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Urban Decay GoT Collection

You NEED Urban Decay’s Stunning ‘GoT’ Makeup Collection

Urban Decay, a.k.a. my favorite makeup brand *ever,* is releasing a Game of Thrones themed makeup collection—and it’s an ABSOLUTE UNIT.

The limited-edition collection is inspired by the main power-houses of Game of Thrones, including (but not limited to) House Stark, House Lannister, House Targaryen, and even the White Walkers. It includes: two eyeshadow brushes inspired by the swords Longclaw and Needle, a twenty-piece eyeshadow palette, a three-piece highlighter palette, a lip & cheek stain, four new shades of their Vice Lipstick, and—last but not least—four new shades of the cult-classic 24/7  Glide-On Eye Pencil.

Okay, so that’s a lot to take in! Let’s break down what exactly we’ll be getting.

First, we have the main feature: The eyeshadow palette, which contains TWENTY new shades:




The eyeshadows consist of a wide array of colors, ranging from cool blues and silvers, inspired by the Wall and what lies beyond it, to warmer, jewel-tones for King’s Landing, earth tones for Winterfell, and fairy-tale shades of lilac, pink, and gold for the newly-named Bay of Dragons (formerly known as Slaver’s Bay).

Here’s an example of a super creative look you could create with the palette! I think this look is super creative because of the way it combines matte and shimmery shades in a graphic shape:




The “Mother of Dragons Highlight Palette” consists of three new shades of the brand’s iconic Afterglow highlight:  a pale pink, a golden beige, and a medium bronze color.



The shades are named after Daenerys’s three dragons: Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal. They can be used on the cheeks as well as the eyes, and would be ~perf~ for creating a monochromatic look.

The collection also includes four new shades of the cult favorite 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils!


24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils



The four shades consist of the following:

Dragon Smoke, which has a black base with blue and purple reflects; Lannister gold, a true gold shade; The Night King, a glittering teal, and Winterfell Snow, a cool-toned icy white.

I find that UD’s 24/7 eyeliner range has amazing staying power, especially in their metallic shades, so I’m hopeful that these hold up just as well! *Fingers crossed*

Okay, on to the lipsticks! The collection includes Vice lipsticks in four new shades, which I will describe for your convenience in order from ~left to right.~


GoT Vice Lipstick CollectionIMAGE VIA MORE

The first is called Sansa: a “warm peachy nude.” The second is called Daenerys: a “fiery metallic red.” Next is White Walker: a “deep berry-wine.” Finally, there’s Cersei: a “metallic gold.”

For those of you who are super into Game of Thrones, but not super into lipstick, like me, don’t despair! The collection also features a lip & cheek stain, called Dracarys, pictured below!




According to the product description, this “universally flattering Targaryen red shade gives you the perfect see-through flush on lips and cheeks.” This shade would probably pair really well with the pink highlight shade, Drogon, from the highlight palette!


Alright folks, we’re in the home stretch. Finally, I give you the sword-inspired eyeshadow brushes!


GoT Eyeshadow Brushes


The image shows Longclaw and Needle, respectively. Longclaw has more loosely-packed bristles, and is designed to allow you to deposit and blend out shadow over a larger area. Needle’s bristles are more tightly-packed—this brush would be good for creating something like a cut-crease!

If you’re a makeup and GoT superfan, you can buy the entire collection as one set, in The Vault:



Whew, that’s a lot of makeup—the entire collection is set to drop on April 14th!



Harry Potter Emojis

Celebrate World Emoji Day with These 5 Emoji Keyboards!

Now, I don’t about you, but I love emojis! I remember when I was about fifteen-or-so and Apple first dropped those miniature, pixelated, virtual figurines. For two-and-a-half weeks I strictly responded to texts in emojis, no words (probably the most fun I’ve had while also annoying any and everyone who’s ever tried to form a line of communication with me, to be honest). It’s just nice to be able to tell a story, describe my day, spice up my conversation, and throw a lil’ more personality into texts that, otherwise, tend to come across as sort of serious, dry, and blasé. Life’s short, so why not throw some digital icons into your electronic conversations!


Today is the perfect day to do so because today is World Emoji Day! So, kick off your Doc Martens, unzip your jacket, plug your iPhone or Android into the nearest outlet, and celebrate with me by downloading these totally sick emoji keyboards!














Featured Image via YouTube

Lee Child cameo in 'Jack Reacher'

Did You Notice These Authors in Their On-Screen Movie Cameos?

Just this past weekend, during the annual thriller-writers conference, Thrillerfest, authors R.L. Stine, Lee Child, David Morrell, Heather Graham, and George R.R. Martin had a chance to sit together and discuss social media, their struggles as they strived for success, some of the stranger things fans have said to them during meet-and-greets, and more.


Three of the wordsmiths even decided to delve on into the world of Hollywood and discuss the quirks, fumbles, and just all-around generalized awkwardness that can come with doing a cameo-appearance in your own book-to-film adaptation (it was exactly everything you’d expect and oh, so much more)!




Author of all things spooky, R.L. Stine, had initially wondered if he should maybe just play himself in the 2015 film adaptation of Goosebumps! However, after a bit of disagreement from his fans (and his wife), he decided a short cameo within the film would be more than enough to satiate his hunger to be on screen. In the original script, Stine (who plays the Vice Principal in the school where the film-version of Stine teaches) was set to stand on-stage and hand one of the lead children a trophy.


I told the director I needed a line and he said, ‘okay…say something!’ so I handed the kid the trophy and said, ‘Congratulations, sonny!’




Popular Thriller writer and author of the Jack Reacher series, Lee Child, said that after he’s been given a script and asked to choose which scene he’d like a cameo in, he always chooses a scene essential to the plot that he knows cannot wind up on the cutting room floor. He also went on to describe the strange sort of feeling that comes along with meeting a character of your own creaton.


The production team thought me handing him the toothbrush would be like me, the creator of this character, passing the baton onto Tom Cruise…



George R.R. Martin Cameo

Image via PJ Wetzel


The legendary creator of the entire Game of Thrones franchise, George R.R. Martin, spoke about his cameo in his 1987 television-series, Beauty and the Beast. According to Martin, he assumed the cameo would be the perfect opportunity to plug his new book whilst eating a free cheeseburger or two. However he had no idea that the scene would take hours upon hours to shoot (and cheeseburgers upon cheeseburgers eaten).


These weren’t Shake Shack, or even McDonalds…I’m talking the twenty-four pack of microwavable cheeseburgers…so if you’re going to be a featured extra make sure you’re doing something your okay with doing ninety times in a row.








Featured Image via Digital Spy



George R.R. Martin and R.L. Stine Share Their Opposing Views on Social Media

During an open-panel discussion last Saturday at the popular thriller-writers conference, Thrillerfest, George R.R. Martin (author of Game of Thrones) and R.L. Stine (author of Goosebumps!) talked all things social media and well, they don’t exactly see eye-to-eye…


Thrillerfest Panel

R.L. Stine, George R.R. Martin, Heather Graham, David Morrell and Lee Child at Thrillerfest | Image via Twitter


George R.R. Martin started off the discussion,


I don’t know, social media…some days I want to burn it all down…”


That seems like a fair enough statement considering the fact that, as I’m sure anyone with any sort of social media account already knows, the internet can be an insanely scary, cruel, and vindictive place. It seems like there are people out there who, for whatever reason, feel compelled to spew insults and hatred from behind the safety of their computer screens, seemingly forgetting (or choosing not to acknowledge, rather) that real people are at the receiving end. For example: 




Martin went on to ask


Has social media driven us mad, or were we always mad, we just did a better job at hiding it?



Now, as valid as this statement is, R.L. Stine chimed in to talk about how he’s experienced social media in an entirely different light:


I love Twitter, I’m on it all the time…I love connecting with my fans from the nineties


Now, if you take a look at Stine’s Twitter feed, it’s no surprise that this man loves to tweet…



It’s interesting to how see two wildly famous household names have had such contrasting experiences on social media!


Martin rebutted Stine’s statement with:


It’s ugly…I don’t know what to think about it all…it ain’t the seventies.


Stine simply replied:


 I’m beloved!


This silly disagreement was done with laughter as the two authors poked fun at each other because, as everyone knows, George R.R. Martin’s fans have a lot of animosity toward him due to their growing impatience while they wait for the yet-to-be-announced release of the final Game of Thrones novel, while R.L. Stine’s fans have loved him since childhood, and have had zero reason to be angry with him.


So, let’s maybe cut George R.R. Martin some slack because writing a novel of that caliber has to be extremely stressful and time-consuming and, at the end of the day, he’s just a human writing fictional stories of a fictional place and it isn’t worth attacking, threatening, or hurting his feelings because we’re excited to see how the story ends.


So, let’s keep lovin’ on R.L. Stine and showing him how grateful and nostalgic he makes us feel, while extending some of that love on over to George R.R. Martin because he deserves it, too. (Don’t we all?)






Featured Image via Twitter