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You’ll Love This Informal Biography of George Washington

There is a new book, written by Alexis Coe, that is defying the rules of what makes up a normal biography.  Her new book, You Never Forget Your First, was released today and starts off with several listicles about the first United States President, then moves on to more traditional composition.


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Coe’s book has some infographics scattered throughout her book, and she states in an interview with Smithsonian Magazine, “I make these lists for myself, and it’s sort of like being in the archives.  I wish readers could see everything, and they don’t get to.  This is an offering from me to the reader, telling them, “You know how to read this book.  You have everything you need to feel as though you’re an expert.”


The infographics in her biography of George Washington are really engaging, to the point where I myself got caught reading the sample of her new book.  The facts serve to make the book a little more fun for the reader (history books can usually be dry).  Coe talks more about this: “I want this book to be a sort of equalizer and to be fun. History is fun, even when it’s a difficult subject matter.”



Coe mentions that her book is seen as a little disrespectful for George Washington due to its style, but she of course has an answer for that.  In the interview, she says how George Washington’s actions clearly show his power and masculinity, and that many authors who write about his life tend to overwrite about this.  “I don’t feel a need to protect Washington,” Coe states, “he doesn’t need me to come to his defense… He’s everywhere.  He’s just fine.”

Coe also says that her biography of George Washington serves to change the way people write about him.  She wants authors to feel a little more freedom when writing about him, and she hopes her book can inspire others to follow in her footsteps.


image via pittsburgh post gazette


The book itself follows an informal style that separates it from other biographical books.  This alone makes me more eager to read a book like Alexis Coe’s.  If you’re interested, do check out the sample linked above, and consider getting a copy of the book!



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‘The Big Sick’s’ Kumail Nanjiani to Star in Simon Rich’s ‘Any Person, Living or Dead’

Kumail Nanjiani, star of The Big Sick has been announced to star in an adaptation of Simon Rich’s short story “Any Person, Living Or Dead”according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Legendary Entertainment will be adapting the project, with Simon Rich himself writing the screenplay and Jonathan Krisel, whose previous projects include Portlandia.  The story was recently published in Rich’s collection of short stories titled Hits and Misses.


Image Via Moviefone 

The short story tells the tale of a man seeking to cure all of humanity’s problems, so he uses a time machine to travel through the centuries to collect brilliant minds to put their heads together to do so, such as Shakespeare, George Washington, and Aristotle. Unfortunately, the man underestimates the different values the men actually held, such as loose attitudes toward racism and violence, make them flawed and he has to stop them from damaging the future.

This looks like a fascinating story to adapt and we can’t wait to see Nanjiani again on the big screen!



Featured Image Via Deadline