Tired of Screens? Check Out These Old-Fashioned Puzzle Books!

Back in the day, when iPhones were still just full of fake beer drinking and lighter apps, the best thing you could have on an airplane or a long car ride was a puzzle game book. Remember those books full of sudoku puzzles or crosswords? All you needed was a pencil and a few hours, and you were set for some good times. Nowadays, they have apps for such things. Apps are great and all, but it can be so easy to get distracted, or get a headache, or lose your focus. So if you want some of these for nostalgia’s sake or for a break from screens, check out this list!


1. Big Book of Sudoku: Over 500 Puzzles & Solutions, Easy to Hard Puzzles for Adults by Parragon Books


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As the book itself says, “you don’t need to be a math whiz to enjoy a great sudoku puzzle!” In fact, math doesn’t even have a lot to do with it. All you need is some focus and you’ll be golden. Pick up this book and sharpen your mind. The way sudoku works, for the uninitiated, is that you get a nine by nine square puzzle, divided into three by three sections. For each three by three section and for each nine box-row and nine-box column, you need to fill in the numbers one through nine. And you can’t have two of the same number in any section, row, or column. There are a few techniques and strategies to pull off, and you’ll get better and better the more you practice. So what are you waiting for? Go check this out!



2. The Supreme Word Search Book for Adults: Over 200 Cleverly Hidden Word Searches for Adults, Teens, and More! by Word Search Puzzle Group


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Remember that feeling of triumph when you finally find that word that’s been eluding you for so long? And when you finally get to circle those letters and your pencil scratches satisfyingly across the page. Compared to the feeling when you highlight the found word on the a screen, it just isn’t the same. This book will give you just what you need to get that satisfying feeling back. If you want a good time, these word searches are for you!


3. The New York Times Ultimate Crossword Omnibus: 1,001 Puzzles from the New York Times by The New York Times, edited by Will Shortz


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One thing that has always held true is that the New York Times has some good and challenging crossword puzzles. Sure, they can get a little repetitive—oboe is always the answer—but they’re fun! Here’s the thing though, it can be hard to do on the phone. The screen is just too small to see everything easily, especially the Sunday puzzle. So, here is a perfect solution. This book has over 1000 New York Times crossword puzzles on an easy-to-see page. Go check it out!



4. Brain Games—Criminal Mind Puzzles: Collect the Clues and Crack the Cases by Publications International Ltd. and Brain Games


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For anyone who loves a good mystery and a good puzzle, this book is for you! This book contains a mix of verbal and visual puzzles about crime and investigation, and you’ll have to flex your skills to solve the crime. Get ready to play detective, use logic, and try to catch the most hidden of details. You’ll get to read about true crimes and you’ll have try to remember as much as you can. This book will entertain you utterly, so if you want a good time, it’s for you!

5. F*ck I’m Bored! Activity Book for Adults by Tamara L Adams


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This final book is absolutely for those of you out there who need something to do. These 100 “F*cking Adult Activities” include coloring, sudoku, dot-to-dot, word searches, mazes, fallen phrases, math logic, word tiles, spot the difference, “Where the F*ck did the Other Half Go,” nonograms, “Brick-by-F*cking-Brick,” Word Scramble, and much more. If any of these enticed you, entertained you, or just straight up baffled you, then this book is definitely worth it. You should be aware that there may be some inappropriate language, but for adults who need a little entertainment, go check out this book!



We’ve all had those days where it’s all screens, all social media, all work all the time. And the eye strain, headaches, and back pain can really start to ruin your day. So, to combat the weariness, put those screens away for a while and pick up one of these books. Not only can the old-fashioned and nostalgic way of doing these puzzles soothe you, but you’ll get a chance to stretch your brain without stretching your eyes too much. Go check out these books!


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