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Go Watch Season 2 of ‘The Umbrella Academy’

So as to avoid spoilers, all I have to say is this,




We will talk story, characters, plot and theories another time but right now, my brain is fried in the best way possible; the best way conceivably possible!

It was an experience of epic proportions! So do yourselves a favor, open up Netflix,


And if you don’t have Netflix, ask your bestie for the password so that you can WATCH IT together.

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Ranking Every ‘Umbrella Academy’ Member From The Worst To The Best

In preparation for season 2, I wanted to rank all of the Hargreeves siblings/Umbrella Academy members because...fun.

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Here We Go Again…’The Umbrella Academy Season’ 2 Trailer Is Here!

Same weird family. New weird problems. The trailer for season 2 of 'The Umbrella Academy' is out NOW!

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Gerard Way's 'The Umbrella Academy' is getting a second season from Netflix!

‘The Umbrella Academy’ Renewed for Second Season

We may never get more My Chemical Romance, but dry those emo tears! (And don’t smear the eyeliner while you’re at it.) The Umbrella Academy has been renewed for season two—and no, we’re not okay.


Robert Sheehan in 'The Umbrella Academy'

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Numerous factors have contributed to The Umbrella Academy‘s critical (and financial) success: for starters, there’s its author, the patron saint of every edgy mid-2000s teen. (If you say ‘Gerard Way‘ three times in a Hot Topic dressing room mirror, he’ll probably appear.) The star-studded cast certainly hasn’t hurt, with Robert Sheehan (of Misfits and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones fame) drawing in crowds of, well, misfits. You’ve also got gay icon and accomplished actress Ellen Page, whose role in Juno was a staple of a solid collection of childhoods. And let’s not forget Emmy Raver-Lampman from the original cast of Hamilton. That’s not all: there’s fifteen-year-old Aidan Gallagher convincingly playing a fifty-eight year old man while drunkenly clutching a mannequin. Oh, and there’s Mary J. F#cking Blige, who did all of her own stunts for the show. The Umbrella Academy is a perfect storm of pop culture sensations—and, most importantly, it’s incredible.


Hazel and Cha-Cha from 'The Umbrella Arcade'

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Netflix doesn’t regret telling Marvel to Make Room!!! (Yes, there will be more MCR puns. Count them all if you can.) After canceling its Marvel series, Netflix has found financial success with The Umbrella Academy, which is less a show about superheroes and more a bombastic tale of dysfunctional personalities that counterbalances its darkness with poignant moments and whacky capers. The best thing about The Umbrella Academy is that it’s always sincere—even when two assassins are dancing, stoned, as they douse a laboratory full of fake eyeballs in flames.

(That might be a spoiler, but none of the spoilers will make sense without context. Just watch through To The End.)

The Umbrella Academy is in the top 0.03% of all TV shows currently airing, earning its current spot as top digital original series in the U.S. Unlike most of the choices the show’s characters make, that makes Netflix’s renewal a good decision.


'The Umbrella Academy' cast

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Netflix has yet to release any significant details about season 2, given that the most significant detail is that it exists. We only know the series will go into production in Toronto towards the end of 2019. Peter Hoar, who directed both the pilot and the finale of the first season, is set to direct the first episode. We don’t know exactly where the series will kick off, but we know it’ll be pretty dramatic, given that the series is likely to follow Gerard Way’s vision. In an interview with Collider, Way revealed that the first thing he did was “create an 18-page document that laid everything out,” including the plots of the comics “that haven’t come out yet.” So Look Alive, Sunshine! We may not get a happy ending, but it’ll certainly entertain.


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