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‘Game of Thrones’ George R.R. Martin Once Had Minus-Four People Show Up to a Reading

At Thrillerfest this weekend, Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin opened up about a particularly tragic in-store appearance he made early in his career, which boasted minus-four attendees. You read that right. 


When the event, held in a bookshop/coffee shop was scheduled to start, only four people were there. The moderator of the event even waited an extra twenty-or-so minutes before introducing Martin to the stage, hoping that maybe the extra chunk of time would give more fans the chance to show up. 


Still, never one to care much about fame, nor his own ego, Martin stepped out, ready to do the reading for his four loyal fans only to find that, immediately following his introduction, every single audience member stood up and walked out of the bookstore, leaving him to read to an empty room. It turned out they were just there for the coffee. 


It’s impossible to imagine a time when George R.R. Martin, who now regularly reads to audiences of seven-thousand and more and once allowed six-hundred fans to hug him during a meet-and-greet in Mexico, didn’t have a large, intense, and loyal fan-base.


Featured Image Via Comic Con