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What Genre Should You Read, Based on Your Furniture Picks

Everyone has a style they love, and books they love. Here’s what type of books you should read, based on the various design choices you make.

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5 Tips To Help Reevaluate Your Bookish Life

Let’s face it, we’re evaluating our lives every single day, so a holiday like “Evaluate Your Life Day” is null and void. However, how often do you really evaluate your bookish life?


To live the best life as a reader that we can, here are 5 tips to help reevaluate your bookish life.



1. Start On That “To-Read” List


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As much as we love our books, some of us may not make an effort to actually read them. There’s that daunting pile of books at home, passionately waiting, desiring to be read and serve their purpose in life. Feel bad yet? Good, now start reading those poor neglected books!



2. Create A “To-Read” List


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Some of us may be procrastinating on that list of books that’s piling up, but others are simply floating along, waiting for the right book to just fall into their library. That’s not going to happen! Take action readers! Search for books that may become your all-time favorites! You can speak to friends, ask well-read booksellers, or go online⁠—websites like Goodreads can help with finding new books for you.



3. Cut Out The Books That Just Don’t Work


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As book lovers, no amount of books is too much, that is absolute. However, there are some that we take a gamble on, and reading them winds up being too much work. Granted, if you’re an English major there will be books you are unfortunately forced to read, but that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto them. Donate them, gift them to someone you know will love it, or even sell it⁠—the money you make from the sale can be used to buy a book you will actually love!



4. Read Something New


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Let’s say you’re a veteran among readers. You’ve read all the books, or comics, or romance novels. That can become rather boring, and if you find that none of the new books you’re reading brings you much interest, then it’s high time you shake things up! If you’re a die-hard fan of action thriller, maybe try out crime mysteries. Or if you are more into the dramatic macabre, try supernatural romance.

And to those of you who have never picked up a graphic novel, I urge you to try it! There is something poetic about the visuals of some of these amazing comics. The same can be said for any comic nerds out there, the comics were inspired by these novels, and there are things that the written art can accomplish that visuals may not.

Overall, you never know what might spark a new interested.



5. Be More Social with Your Reading


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Share a book, start a book club, there are many ways to be a more social bookworm. Don’t go it alone!



Now go out there and change your bookish life!



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This Week’s Top Genre Picks: Romance

Each week, Bookstr will be offering a look at some of the best novels in a particular genre for your continued reading list. Today, we’ll be recommending five recent romance books for your recommendation pleasure. Romance offers a look into the lives of couples, dealing with love and all the trials it offers. Let’s fall in love with the couples of these books and the worlds they create!


5. Unmarriageable by Soniah Kamal


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Described as a retelling of Pride and Prejudice, Unmarriageable tells the story of the Binat family, whose reputation have been destroyed by vicious rumors and scandals. Alys, a daughter of the Binat family, has found a happy life teaching English to teachers. She’s pulled back into the world of her family when a huge wedding comes to their small town and her mother arranges for her daughters to attend in order to catch the eye of eligible bachelors. At the party, Alys’s sister catches the eye of a man called Bungles, whose friend Valentine Darsee has a snobbish opinion of the family. Alys dismisses Valentine but as her sister makes arrangements to marry Bungles, she finds herself attracted to Darsee as she realizes he’s a different man that her opinion. This a charming update of the classic Jane Austen novel told with plenty of charm, wit, and lovely prose.


4. Meet Cute by Helena Hunting


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Meet Cute begins how it sounds: Kailyn Flowers literally crashes into her former crush, an actor called Daxton Hughes. What could be an embarrassment for them both brings them together and they start a relationship…until Daxton betrays Kailyn! After years apart, the two come together again and Daxton needs Kailyn’s help! This is a fun romance comedy filled with cringe and presents two interesting characters with a fractured relationship trying to make an awkward romance truly work.


3. The Bride Test by Helen Hoang


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A matchmaking tale, this novel tells the story of Khan, an autistic man who believes he has no feelings. His family wants to help and they fly him to Vietnam to help him find a bride. Another woman enters the picture, a girl called Esme who falls for Khan and Khan has to struggle in order to try to love her, overcoming his condition to show her that he loves her as much as she does him. This is a heartbreaking novel about an unlikely couple finding love and showcasing that conditions shouldn’t hold you back from happiness.


2. Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston


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Red, White & Royal Blue tells the story of a young couple from either side of the Atlantic, the son of the President and the royal Prince. Alex Cameron-Diaz is the son of his mother, the current President and Prince Henry of Britain. During a public relations meeting, the two have a beef and went the tabloids get hold of it, disaster could be spelled for diplomacy. To simmer tensions, the two are arranged to be in a fake friendship that’s documented before the world. Soon, their friendship becomes real and deeper than either could have imagined. Alex begins a secret romance with Henry, trying to keep their relationship on the down low as he finds he truly loves the young prince. This same-sex romance chronicles an unlikely love between two young men is a must read for anyone, truly getting you invested on both sides of the secret romance.



1. Under the Table by Stephanie Evanovich 


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Under The Table tells of a sexy, steam romance, centering on a woman called Zoey who has escaped her failing marriage and finds a new challenge with a rich gentleman called Tristan Malloy. He’s a computer programmer but very shy and she decides to give him a makeover to fit her image. As she begins to work him over, she begins to find him irresistible and who follows is a romance for the ages. Funny and steamy, this romance is a great beach read.



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Romance books

The Pros and Cons of Reading A LOT of Romance Novels

I’m totally guilty of reading too many romance novels, although I don’t like when people refer to them as a ‘guilty pleasure’, after all, it is one of the most popular genres for a reason. Romance novels are one of my favorites right up there with drama, autobiography, and realistic fiction. So why is it that romance seems like the one I enjoy so greatly, but am so ashamed to admit my love for? I think it has something to do with the reputation it’s acquired throughout the years.


Romance novels in the past have been seen as quite notable and some of the best stories in history. However, now it seems that if you read too many, it may not be the best thing. I have had a good share of them, re-reading ones with characters whose relationships I loved or were very relatable and felt just like me. And yes, at times I have wished I was in a novel like that, I will admit it. So is that so wrong? It can be. Here are the pros and cons to reading many romance novels.


1. Pro: It inspires you to feel a little more passionate


Whether it’s your relationship or little moments of your life, it can’t hurt to feel a little more romantic. It may be a bit cheesy since life is nowhere near like in the movies, but it sure can feel like it if you look for all the beautiful snippets in day to day life. A feeling of romance doesn’t necessarily have to do with a partner, you could have that starry-eyed even when you’re solo or with friends. 







Con: Sometimes you forget how seriously you have to take certain situations…


It’s very easy to get caught up in the feelings romance books provide, and soon enough, everyday life stops feeling living up to the world of literary romance. Nothing is planned to work out, we actually have to work to fix things. And if there’s a fissure in your relationship you can’t just give your partner a single grand line and expect it to be magic again. Romance can sometimes make you forget the difference between people and paper.


2. Pro: These stories can help us better understand ourselves and what we really want


Novels like these tend to dig deep into their protagonist; whether it’s a self-assured heroine or a strong minded mysterious hero, we get a good backstory. I tend to put myself in the character’s shoes so I may or may not agree with everything they do. If a certain scene is very poignant I will usually remember it and apply it to my own life. There have been moments where it takes a literary character to knock some knowledge into my own head. When it comes to relationships, you can use some parts from these novels to better understand what you may or may not want. Even if it is a little far-fetched, we all deserve a good love.




Con: Sometimes we just end up confusing our own feelings


After reading a lovey-dovey story that begins with a two people and hardship then ends in a sweet and magnificent finality, for me the feeling is hard to shake. I’ve been a little googly-eyed after finishing stories. With this can come some rash choices. Nothing is perfect, we know that, but we still tend to lean toward those flighty actions. With relationships: Do we stay with whoever catches our eyes first? Should we leave the second things seem shaky? If we meet someone we like, do we abandon everything we had just in case it’s something incredible? The danger is thinking there is always something better to come with acting on emotions.


3. Pro: They provide the perfect escape from reality

When the world is a little crazy and things have been stressful, my first choice is to read, and it will be almost always be a romance. It’s sweet, enjoyable, and almost always has a happy ending. We all need a little hope and a daydream now and then. It’s sweet and reminds us how good things can be, even if they are a little reaching. Sometimes after finishing a serious book I’ll counteract it by reading a romance after. Works every time.




Con: The escape can last for a little too long…


These mushy works of literature can screw with our head and our expectations if you let them. No one is perfect, so if you’re looking for a partner who will keep coming back even when you push them away to be poetic, dramatic, and damaged… Guess what? They won’t keep coming back. And if someone doesn’t have that smoldering look to them, that doesn’t mean they don’t have an interesting or deep past. Not all that glitters is gold, so if you have something good, hang onto it. We can all dream now and then. Just remember to enjoy the sweet moments and let the love story start with yourself first.




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