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Michelle Obama is a Grammy Winner!

Michelle Obama has received a grammy this past Sunday at the 62nd Grammy Awards. She was nominated in the “Best Spoken Word Album” and won for the audiobook of her memoir, Becoming. This is the third Grammy win for the Obamas, with Former President Barack Obama winning for the first grammy in the same category for the audiobook of his memoir, Dreams of my Father.


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Barack Obama also won another grammy back in 2008 for another memoir, The Audacity of Hope. This is Michelle’s first win for her bestselling memoir, which has sold millions of copies. The book also broke the Fifty Shades of Grey streak for staying number one on Amazon, since 2012. The book chronicles Michelle’s life, starting with her childhood and her upbringing, all the way up to her life as a First Lady, and even her life after being First Lady. She doesn’t hold back and lets all of her feelings come to light about being married to Barack Obama, and her feelings about him running for President.




Former First Lady, Hilary Clinton, also won a grammy for her memoir, Living History, back in 2003. Clinton, wrote the book when she was a Senator in New York. While Michelle’s is more about her life and how she managed to find a voice for herself while being a wife, mother and first lady. One of the most inspiring aspects of her memoir is how she learned to find her own life outside of her husband, and her children and stand on her own two feet and do things that were important to her.

Michelle Obama is one amazing woman, and her grammy win is well deserved.


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Carrie Fisher high quality

Icon Carrie Fisher Posthumously Wins Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album

Even despite her passing just over a year ago, Carrie Fisher has still managed to steal our hearts and posthumously win a Grammy in addition to it.
According to Entertainment Weekly, it was on Sunday that the late and great actress’ audiobook memoir The Princess Diarist won a Grammy for the best spoken word album.


Carrie Fisher

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The album covered her time shooting Star Wars and playing the famous Princess Leia. She even reveals her stories of life on-set and her hidden affair with co-star Harrison Ford. It had been published and released only five weeks before her death in December 2016. Then it was while she was on her book tour that she suffered a heart attack, passing away days later.


Carrie Fisher

 Image Via People

At this year’s 60th Annual Grammy Awards there were a few other great contenders in that particular group: Neil deGrasse Tyson for Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, Bernie Sanders with Mark Ruffalo for Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In, Shelly Peiken for Confessions of a Serial Songwriter, and, my personal favorite, Bruce Springsteen for Born to Run.


However, among these great nominees, Fisher was still able to remind us that she was someone whose talent and spirit is still with us.


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Hillary Clinton Fire and Fury Michael Wolff funny grammys reading audiobook

Hillary Clinton, Cardi B, Cher Bring Heat With ‘Fire and Fury’ Excerpts

Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury made an appearance at this year’s Grammys because, apparently, audiobooks are eligible to win in the spoken word album category. In an effort to snag next year’s Best Spoken Word Album, host James Corden brought out potential celebrity readers to audition for the job.



In the bit, Hillary Clinton, DJ Khaled, Cardi B, John Legend, Snoop Dogg, and Cher all read excerpts from the book. Clinton narrates the part about Trump’s fondness for McDonald’s, which reads


He had a longtime fear of being poisoned. One reason why he liked to eat at McDonalds. No one knew he was coming and the food was safely pre-made.


Grammys producers arranged Clinton’s involvement in the sketch a couple of weeks ago, and it was filmed in New York City last week. According to someone involved in the taping, Clinton might have read a few different excerpts from the book, but eventually they settled on the McDonald’s quote.


According to publisher Henry Holt & Co., Fire and Fury has sold 1.7 million copies. It hasn’t had any shortage of publicity, and the Grammys have given it a late-January boost. Still, the sketch does raise a good question: Who should read the audiobook? Though I can’t say I’m particularly impressed with any of the readers in the sketch (besides the wonderful Cardi B), it does get the mind racing. Who would you root for? I think Liam Neeson might do a good job.




Feature Image Via CBS

Dany, Jon, and Grammy

‘Game of Thrones’ Composer Ramin Djawadi Finally Scoops Grammy Nomination!

Game of Thrones has received a lot of different nominations throughout the years but never a Grammy. Until now. The 2018 Grammy nominations list was released yesterday and Ramin Djawadi has finally been recognized for his compositions on season seven. 


Game of Thrones has swooped the Emmy’s for some time now, except in 2017 because of scheduling. Djawadi also earned a creative arts Emmy nomination for his work on season four, episode, “The Mountain and the Viper.” As for the Grammy’s, Djawadi has a good chance at winning this one. 


The Grammy Nominations in the score category for visual media are as follows:


Jóhann Jóhannsson for Arrival


Hans Zimmer for Dunkirk


Benjamin Wallfisch, Pharrell Williams, and Hans Zimmer for Hidden Figures


Justin Hurwitz for La La Land


Ramin Djawadi for Game of Thrones


As you can see, the other nominations are not only all movies, but movies from 2016 (except for Dunkirk). Because of this, and of course Djawadi’s amazing work, he has a good chance at winning the 2018 Grammy.



“Truth” was a song composed by Djawadi for season seven. This song was played over the course of season seven during the scenes that involved Jon Snow and Daenerys. Djawadi told EW, “The trick with this theme is that it really had to be a love theme but when we played it in earlier episodes, you don’t want to give away the love too soon. So it had to be a theme that could be a little bit mysterious, a little moody, and you could play it darker at times.” You probably remember it most from when it is revealed to us that Jon and Daenerys are actually siblings.



If the Night King scenes are more your speed, you’ll probably recognize “The Army of the Dead” more. About the song, Djawadi says, “That was also something slowly planted underneath the existing White Walker theme. We hear it the first time in episode 1 when you see them walking, and then you hear it again and again and you start to hear it more in episode 6, when the Night King takes down the dragon.” 


 Feature Images Via HBO and Grammy


Books the Big Winner at the Grammys

The 57th Grammy Awards took place on Sunday, February 8, 2015. Among the usual nominees – Beyonce, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran to name a few – were a few less usual contenders.  

A recording of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning autobiography I Am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up For Education and Changed the World by Malala Yousafzai, took home the Grammy for Best Children’s Album. The story of enormous courage and conviction is recorded by Neela Vaswani. 

And, a recording by the late Joan Rivers of her autobiography Diary of a Mad Diva, won Best Spoken Word Album. Funny, witty and as always larger than life, this collection of essays in her own voice is pure Joan.   

If you haven’t checked out these great reads yet, see what all the buzz is about here: 

I Am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up For Education and Changed the World 

by Malala Yousafzai

Courtesy of Hachette

Diary of a Mad Diva

by Joan Rivers 

Courtesy of New York Daily News