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Father's Day

11 Book-Related Gifts For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday, so what better way to show the bookish fathers in your life some love than by giving them one of these great literary-themed gifts? Read on for some gifts that every book-loving dad will enjoy.



1. A book sculpture – $50





Image Via Etsy



Show Dad that you love him with this sculpture, carved from the pages of a book, that literally tells him exactly that.



2. Great Gatsby cufflinks – $24.95




Image Via Etsy



Cufflinks always seem like a very refined gift, and if he doesn’t like The Great Gatsby, there are also several other books to choose from.



3. This flask book box – $56



Image Via Uncommon Goods



Here’s a slightly cheeky gift. Let you dad channel his inner Hemingway with this book that secretly holds a flask inside.



4. Literary rocks glasses – $15 each




Image Via Uncommon Goods



Continuing with the drinking theme, why not buy him rocks glasses with passages from famous literature on them?



5. This banned books mug – $12



Image Via Uncommon Goods



If coffee or tea is more his thing, then buy this mug with banned books that appear whenever a hot beverage is added.



6. This magnifier for reading – $12.99




Image Via Carson



Help dad out by buying him this magnifier, which includes a light, so that he can read even the smallest texts.




7. A literary tie – $36




Image Via Etsy



Here’s another gift that will make him look refined. This tie is high-quality, stylish, and literary!



8. This Bookworm iPhone case – $24.99




Image Via Etsy



Why not give Dad a stylish iPhone case and wallet that lets everyone know he’s a bookworm?



9. A bookmark – $17




Image Via Etsy



If he reads a lot, then he’ll be sure to love this bookmark. It’ll remind him of how much he’s loved every time he opens that latest book he’s working through.



10. A bookish watch – $39.95




Image Via Pinterest



This watch is both practical and will remind him of his favorite pastime!



11. A bookish t-shirt – $28




Image Via Out of Print



Let him express his love of reading and show his support for libraries with this library stamp t-shirt.



Feature Image Via Lulu and Lattes


10 Products That’ll Make You Want to Sit Down and Read

I know none of you need too much encouragement to read, but these products will make the idea absolutely irresistible! 


1. The Book Lover’s Journal


A physical Goodreads, this journal lets readers document every book they’ve read, what they thought about it, and what they want to read next. Inside this journal, readers can keep track of their To Be Read list, which books they’ve leant out and to who, and inspiration for future reading. This pocket-sized journal is perfect for carrying a bookish journey along with anyone anywhere. 



Image Via Reading360


2. Personal Library Kit


Everyone has lent a book to someone and have totally forgotten who they sent it to and when. This personal library kit fixes all of reader’s lending woes. Similar to library books of days gone by, this personal library kit includes self adhesive pockets and checkout cards, a date stamp and ink pad, and a pencil. Now you will be able to trust your friends again with your books. 



Image Via Knock Knock


3. Literary Cutting Board


Wishing you could add a little literary flair to your kitchen? Now you can with this Romeo and Julienne cutting board. The side of the solid beech wood cutting board looks like the spine of a Shakespeare classic, but with a twist. 



Image Via Ebay


4. Book Cover Kindle Covers


Miss the look and feel of having a traditional book since switching over to Kindle? Now you can reclaim some of that feel back with these classic book cover Kindle cases. These cases feature book covers of authors such as Harper Lee and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Protective from the inside out, these covers feature a book plate finish inside with a gorgeous cover on the outside.


m .

Image Via Amazon


5. Bookish Washi Tape


One of the millions of rolls of washi tape a bullet journal enthusiast is bound to have, this roll showcases your love for books. This tape gives a bit of literary flare to scrapbook pages, cards, interesting wrapping paper, and any other DIY project. 



Image Via Amazon


6. Novel Teas


I like to unwind after a long day with a good book and a cup of tea. These novel teas feature literary quotes from authors all around the world. The perfect gift for book lovers and fans of the Victorian era of literature, you can now read them and steep! 



Image Via Amazon


7. Book Spines Planter


Add some literary flair to your garden with this stacked book planter. The perfect bookish accessory, this charming planter looks like a stack of home and garden books.



Image Via Amazon


8. Bookshelf Wallpaper


Envious of those gorgeous floor-to-ceiling bookshelves you see on Instagram? Now you can (kind of) obtain it with the bookshelf wallpaper. For only 50 ¢ a square foot, you can now transform any blank wall into a swoon-worthy wall of books. 



Image Via Pinterest


9. Literary Lunch Box

Bring your lust for literature to lunch with this literary lunch box. Disguised as a book, this bento-box style lunch box is perfect for any lunch. Complete with a inner sliding divider, this lunch box will keep your veggies crisp and your snacks separate. 



Image Via Amazon


10. Book of Spells Kindle Cover

Wanting to bring a bit of Harry Potter with you wherever you go? These slim and lightweight Kindle cases add a bit of magic to reading on the go. Featuring a Book of Spells design, this case comes in six different colors to satisfy any reader. 


vjh n

Image Via Amazon


Featured Image Via Times Higher Education

Mother's Day Gift

11 Book-Related Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here, so what better way to show the mothers in your life how much you appreciate their selflessness, love, and care than with adorable book-themed gifts and a must-read novel?


Here are some easy, breezy gift ideas for the mothers of the world:


1. Book-Scented Candles $18 Hearth & Hammer


Walden Woods candle

via Hearth & Hammer


Ever wondered what your favorite stories smell like? Well, now you don’t have to! Hearth & Hammer offers a variety of scented candles based on famous pieces of literature, including The Green Light (a mix of ocean air, musk, and vanilla that encapsulates Gatsby’s infamous harbor), Walden Woods (a mix of fir, pine, and cedar that will transport you deep into the woods so you can feel like Henry David Thoreau himself), and more.



2. Adorable Book Mugs $16 Strand


Book Mug

   via Strand


Nothing goes hand-in-hand with books quite like mugs do. Who doesn’t love a nice cup of tea or coffee while you deep-dive into the pages of a story? This specific mug can be found on the Strand website, along with more!


3. Classic Books Necklace $14 Etsy


Book Charms

via Etsy


These necklaces are adorable, chic, and perfect for any book lover! Plus, you’re sure to find any book cover your heart desires!


4. Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat $17 Amazon



via Penguin Random House


Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook is perfect because it’s witty, easy-to-follow, and the recipes are incredible. Plus, who doesn’t love Chrissy Teigen? This cookbook is perfect for anyone!


5. Limelight by Amy Poeppel $24 Amazon



via Books-A-Million


This incredible, hilarious story centers on a mother-of-three who uproots her family from their small Dallas suburb all the way to New York City to accept a role on Broadway. It’s heartfelt, exciting, fun, and relatable!


6. Confessions of a Scary Mommy by Jill Smokler $11 Amazon


Scary Mommy

via Amazon


This bold and brutally honest book shows a real look at motherhood, and all the unflattering moments it can entail!


7. Dark Matter by Blake Crouch $14 Amazon


Dark Matter

via Amazon


This suspenseful thriller centers around a professor who is knocked out and awakes within an alternate universe. It’s fast-paced, filled with twists and turns, and sure to make any reader want to keep reading to see what happens next!


8. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah $12 Amazon


The Nightingale

via Amazon


This historical fiction describes the lives of two struggling to survive and resist the German occupation in France during World War II. It’s heartbreaking, stunningly beautiful, and a must-read.



9. Rules of Civility by Amor Towles $12 Amazon


Rules of Civlity

via Amazon


Set in New York City in 1937, this story centers around a twenty-five year old Katy Kontent as she falls for a wealthy banker and her life is propelled into a tailspin oh high society, jazz quartets, and everything you’d imagine Manhattan to be in the 30’s. This book will charm you and leave you wanting more!



10. Louisa May Alcott Quote $22 Etsy




She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain.

 -Louisa May Alcott


This poster, handmade on foil paper, is absolutely stunning and would help to tie any home together!



11. Personalized Journal $35 Etsy




These ridiculously beautiful journals come personalized and make the perfect gift for the mom who loves to write!


Featured Image via Office Holidays


Best Book Pins and Patches From Around Etsy

Etsy is best known for handmade goods like butterbeer scented candles to tea tins inspired by authors like Agatha Christie and William Shakespeare. Alongside the typical bookish gifts, there are tons of hidden gems, including pins and patches for those who like to show off their literary dedication.

Here are some of our favorites from across the site


1. DustandPages


pin 1

via DustandPages


A part of a series of pins depicting Literary Landscapes, this Hobbiton pin features the classic hobbit hole, complete with Gandalf’s dwarf rune engraved on the door. DustandPages, based out of Fort Worth, Texas, stocks all things literary from book inspired enamel pins to custom Funko figures


Pin can be purchased here


2. VioletFaneShop



pin 2

Via VioletFaneShop


This gorgeous Harry Potter inspired pin is from Spanish designer, Violet Fane. Her limited release of the “History of Magic” book is breathtakingly detailed with stunning maroon and gold details. Residing in Spain, this shop typically specializes in Lolita fashion and textile goods but have expanded into pins recently. 


Pin can be purchased here!


3. LiteraryEmporium



patch 1

Via LiteraryEmporium

This iron-on patch, inspired by Penguin’s iconic orange book covers, is the perfect gift for any book lover, including yourself. From the United Kingdom, Rio, who owns, makes, and designs LiteraryEmporium’s products creates gorgeous patches, pins, paper goods, and clothing perfect for any literary fan.  


Patch available here


4. JaneMount


pin 3

Via JaneMount 


Quite possibly the queen of literary pins, Jane Mount of Hawaii has an impressive 47 listings of book cover pins alone. Founder of the Ideal Bookshelf project, Mount “paints portraits of people through the spines of their favorite books.” Along with her prints of some of her work, she also sells her fantastic pins, mugs, and tote bags all featuring the literary subjects. 


This pin, among many others, is available here!


5. FrogandToadPress



patch 2

Via FrogandToadPress


Even Rory Gilmore knows that no one can resist the smell of an old book.


rory gilmore

Via Giphy


One of my favorite Etsy sellers, FrogandToadPress sells all sorts of gifts ranging from pencils to patches. This patch not only displays your love for smelling books, but that you’re proud of it too. Designed in Rhode Island, this patch is the perfect addition to any backpack or jacket. 


Patch available here!


6. fableandblack



pin 4

Via fableandblack


This adorable pin is from Etsy seller, fableandblack, who specialize in literary gifts for book lovers. This pastel bookshop stands out among the rest, making us wish it were real! The one woman brand from Nottingham sells everything from pins to coasters to posters


Pin available here!


7. ADaesthetic



patch 3

Via ADaesthetic


Just in time for the season 2 premier of A Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu, this patch is perfect for anyone looking to personalize while spreading Atwood’s gospel: Don’t let the bastards grind you down. This iron-on patch stands out amongst the rest with its striking yellow details. 


Patch available here


8. SleepyMountain



pin 5

Via SleepyMountain


For those who need a shiny reminder that life does go on, this Kurt Vonnegut pin from Seattle-based SleepyMountain is perfect! Hidden within his hair, this iconic phrase is perfect to display any way you choose.


Pin for sale here


9. ImBookishandBakewell



pin 6

Via ImBookishandBakewell


If the patch wasn’t enough and you’re still itching for more Handmaid’s apparel, this pin is perfect for you. A gentle reminder that you do not belong to anyone and a celebration of resilience and resistance of the women in the story, the handmaid’s face is covered with “not your babe.” Also available as a sticker, this pin is perfect for you or your favorite feminist.  


Available here!


10. BelleRegalia


pin 7

Via BelleRegalia


This delicately decorated pin clearly communicates that reading time is a ‘do not disturb’ time. Perfect for those who like to read without interruptions or intrusions, this pin will convey the message. Just small enough to stick on a shirt lapel, backpack, or jacket, this pin will get the message across. Along with pins, the Melbourne-based seller sells brooches, t-shirts, and keyrings with accompanying literary messages. 


Pin available here!


Featured Image Via Pinterest

e.e.cummings pendant

7 Literary Valentine’s Gifts to Woo Your Bookworm Beloved

Are you wondering how best to make sure your other half doesn’t dump your bookworm butt this Valentine’s Day? Well, never fear, they won’t leave you if you buy them these things. 


"Never leave me because I'll fall apart and die" gif

You | Via Tenor


e.e. cummings “i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)” necklace  


i carry your heart necklace etsy


Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Necklace


Lightening Bold Necklace etsy


“My Heart Burn There Too” Pendant from IT


My Heart Burns There Too pendant


Wind-Up Bird Pins from The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami


Wind Up Bird pins etsy


Jane Austen Quote Print 


Jane Austen Quote Print Etsy


The rose from The Little Prince


The rose from The Little Prince


Little Women charm bracelet 


Little Women charm bracelet



All Images Via Etsy