenching image of youthful passion that has appeared on stages across the world since West Side Story premiered on Broadway in 1957.


But Mother Nature has changed that image. 


Now the image is one of homes ripped apart as if they’d been nothing more than straw houses blown down by a ravenous wolf. Impassable roads crumbled into nothing more than rubble. Families desperate for the barest essentials. A paradise transformed into a scene of devastation. It is a scene of pain, thirst, hunger, and loss. 


Enter Lin-Manuel Miranda.


The Tony Award winning composer and lyricist, perhaps best known for his smash Broadway hit Hamilton, is no stranger to stepping in when catastrophe strikes. At the 2016 Tony Awards, following the Orlando night club massacre that resulted in the deaths of forty-nine people, Miranda delivered a self-composed sonnet that included the simple but ever-critical reminder, “Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.” 


Love is love is love.


Destruction  in Puerto Rico

Destruction in Puerto Rico / Image Via ABC7 LA


As the son of a Puerto Rican immigrant, Miranda has a lot of love for the hurricane ravaged U.S. territory. He has family there. He spent summers writing at the house his grandfather built in the hills of Vega Alta. The house that now, much like countless other homes in Puerto Rico, has been reduced to a fragile skeleton of its former self. 


The scene of his family’s home may look hopeless, but as Miranda has proven time and time again, he is not one to give in to despair. When tragedy strikes, whether it’s Mother Nature’s handiwork or man-made hardship, Miranda has a knack for channeling the power of art in combating catastrophe. And though his individual talents are laudable on their own, he’s not going solo on his mission to help the people of Puerto Rico. 


In a series of twitter videos posted on September 28th, Miranda revealed his collaboration with Latin singer Ruben Blades, rapper Joell Ortiz, Hamilton star Anthony Ramos, and other celebrity artists in creating what he termed, “a love letter to Puerto Rico.” The videos include snippets of his musical love letter, which will be released in its entirety on October 6th, and is designed to help raise funds for The Hispanic Federation. Once the song hits the web, he hopes that it will point listeners to making donations, which will go towards helping to rebuild the island Miranda loves so much. 


Love is love is love.


And right now, Puerto Rico needs it more than ever. 



Feature Image Via NBC News  

scene from the musical Hamilton: Alexander and Eliza Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton’s Papers Are Now Available Online!


If you can’t score a ticket to “Hamilton” on Broadway, then this is the next best thing! The Library of Congress, holder of documents related to America’s controversial first treasury secretary, recently made 880 Hamilton documents available online. “The web site is meant to open these up to a much broader public,” said Julie Miller, the library’s curator of early American manuscripts.


alexander hamilton letter to eliza

Image courtesy of The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History


The documents cover almost every crucial moment of Hamilton’s life, from his restless adolescence in the Caribbean to his time and politics and eventual death in an 1804 duel with vice president Aaron Burr. Though the Library of Congress houses the papers, it was Hamilton’s widow, Elizabeth “Eliza” Hamilton, who single-handedly tracked the documents down. Working against a political establishment hostile to her husband and his legacy, Eliza was eventually able to collect his writings and have them published—an effort that greatly contributed to the creation of biographer Ron Chernow’s “Hamilton” and the smash Lin-Manuel Miranda musical it inspired.


alexander hamilton portrait

Image courtesy of History.com


This democratization of information was no doubt inspired by the musical’s success. Here’s hoping this historical musical trend will continue—there’s lots of musty old documents we’d love to see.


Featured Image Courtesy of NY Daily News.

Lin Manuel Miranda

Check out Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Summer Reading List

Sharing a list of all the books he devoured while on holidays, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote ‘I read so much on vacation! This is everything I liked.’ He was quick to clarify, however, that he will not be adapting any of them into musicals. 


He offers a very diverse list! Ahead of the movie’s release next year, Miranda read Madeleine D’Engle’s ‘A Wrinkle in Time,’ as well as the sequel ‘A Wind in the Door.’ He also read ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ in Spanish, and sections from Tolstoy’s famous tome ‘War and Peace.’ 



Oprah in A Wrinkle in Time

Oprah Winfrey in ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ (2018) / Image Courtesy of Den of Geek



See the full list below. 



Pick them up here: 


One Hundred Years of Solitude‘ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (in Spanish: Cien Años De Soledad)


Theft by Finding‘ by David Sedaris


Creativity, Inc.‘ by Ed Catmull with Amy Wallace


A Wrinkle in Time‘ by Madeleine L’Engle


A Wind in the Door‘ by Madeleine L’Engle


Consider the Lobster‘ by David Foster Wallace


Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night‘ by Jason Zinoman


Dave Malloy’s adapted chapters of War & Peace‘ by Leo Tolstoy


Strokes of Genius‘ by L. Jon Wertheim


The Collectors: A His Dark Materials Story‘ by Philip Pullman


The Second Sex‘ by Simone de Beauvoir


Sense of Occasion‘ by Hal Prince (available for pre-order)


Fosse‘ by Sam Wasson


Vacationland‘ by John Hodgman (available for pre-order)



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