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5 Reasons You’ll LOVE The New “Red Rising” Book

Best-selling author Pierce Brown is BACK with an inter-galactic bang in the newest installment of the Red Rising prequel series Sons of AresSons of Ares, Volume 2: Wrath, is the second book in the graphic novel series, and was recently released in hardcover. (Psst, we even have a few copies to giveaway – alongside some exclusive merch. You can enter here.)

Here are five reasons that you’ll love this new release.

1. The plot

The plot is the key to any good book, and the plot of Wrath does NOT disappoint. Longtime fans of Red Rising will be able to dive deeper into the world of the series, learning more about the origins of the Sons of Ares and the motivations of characters in their futures. For newcomers, although we don’t recommend jumping straight into it without Volume 1 for context, the plot is accessible and exciting, it will leave you reeling and eagerly starting your own Red Rising journey.



2. The artwork

image via dynamite

The artist, Eli Powell, has given the series a serious edge with his visceral artwork for the novel. The grit of the story’s society really comes to light with the harsh tones and lines. The scenes of drama are violent and vibrant, bringing the storyline and visuals together.

3. the action

Speaking of vibrant violence, the novel has plenty. The original Red Rising series doesn’t hide from the violent side of the caste societal system, and Wrath is no exception. Witness Fitchner on his quest for revenge, from which nobody is truly safe. There are plenty of showdowns and fights throughout the book to keep all readers engrossed and grossed out – depending on your disposition.

4. The difference

Fans of the Red Rising series may not inherently be fans of graphic novels, too. Brown’s use of the graphic novel as the vehicle for the prequel series opens it up as a genre to those unfamiliar with it. You’ll love getting to change up your reading style and get hooked into a visual read.



5. eo

In his introduction to the novel, Brown states :

I prefer to think of this prequel saga as the birth, not just of the Sons of Ares, but the birth of that fragile dream of Eo.

And yes, you got me. This was all really just an excuse to drop Eo pics. You’re welcome.



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DC Releases First Look at “The Oracle Code”

DC’s New Young Adult Graphic Novel by New York Times Bestselling Author Marieke Nijkamp and Artist Manuel Preitano Hits Stores Everywhere Books Are Sold March 10, 2020. 

Yesterday, March 1st, marked International Wheelchair Day, and right on time, DC have released the trailer for their YA graphic novel, The Oracle Code.


The graphic novel, written by bestselling author Marieke Nihkamp and illustrated by Manuel Preitano, is a coming-of-age tale that doubles as an exciting thriller, following teenage Barbara Gordon adapting to her life in a wheelchair after an accident leaves her paralyzed from the waist down. All of this sets her on the path to becoming Oracle.

Barbara Gordon enters the Arkham Center for Independence, where Gotham’s teens undergo physical and mental rehabilitation. Now using a wheelchair, Barbara must adapt to a new normal, but she cannot shake the feeling that something is dangerously amiss. Within these walls, strange sounds escape at night; patients go missing; and Barbara begins to put together pieces of what she believes to be a larger puzzle.

The Oracle Code is my love letter to Barbara Gordon, to Oracle,” said Nijkamp. “It’s a book for everyone who’s ever felt like the puzzle pieces don’t quite fit, whether they’re in a creepy Arkham institute or simply figuring themselves out. And it’s for every disabled reader who knows they can be a hero too.”


The novel’s illustrator, Manuel Preitano, is an Italian artist and graphic designer, best known for Destiny, NY, a series he co-created with Pat Shand. Preitano says “Illustrating The Oracle Code was a great challenge and an opportunity to grow as an artist.” Nijkamp added, “Manuel’s art brought the story to life in a way that was beyond my wildest dreams. He got the characters from the very first sketch and his eye for detail made their whole world shine!”

The Oracle Code is available for preorder now and will be available everywhere March 10, 2020.

Featured image via DC

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5 Fantasy Mangas To Pique Your Interest

I have been reading manga since I was a wee child, and I have always gravitated towards the serializations based in the fantasy genre. So naturally, I had to create a list of series for readers to go and check out. For those who might not be familiar, manga is a term used to refer to Japanese comics or visual novels. It has gradually gained in popularity in America, and now there are massive conventions where individuals can dress as their favorite characters and interact with fellow fans.

Here are five fantasy mangas that will most definitely pique your interest.


1. “The ancient magus’ bride”

image via amazon

Kore Yamazaki‘s series The Ancient Magus’ Bride follows the young protagonist Chise. From a young age, Chise has been able to see spirits and creatures that no one else has. After her father’s abandonment and her mother’s death, Chise is moved from relative to relative until she ultimately decides to put herself up for auction. She is purchased by Elias, a mage who is centuries years old and definitely not human. He takes her on as his apprentice, and in doing so, Chise begins to come into contact with other mythical beings straight out of folklore based in the British Isles. She meets a Leanan Sidhe, the faerie king and queen, and even the cat king–to name but a few. She grows as a mage and an individual, and while Elias acts as her magic teacher, she acts as the teacher who gives him an idea of why humans act the way they do. Please be aware that the reason that this series is called The Ancient Magus Bride is because mages and their apprentices, due to their lifespans, will often get married, and this implication is attached to Elias’s and Chise’s relationship. While I do enjoy this series for the plot and the magical lore, I won’t dismiss that the implications can make others uncomfortable.

2. “The Girl from the other side: Siúil A Rún”

image via amazon

The Girl From the Other Side: Siúil A Rún, by Nagabe, follows a young girl and her guardian in a world populated by monsters. The young girl is one of the only surviving beings who hasn’t been infected by a curse, whereas her guardian suffers from said curse. This curse is spread via touch, which makes it extremely hard for the child’s guardian to protect her from the beings who have gone insane due to the curse. All the same, the child’s guardian is intent on keeping her safe and trying to reunite her with her family who, hopefully, have not been cursed as well.

3. “yona of the dawn”

image via pinterest

Written by Mizuho Kasanagi, Yona of the Dawn, also known as Akatsuki no Yona, follows the young princess Yona. After her father, the emperor, was brutally murdered in a coup, Yona and her guardian Hak flee the royal palace. They discover that Yona is the reincarnation of a king who once had four dragon warriors in his service. These same dragon warriors have also reincarnated in order to protect the king in the king’s following life. Each warrior possesses a physical attribute that is meant to match that of their dragon predecessor. For example, one warrior has the eyes of a dragon, and another has the physical strength of one, so his hand looks like a dragon’s claw. Yona begins to gather these warriors together in order to reclaim her father’s throne, and as she does so, she learns how to fight and hold her own in battle as well. Yet this same series provides an interesting nuance: due to her father’s pacifism, his people have suffered throughout the years. Under the guidance of the new emperor (the one who murdered Yona’s father), the land begins to flourish. So this then begs the question: how will Yona handle this knowledge? Will she fight for the throne, or will she relinquish her claim to it?


4. “Black clover”

image via black clover wiki

Black Clover, by Yûki Tabata, is a current serialization that has gained some serious popularity. This series follows Asta, a young man who wants to become the next wizard king… the only problem is that he doesn’t actually have any magical ability. Unlike his brother figure Yuno, who is a verified magical prodigy, Asta cannot even perform the most basic magical spells. In a world where magic is the norm, Asta is an enigma, and he isn’t in a position where he can even expect to pursue his dream. However, Asta comes into possession of a grimoire that possesses powerful anti-magical abilities. So in a world where magic is the norm, Asta now has the power to basically counteract the abilities of his peers, giving him a leg up and also putting him on equal footing with Yuno, his rival and the possessor of the first wizard king’s grimoire.

5. “Mushishi”

image via goodreads

Mushishi, by Yuki Urushibara, follows Ginko, a man who pursues rumors about beings known as Mushi appearing. The mushi, as described within the series itself, are creatures that can take on various forms: such as plants, fungus, and even more. They simply wish to exist. This series is largely episodic, with Ginko traveling from place to place and interacting with people and mushi alike. Given that the mushi can take on essentially any form, each adventure and story is unique and ingenious in its own way.

Featured image via mocah.org



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Celebrate Umbrella Day at the Academy!

Today is Umbrella day so we obviously have to talk about The Umbrella Academy. The Umbrella Academy was originally a graphic novel series written by Gerard freaking Way as you all know by now, hopefully.  Am I the only one who thinks it will take forever for season two? I honestly can’t be held accountable for what I do while I wait.


Image via Buzzfeed

The first season was incredible. It put the graphic novels on my radar and the fact that the ICON himself was behind it, was a sign that this was a gold mine for Netflix and for my heart. And for my Funko collection. I don’t have a problem, I promise. All of the characters, especially the Hargreeves siblings were so interesting.


Image via Film Daily

We have Luther, Number 1 AKA Spaceboy, who is incredibly strong and has the body of a large gorilla thanks to blood from their butler and companion Pogo to save his life.

Diego, Number 2 AKA The Kraken, who is skilled with knives and can hold his breath pretty much forever.

Allison, Number 3 AKA The Rumor, who can tell simply tell a lie by saying “I heard a rumor…” And alters reality making whatever she said be actually true.

Klaus, Number 4 AKA The Séance. Klaus is easily a fan favorite with the ability to communicate with the dead and even God on occasion.



The Boy, Number 5 AKA Travel Boy. Five is the oldest yet youngest of the siblings. He has the power of teleportation and time travel. Five got stuck in the future and stayed there for forty five years. He finally  figured out to come back to his time to get his siblings to together to stop the apocalypse.

Ben, Number 6 AKA The Horror. He has the power to unleash monsters from another dimension through his skin. Talk about power! The show starts with him being dead and he hangs around Klaus as a ghost because he’s the only one who can hear him.

Vanya, Number 7 AKA The White Violin. Vanya is the most powerful of her siblings without even knowing it. When she was younger, Reginald Hargreeves, the man who took them all in, had Allison convince Vanya that she didn’t have any powers because she was too powerful, even at a young age. For most of her life she was an outcast but when her power awoke she destroyed the world. She is able to change sound into energy with her violin.



Since the ending of the first season I was filled with questions. Would they follow the next graphic novel exactly, if not how will they adapt it? Where in time did Number Five jump his siblings and why did they become younger before they vanished? Does this mean that we’ ll see more of the Hargreeves siblings from their childhood; training and going on missions? My biggest question is what happened to Ben? He’s undoubtedly the best of the crew and there is still so much mystery around his passing in the show and the graphic novels. But it’s suspected that Luther made a bad call during a mission and what ever that decision was resulted in Ben’s death. Also where did Hazel and his cute girlfriend go because I could watch them all day.


Image via Small Screen


Featured Image via Oracle Globe


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Quotes From ‘Coraline’ To Make You Shiver

The movie adaptation of the classic Neil Gaiman novel Coraline came out eleven years ago today and let’s face it, it’s still creepy. I absolutely love it though, so here are some great quotes in honor of the movie coming out and how it gave us all wonderful nightmares.



Image via Indiewire



“We are small but we are many
We are many we are small
We were here before you rose
We will be here when you fall.”


“It doth not hurt”, whispered a faint voice, “She will take you life and all you are and all you care’st for, and she will leave you with nothing but mist and fog. She’ll take your joy. And one day you’ll wake and your heart and soul will have gone. A husk you’ll be, a wisp you’ll be, and a thing no more than a dream on waking, or a memory of something forgotten.”



“And then, in a skittering, chittering rush, it came. The hand, running high on its fingertips, scrabbled through the tall grass and up onto a tree stump. It stood there for a moment, like crab tasting the air, and then it made one triumphant, nail-clacking leap onto the center of the tablecloth.
Time slowed for Coraline. The white fingers closed around the black key….”


“We have eyes and we have nerveses
We have tails we have teeth
You’ll all get what you deserveses
When we rise from underneath.”


Image via RealRundown


Featured  image via Focus Features 


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