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13 Horror Quotes to Celebrate Friday the 13th

Another year means another Friday the 13th and another excuse to read horror fiction, watching scary movies and start to break out your Halloween decorations. Here are thirteen quotes from some of our favorite horror novels by some of our favorite horror writers that might make it hard to sleep tonight!


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“We’d stared into the face of Death, and Death blinked first. You’d think that would make us feel brave and invincible. It didn’t.”
― Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave


“I have seen the dark universe yawning
Where the black planets roll without aim,
Where they roll in their horror unheeded,
Without knowledge, or lustre, or name.”
― H. P. Lovecraft, Nemesis


“[Horror fiction] shows us that the control we believe we have is purely illusory, and that every moment we teeter on chaos and oblivion.”
― Clive Barker


“Eddie discovered one of his childhood’s great truths. Grownups are the real monsters, he thought.”
― Stephen King, It


“It is only when a man feels himself face to face with such horrors that he can understand their true import.”
― Bram Stoker, Dracula 


“Blood is really warm,
it’s like drinking hot chocolate
but with more screaming.”
― Ryan Mecum, Zombie Haiku: Good Poetry for Your…Brains


“Vampires, real vampires, didn’t nibble on the necks of nubile young virgins. They tore people to pieces and sucked the blood out of the chunks.”
― David Wellington, 99 Coffins


“Horror is the natural reaction to the last 5,000 years of history.”
― Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger 2: Down to Earth


“He lives down in a ribcage in the dry leaves of a heart.”
― Thomas Harris, The Silence of the Lambs


“It was so close to October that Halloween was knocking at his heart.”
― Barry Eysman, Candles for November


“-there was something in her, something that was…pure horror. Everything you were supposed to watch out for. Heights, fire, shards of glass, snakes, Everything that his mom tried so hard to keep him safe from.”
― John Ajvide Lindqvist, Let the Right One In


“Walking out in the middle of a funeral would be, of course, bad form. So attempting to walk out on one’s own was beyond the pale.”
― Steve Hockensmith, Dawn of the Dreadfuls


“What looked like morning was the beginning of endless night.”
― William Peter Blatty, The Exorcist


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