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Not Again! A Water Bottle Showed Up in the Final Episode of ‘Game of Thrones’

Oh boy, it happened again! As a reminder, in episode 4 of this final season of Game of Thrones, a modern coffee cup was spotted next to Daenerys during the big feast scene in The Last of the Starks. A flood of memes and jokes soon followed, with HBO confirming the coffee cup was a total blunder on their part and had it removed from later airings of the episode in question. It appeared this was a once in a lifetime thing, a mistake that would never happen again but…well…it did!

We’ll get into a discussion about it below but first:


Melisandre stands before a spoiler warning

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So, where did the water bottle appear? Let’s see…


A water bottle sits underneath one of the council lord's legs during the meeting in GOT

Image via Gulf News

Yep, there it is. The water bottle in question appears where Tyrion, after being held by the Unsullied for several weeks following Jon’s murder of Daenerys, tries to appeal to the newly formed council to elect Bran Stark as their new king. It’s a quick shot but you can spot the plastic water bottle around the 46:19 mark, proudly propped up behind Samwell Tarly’s leg.

Now, of course, this water bottle showing up wasn’t as bad as the clearly displayed coffee cup from episode 4 but still, it’s kind of mind boggling that they made this mistake make AGAIN, especially with how easy it should’ve been for the production team to catch and digitally erase, considering how swiftly the offending coffee cup was taken care of.

Luckily, the Twitter reactions are pretty hilarious and help us in this trying time.



Did you catch the water bottle? How crazy is it that the production team keeps missing all these mistakes? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! And stay hydrated! Samwell certainly is.



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‘Green Book’ Director to Adapt ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’

Everyone loves free stuff. I’m not talking about the type “free stuff” that comes in the mail or out of a slot machine (although that’s fantastic too); the type of “free stuff” I’m referring to has to do with human relationships. Seemingly insignificant niceties that are always appreciated but all too often forgotten about. Casual gifts, hand-me-downs, choosing to grab the bill at dinner, or just buying your friend a beer.

That last one holds a special place in my heart. I love a nice cold free beer: one drank at the end of a long week and bought by someone who makes you feel a little less alone in our exciting yet unforgiving world. It is in the spirit of charitable friendship that The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A True Story of Friendship Stronger Than War tells the true story of an effervescent quest.


Image Via Amazon.com


The year was 1967 as John Donohue found himself sitting in a Manhattan bar called Doc Fiddlers’. The bartender, George Lynch, commented on all the anti-war protests taking place across the country. In his musings, George suggested that someone take those boys in Vietnam a beer to let them know they hadn’t been forgotten. Being a former marine, this struck a chord with John “Chick” Donohue—he was the right soldier for this mission. He decided he would bring some good wishes and an appropriate amount of belligerence to some local soldiers overseas… and, just like that, Operation Beers For The Boys was underway.


Image Via Taskandpurpose.com


John’s journey took place over the course of four months and eight thousand miles. It did not go as planned. He ended up getting stuck in Saigon for months due to the Tet Offensive. He ALSO ended up drinking all the beer he brought with and had to restock his cargo before finally reaching his destination. The whole thing made John a local legend of sorts. In 2017, he and Joanna Molloy self-published the book about the experience—The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A True Story of Friendship Stronger Than War.

According to Screen Rant, Peter Farrelly (director of the 2018 best picture Green Book) is set to adapt the story into a feature film. In addition to directing, Peter Farrelly will help write the dramedy alongside Brian Currie and Pete Jones.  Skydance is overseeing the project, with Don Granger, Dana Goldberg, and Aimee Rivera at the helm.

Before Green Book, Peter Farrelly was known as one part of the directing duo the Farrelly brothers. Peter and his brother Bobby are known for directing films such as Dumb and Dumber and There’s Something About Mary. Peter’s solo career along with Green Book‘s success is a surprising departure from the typical Farrelly brothers’ ridiculousness; however, it is a welcome one. Peter Farrelly’s reinvigorated creative momentum should make way for a colorful adaption of John’s journey, one that will remind us that the best things in life are “free.”

PBR featured the story courtesy of interviews with the aforementioned boys. If you have twelve minutes and fifty-five seconds, it’s worth a watch… or just continue on with your regularly scheduled programming.





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Game of Thrones

Hilariously Honest Book Titles (Adaptations Edition)

Logic dictates that because there is no shortage of books to adapt for the screen, there is also no shortage of adaptations and titles to parody. (Not that we have any shortage of books to parody either—Honest Book Titles: Part 4 right here—just saying.) Here is our Adaptations Edition of Honest Book Titles:

(The following jokes do not reflect the views of Bookstr or its staff members. We just happen to find them hilarious. Viewer Discretion is Advised.)


1. Holes

Plot Holes



2. American Psycho

Why Knives, Master Wayne?

American Psycho


3. Life of Pi

Frosted Flakes Are the New Shrooms



4. The Martian

Will Eat Poop Potatoes For Rescue

The Martian


5. I Am Legend

I Am Fresh Prince Meat

I Am Legend


6. The War of the Worlds

White People Can Be Colonized Too

The War of the Worlds


7. A Game of Thrones

I Lost the Game

Game of Thrones


8. The Shining

Two Girls, One Corpse

the shining





Adjusted Covers Via Masako Fukuchi; Plot Holes by Amy 

4 Hilarious April Fool’s Day Literary Hoaxes!

It’s April Fools Day, and you know what that means? Yes, it’s time to dive deep into the pool of literary hoaxes and have some fun, while being educated along the way!


1. Fifty Shades of Grey Toilet Paper


50 Shade of Grey toilet paper



That’s right folks, toilet paper. In 2013, the Daily Mail reported that Asda supermarket in the U.K. made a deal with author E.L. James to produce toilet paper inspired by her phenomenally successful erotic fiction. Each square of the roll would be a different shade of grey, and would bear the names of the lead character’s traits like Christian Grey— ‘enigmatic’ or ‘obsessive.’


2. Getting Real with Sherlock Holmes


image via pintrest


According to Hoaxes.org, The London Times published an article purporting to reveal secrets about the private life of Sherlock Holmes, said to have been discovered among papers belonging to Holmes’s doctor. The allegations included the ‘fact’ that Holmes’s arch enemy Professor Moriarty was nothing but “a figment of the detective’s imagination, distorted by stress and despair and by a burning desire to ‘punish’ Watson for what Holmes saw as his disloyalty.”


3. Happy April Fools Day from Chaucer in 1392!




Chaucer’s “Nun Priest’s Tale” is about a vain cock, Chauntecleer, who falls for a fox’s tricks, and is almost eaten. In the tale appear the lines:


When that the monthe in which the world bigan
That highte March, whan God first maked man,
Was complet, and passed were also
Syn March bigan thritty dayes and two


Scholars believe that this is a reference to April 1st, as thirty-two days “Syn March bigan” (since March began) would be April 1st. The “Nun Priest’s Tale” may be the earliest reference of April Fools Day we have yet in literary history, scholars have speculated if it were to be true, which I think it was!


4. Shakespeare was French?


image via theshakespeareblog.com


BBC Radio 4 ran a segment reporting that a locket owned by Shakespeare’s mother had been unearthed during an excavation at his home in Stratford-Upon-Avon, meaning that both he and his mother were actually French!

he French Culture Minister who said, “We are delighted to learn that Shakespeare was French… We are looking into how to honor the great playwrights. Of course, we have Racine and Molière, but we will make some room for him in our national pantheon of literature.”


Check out more of these hoaxes on Hoaxes.org! Happy April Fools Day!


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"My third grade teacher yelled at me in front of the whole class for suggesting that there could be more than one main character in a book."

10 Funny Bookish Tweets to Get You Through the Weekend

The week is long and full of terrors. Whether you can’t survive another second without the upcoming Game of Thrones season or you’ve just been worn down by the crushing weight of the workweek, some Friday twitterature is sure to perk you right up. Don’t want to be ‘perked up’ and would rather slowly decompose in bed for the next few days? Your bed is just a good a place as any to have a laugh at some delightful twitterary content. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting lit or reading lit; your Friday is about to get a bit more entertaining.

You may not have had time to read this week, but you’ll want to make time to read these 10 hilarious bookish tweets!












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