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What Genre Should You Read, Based on Your Furniture Picks

Everyone has a style they love, and books they love. Here’s what type of books you should read, based on the various design choices you make.

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enormous book shelf

11 Bookshelves That Will Warm Your Bookworm Heart

There’s nothing more beautiful to a reading fanatic than a bookcase stuffed full of immaculately organized books. But sometimes you need to spice up your library with something a little different. So check out these lovely bookshelves that’ll make you insanely jealous!


For the Harry Potter fans, there’s this curvy masterpiece that will either make you feel like you’re in Diagon Alley, or make you feel like you’re about to fall over. 


curved shelf


For the lazy reader who doesn’t want to have to get up to grab a book, there’s this multifaceted chair-slash-bookcase that only needs a massage function to be utterly perfect.


book chair


For the person who’s just a little creepy and proud of it, there’s this coffin bookcase. 


coffin book case


For the nature lover who doesn’t mind stacking dead trees on a dead tree that’s pretending to be a tree, try this tree bookcase.


book tree


For the person who apparently has nothing better to do except dust all day, there’s this spiraling bookcase. 


spiral shelf


For the readers who dig steam punk and/or indoor plumbing, there’s this


steam punk shelf


For the person who loves wine and books equally (you are fabulous, by the way), there’s this.


wine case


For the Tim Burton lover, bring home this creepy but beautiful work of art that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but would be pretty cool to have, anyway.

creepy shelf


For the person who actually detests bookcases (which…why?), you can buy these invisible shelves. 


invisible shelf


For the reader who has too many books and too much wall, there’s this beautiful monstrosity. 


wall shelf ladder


For the reader who has a whole lot of money and has, for some reason, not decided to give it all to me, there’s this


funky case


Imagine a library that features all of these crazy cases. If you believe (and start saving now), that library could be yours!


Feature Image Via Adam Smith Institute