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Hot (and Cold) Game of Thrones Memes

With Game of Thrones memes, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Wait, wrong saying. I mean, it applies, but… ehem. When you play the game of memes, you win or you die. In a riot of angry fans because your memes aren’t (dragon) fiery enough. Hopefully not today, though! Not today.


So Secret

Image via The Hook

Hey. Hey. consider before you criticize. Has it occurred to you that he might actually be whispering? Check mate, critics. Still pretty out in the open about it though, I guess. I want to know how this empire ever functioned. I mean, yeah, dragons, originally, but what about the Barathean years? I feel like Robert was an ok king, especially for Westeros, but people hated that guy. And the second he died, everyone was like, you know what sounds nice? A spot of treason.


So Genuine

Image via Thrillist

You might ask, why is there a screen cap of the show with the actual line in a tweet? But that’s actually not her line. I don’t think. Who remembers? It’s just that her face says it SO clearly. You don’t even need to ask, that expression says more than a thousand words, and believe me, I’d love nothing more than to make you someone else’s problem right now. Immediately. I’ve already pressed the panic button. My manager is coming. And I don’t need to be told you’re gonna start fires, I already know.


Grief Does Funny Things

Image via ChivalryMen

There are a lot of things to like about this. Jon isn’t just nearby, he’s directly in sight. Plus the implication that they’re married. Should we all have just pretended he never came back to life? What happened to the ghost this week on Game of Thrones? Ghost, or the ghost of Jon Snow? Who knows? I would watch a show about Jon’s ghost and Ghost the wolf traveling the country together solving crimes though, that’s for sure. Sign me up.


No Thanks

Image via MTV

Look, I respect how much of a fan he is. We all stan. And he appreciates her like she should be appreciated. But at some point, you’ve gotta realize you’re making her uncomfortable, and stop immediately. And if you knew her last two crushes, you’d know she likes them a little more svelte and gelled. And ideally unaware of her existence. She deserved better. There’s no outcome good enough for her. She’s flawed, sure, but ultimately such an icon she’s done nothing wrong, ever.



Image via Reddit

Maybe I’m forgetting something, but was Jamie worried about this? Like, ever? He was just like, well, thank god sleeping people never wake up! Time to skip back to King’s Landing and keep doing unspeakable things with my sister! Look, the incest is gross and I hate it, but also like… she sucks. She’s the worst. He’s like ‘society may frown… but I love her!’ and it’s like the Arrested Development meme, like….. her? Of all people?

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Five Completely Different ‘Monty Python’ Memes

Whether you’re more of a fan of The Holy Grail or The Life of Brian, I think we can all agree that Monty Python is platinum meme material. With basically everything they ever made now available on Netflix, the fandom is stronger than ever, and humanity has reached its full potential. Through memes.



Image via Cheezburger


Holy Grail really is proof that you can make an excellent movie with literally no budget and only five actors. Lancelot just wanders off because they need John Cleese to play the frenchman, who actually calls them out for using coconuts in stead of horses. They keep doing it though! They pretend to dismount several times! I swear, between the coconuts, Camelot being probably less than a foot tall, and animating all the scenes that would be expensive to shoot, this movie really manages to care about being fantastic while caring literally not at all.




Image via Know Your Meme


That’s right, there’s a word for the fear of rabbits, and I googled it for this article. #themoreyouknow. I’m not even sure what to say about this one. The monster being a rabbit is also obviously a budget constraint, but it’s also outrageously funny. They’ve seen the great and powerful Tim just blow things up like it’s nothing, and when he’s like ‘hey, take this seriously,’ they’re like, ‘….. nah.’  I don’t know what it is about the idea of a rabbit being able to fully decapitate people with one bite, but I find it immensely satisfying. Small but filled with so much rage. I think a lot of us can relate.



When You Stub Your Toe

Image via Tumblr


I kind of love a meme format that never dies. Plus, as much as I love the meme aesthetic of putting literally no effort in, you’ve got to respect the skill and dedication that’s obviously been put into Monty Python memes. Look at that photoshop! Those angles! Graphic design is someone’s passion, but like, for real this time. Plus, the black knight is obviously ridiculous, but I think we can all relate a little bit. We’ve all been in the sort of disaster state where we’re trying to bite someone’s ankles and insisting we’re fine even though it’s glaringly obvious we could at least use a nap. Not sure that’s gonna cut it here though.



Let Me Niiii!

Image via Tumblr


Everything about this is fantastic. I find the flipping of this meme after so long truly chilling, and it fits so well, especially with the irony that Arthur and his knights are actually trying to get into the forest. (True story—in middle school I had an email address based on the nights who say ni. No one got it. God guys it’s not a PHASE). I’ll dare to claim I like a good shrubbery as much as anyone, but even more than that I like the idea that the unstoppable force guarding the path through the forest is afraid of the word ‘it.’ Ah, god, I said it. I said it again! Comedy gold.



Shut it Down

Image via Imgflip


Alright, better wrap up before the French police start cuffing people. Sorry not sorry, four of these memes were from the Holy Grail. I know it’s controversial to say this, but it’s my absolute favorite, and honestly happened to have just the best memes, objectively. Silly memes. Hence having to stop. No silliness allowed here at Bookstr. We’re a lot like Monty Python’s Flying Circus in that way. It’s all very serious. Are the pigs still winning?



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Can You Resist Bookstores? No? Then These Memes Are For You!

We’re all book nerds here, so I’m sure I’m in good company. The only thing I love more than a good meme is a good bookstore. Why not combine the two? If you, like me, can’t control yourself in a bookstore, these memes are for you.



The best invite


Image via Meme


Yes. Yes I do. Also I have zero chill. Any self control I may usually use is just gone. Maybe I’m the only one, but if I even pass a bookstore in the street I have to be gently steered away, or sometimes physically dragged. The pure glee on her face really says it all. And those are good friends right there.



I know all I need to

Image via An Intentional Life


All books are queens, and you know it. Sure, I can spend eight plus hours just looking around, but do I need to? I already want them all. The only limit is how many books I can physically take home on the subway, and even that barrier doesn’t get a lot of respect. Sure, I’m sorry by the time I get home, but when I’m deciding, no one can stop me.



Ancient wisdom


Image via MemeCenter


Sure, it’s three pm on a Tuesday, and I’m drinking bubble tea, but I think I still look mysterious and wise. The books are used. That means they’re old and dramatic, regardless of the particular facts. I may not have the mysterious potion or the rocking beard, but I’m not going to let that stop me.



I’ve put a lot of thought in, and decided


Image via Pintrest


Now you may ask, when are you going to read them? Where are they going to go in your apartment? These minor logistics aren’t my concern right now. I’ve read the backs, and I’ve decided the best book in the store is all of them. At once. Right now. No, I don’t take criticism.



Nothing can stop me accept…


Image via Meme


As long as I have blood plasma to sell, I have book money, but unfortunately most shops won’t take it directly. It’s dangerous to even go in, why did no one warn me? You did, and I ugly cried in the street until you caved? Agree to disagree. But I will be back.



Ready to investigate?


Image via Me.me

These bookstores think they’re so clever. And they are. I mean, are those even mystery books? We don’t know. We’ll likely never know. Unless someone wants to go full Sherlock Holmes and get into the truth of this. Volunteers, please send an owl posthaste.



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