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5 Lesser-Known Grimm’s Fairy Tales You Should Read Right Now

It’s been 205 years since brother Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm published their collection of fairytales containing famous tales such as Cinderella, Snow White, and Red Riding Hood. However, lest we forget, the volume contained over 200 stories, and those that have been thus far sidelined deserve some recognition too. So, without further ado, here are five strange, spooky, stories you should be reading right now. 


1. “The King’s Son Who Feared Nothing


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This tale follows a fearless prince who goes in search of adventure, confident that nothing can frighten him. He comes across a giant and boasts that he can match anything the giant can do. The giant dares him to pluck an apple from the Tree of Life, as he has a bride who wants one, but he is unable to find the tree himself. The king’s son scoffs, and declares that he cannot think what would stop him finding the tree. He journeys far and eventually comes to the beautiful Garden of Life. He successfully steals the apple, but what follows is a series of disastrous scenarios which would scare just about anyone…


2. “The Seven Ravens



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“The Seven Ravens” follows seven brothers whose father, in a fit of rage, transforms them into ravens. Their sister who is much younger does not know of their existence until she is grown and overhears their fate. Subsequently, their sister must journey to the the Glass Mountain where they live in secret, to break the curse. 


3. “The Girl Without Hands


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The devil offered a miller infinite wealth on the condition that the miller give him whatever was behind his mill. The miller agreed, thinking it was only an old apple tree, but it turned out his daughter had been standing there. The devil waits a few years to claim the daughter, thinking by then she’ll have committed sins and be ripe for the picking. However, she is free of sin, and so the devil tasks the father with causing the girl to become sinful in various terrible ways. First by forbidding her from washing, then, when she washes her hands with her tears, by cutting off her hands. When the maiden ends up married to a king, the devil does his best to intervene.


4. “The Juniper Tree


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This is one of the goriest tales in the book, concerning a jealous stepmother who brutally murders her abused stepson and then feeds him to his hapless father in the form of a stew. But the stepson gets his revenge.


5. “The Stolen Pennies


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This is a cautionary tale, warning against the evils of greed. The ghost of a child haunts the cupboard in which he hid money that his mother had given him to give to the poor. The family living in the house cannot see the child but he is visible to a visitor, who informs the parents what he has seen… 



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