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Woman Finds $4k in Hollow Antique Book, Tracks Down Owner

A retired teacher working at the Volunteer Nonprofit Service Association has had an unexpected experience.

Cathy McAllister was organizing the donations when she found an old, battered copy of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire, a volume she didn’t expect to be popular. Feeling guilty about simply throwing it away, she opened it to check for more serious damages that would justify tossing it… and, much to her surprise, she found $4,000 in the hollowed-out book.  


$4k found in hollowed out copy of Gibbons' work on the Roman Empire

Image Via Fox News


At first, McAllister admitted she couldn’t believe it:


I had the book in my hands. I was ready to toss it, because we had several copies already…but when I fanned that book out, there’s a big hole carved out in the book amongst the pages, and I look down in there and I thought, ‘It’s monopoly money. Oh how fun,’ but it’s not monopoly money. It was all banded as it comes from the bank. It was four packages of $100 bills.


Rather than keeping the money, McAllister decided to return it. Since a family letter with the name of who the money belonged to was also encased in the book, she could use this letter to track down the man and his daughter and return the money that belonged to them.

When asked why she decided not to keep the money, McAllister said that it didn’t feel right to keep it. “My values were grounded in our faith,” she confessed, “that the church taught us what was right and wrong. It just becomes who you are after a while.” According to McAllister, she never even considered keeping the money… so the family is lucky she opened the book!



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