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Surprise your Family and Friends with a Personalized Book this Holiday Season

I can’t speak for all of you, but I don’t think there is anything more exciting than a personalised gift at Christmas. Socks with your face on them, a blanket covered with your favorite quotes, it’s a surefire way of literally seeing yourself as the gift that you are!

This holiday season, you can turn all of your favorite conversations – images and all – from your phone into a book! Encompassing all of the best parts of the holidays: love, friendship, warmth, memory, books, Keepster is on hand to help you be the BEST gift-giver you can be. Plus, you already know we’re here for any and all things bookish. Make sure you choose expedited shipping so you know you’re ready to brighten faces on Christmas morning!


Keepster is an app and printing service with a whole lot of heart. You simply download the app, and you can backup all of the messages on your iPhone across many different platforms, and organise them into folders, called Keepsters. Did I mention, this process is entirely free? You can then transform these Keepsters into books, making the perfect gift for the most important people in your life.

The holiday season is largely consumerism-driven, and we can all be guilty of buying something for someone just for the sake of it. In 2020, of all years, it’s time for a return of the thoughtful, personal gift. After all, what’s better than the Christmas Day tears when you know you’ve ‘won’ the gift-giving Hunger Games?


That’s the best part about Keepster books, and I’m telling you this as someone who has bought her grandmother a MEGA Keepster book this year. Presenting your loved one with a book that encapsulates all of this year’s texts of support, the pictures of your quarantine Dalgona coffee or the new babies that couldn’t be cuddled by aunts and uncles yet; it really hits home with the spirit of the holiday season.



So the process is easy, affordable, the customer service is friendly and prompt, and the result is beautiful, heartwarming and thoughtful. Can it get any better? It can. Keepster has paired with One Tree Planted, meaning a Keepster book is also a sustainable purchase. PLUS I have 20% off for Bookstr readers with BOOKSTR2020, so you can take the price down even more, and bulk up on family presents with Keepster’s addition of the basket on their app. Make sure you choose expedited shipping so you know you’re ready to brighten faces on Christmas morning!!

Make this year’s gifting count, and personalise a book with Keepster. Then wrap your book, pop it under the tree, and sit back and relax – you just won Christmas 2020.

P.S.: You can enter our contest to win romantic literary goodies and free Keepster books here.

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Andrea Camilleri, Creator of Inspector Montalbano, Dies at 93

Sad news for fans of detective literature. Andrea Camilleri, one of Italy’s most popular authors, has passed away at ninety-three. Camilleri was the creator of Inspector Montalbano, a detective of Sicilian descent who solves cases in his native country of Italy. The series has been noted for its immense popularity, running over two dozen novels for many years, translated in over thirty countries. The series has proven a bestseller, with over 30 million copies sold worldwide. The series won Camilleri the International Dagger award, an award for the best Crime Novel of the Year.


Image Via BBC 4 


According to The Guardian  Andrea Camilleri went into cardiac arrest in June and was in poor health in the hospital. He passed away under the care of doctors in Rome, pronounced with heart failure after his passing. Camilleri’s books were known for their extensive political commentary, Camilleri not shying away from addressing current, often controversial topics in his detective stories. His targets have varied far and wide, from the mafia and the Vatican to political figures such as Silvio Berlusconi and George W. Bush. On the mafia specifically, he was quote as saying:


“I believe that writing about mafiosi often makes heroes out of them. I’m thinking of The Godfather, where Marlon Brando’s superb performance distracts us from the realisation that he also commissioned murders. And this is a gift that I have no intention offering to the mafia.”


The Montalbano novels were adapted into a highly successful television series of the same name. The series has been running since 1999 and has also generated controversy for its controversial political commentary, such as recently with its pro-migrant messages.

The legacy of the detective novels will live on, with the series incredibly popular and inspiring dozens of Italian authors to follow in Andrea Camilleri’s footsteps.



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