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This Library Lets You Go on Blind Dates With Books

The phrase “Never judge a book by its cover” is pretty common, but people quite literally still do it when checking out books, but this new game at Roanoke County Public Library will make you think a little differently!

To play, all you have to do is grab a book from a special little table in the library. All of these books are wrapped up in special wrapping paper. The only information that you are given is a small little blurb on the front that describes the genre that you are reading. You aren’t allowed to unwrap the book until after you check it out.

Billed as a “blind date”, the library then gives you a sheet to fill out once you return the book titled ‘Rate Your Date’. You can answer questions based on how your “date” went, whether or not it was a “good match” as well as rate your date with a number of hearts.

This new game arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day, so if you’re looking for something intimate this holiday, there’s nothing more heartwarming than a good book.

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11 Totally Lit-Tweets to Get You Through the Week

What better way to kick-start your week than with an all-too lit list of perfect literature-related tweets for all your viewing pleasure? So, lace up your boots and follow me along…































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11 Lit-Related Tweets to Start Your Weekend off Right!

I once read this book about singularity…it really sucked me in!


It is Friday yet again which can only mean…it is time for another list of insanely witty tweets to get your weekend rolling the right way.


So, open your windows, roll up the blinds, kick your boots off, and get ready!


























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13 Hilarious Lit-Related Tweets for All Your Friday Needs!

Hey hey party people, it is officially Friday again which means…



It’s time for yet another list of wild-and-out literature-based tweets! I have searched the far, wide, and dark reaches of the Twittersphere to bring this list to you; kick off your heels, unzip your jumpsuit, pour yourself a glass of something cool, and let all of your weekday worries go with these thirteen tweets! 



Come on my fellow avid readers…let’s get weird!






























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11 Hilarious Lit-Related Tweets for All Your Friday Needs!

My books fell on my head…I have only my shelf to blame!


Happy Friday, you wild and out bookworms! The weekend is near which can only mean one thing…


It’s time for another gut-punch list of all-too-funny literature-related tweets! Every week we round up the best bookish tweets from the far and wide corners of the internet and this week is no different; these tweets are seriously killer! So, kick back, grab a snack, let your hair flow down, and start your weekend off right!

























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