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Sorting the Friends Characters into Hogwarts Houses

Friends has reached the twenty-five-year mark, so what better way to celebrate than by sorting the six friends, into the Hogwarts houses. Together the six make one amazing group, but separately they each have their own unique personalities that make them just as amazing on their own.



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Let’s start with my favorite, Phoebe. She is not afraid to be who she is and she never apologizes for it. Her unique wit and street smarts are a part of her charm. She may be random and some may call her dumb but she’s just Phoebe, and she’s full of fun and love, despite her past with her mother’s suicide and fathers abandonment. Phoebe is still cool and lovable and a great friend. With all of that taken into consideration I believe she belongs in…SLYTHERIN!



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Then there’s Chandler, Mr. Sarcastic and sense of humor. He comes from a very interesting past, considering his father enjoys dressing as a woman. Which led to his parents divorce and his fear of commitment. Lucky for Chandler, he was able to let go of his fear and fall in love with his best friend, Monica. It wasn’t always easy for him, but he learned to trust her and be the best man he could for her. So, I think Chandler belongs in…GRYFFINDOR!!


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Next is Monica, the neurotic, organized chef. I think her need for everything to be so clean and organized comes from her insecurities. Similar to Phoebe and Chandler, Monica had a bit of a hard time growing up, due to her weight and being overshadowed by her older brother, Ross. However, she is the successful one with the one marriage, the house upstate, and a great career. I wasn’t too sure where to sort her but then of course why not place her in….HUFFLEPUFF!



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Now it’s big brother Ross’s turn. He is the geek of the group due to his love of dinosaurs, and his job as a paleontologist. Ross is also best known for having three divorces, and always saying “We were on a break!” In reference to his relationship with Rachel. His anger gets the best of him and his random outbursts are hilarious, but at the end of the day he is a college professor. So the best place for Ross is…RAVENCLAW!


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Let’s sort Rachel next. Out of all the characters, Rachel grew the most. At the beginning of the series she was a spoiled rich girl who left her fiancé at the altar to find herself, and she did. Of course her road wasn’t easy, but she stuck to it and managed to find the job of her dreams and she learned to become independent, and not depend on a man or her parents to take care of her. The best place for Rachel is…GRYFFINDOR!



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Last, but not least is Joey. As much as I love Joey, he didn’t grow much throughout the series. I would have loved to see him become more stable with his career or his love life at least, but he still struggled. He did have a spin off but I’ve never seen it so I’m not sure where his character leaves off beyond Friends. However, Joey was always there for his friends. He walked Phoebe down the aisle and officiated Monica and Chandlers wedding. There is nothing Joey wouldn’t do for his friends, so of course he belongs in….HUFFLEPUFF!


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The Top 5 Best Pets in Literature

Pets are amazing. Often they have just as much personality as actual people and sometimes, they can be more compelling to us than our fellow man, being simplistic yet full of life. To celebrate the lives of our furry friends, here are some of the best pets in literature, from the fantastical to the mundane, always providing key companionship to our favorite heroes throughout their journeys.


5. Ramoth from Dragonriders of Pern


A flight of dragons passes under an alien sky, the leader read by a woman

Image Via Syfy.com

Who wouldn’t want a dragon as a pet? No one, that’s who and Ramoth from Dragonriders of Pern personifies this beautifully. Bonding with a lowly kitchen maid, Ramoth reveals herself to be the last queen dragon in the world. Although prone to bad moods and constantly arrogant, Ramoth is loyal to her rider and proves to be a valuable companion throughout the series. Who wouldn’t want to fly across the earth on a dragon’s back? Sign us up!


4. Frightful from My Side of the Mountain


A young boy catching a falcon as it flies down to him

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My Side Of The Mountain is a young adult novel centered on a young boy called Sam who runs away from home and lives in the Catskill Mountains. There, he hatches and raises a young falcon called Frightful, who becomes his ally and companion in the wilderness. Although she doesn’t speak and exhibits realistic falcon behavior, she’s still very lovable, being the only character who Sam really talks to. In fact, she was so beloved she got a whole book to herself, Frightful’s Mountain, which centers on her life in the wild from her point of view.


3. Ghost from A Song of Ice and Fire


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One of six direwolf pups found by the Stark family, Ghost is something of an outcast among his own kind, with his unusually quiet disposition and white fur marking him as a unique. Fittingly, he is given to Jon Snow and the two form a bond, Ghost often being by his side although the direwolf often goes off on his own, disappearing for long periods of time. The coolest of the direwolves for certain, Ghost is aloof and strange but its clear he loves Jon, in his own way and always comes back to his side.


2. Toto from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


Toto, the terrier dog of Wizard of Oz, stands next to his human companion Dorothy

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Toto is an iconic dog, Dorothy Gale’s companion, originating in the first book of the Oz books: The Wonderful Wizard of OzTaken to Oz along with Dorothy, he becomes the constant companion to Dorothy throughout her adventures, providing moral support and her only link to the real world. Toto doesn’t do much but he becomes iconic nonetheless, enduring what Dorothy endures and having a grand ole adventure with his human.


1. Hedwig from Harry Potter


Harry Potter holds Hedwig, a snowy owl on his arm, outside in the snow

Harry’s companion throughout the first six books, Hedwig is a snowy owl Harry buys and forms a bond with. Hedwig is very proud and haughty, often prone to temper tantrums but always shows her great love for Harry, flying miles to deliver letters for him and even harassing his friends if they aren’t nice to him. Always acting as Harry’s friend when he needs it, Hedwig meets her unfortunate demise at the hands of Voldemort in the final book, representing Harry’s loss of innocence. Yet, he always remembers his owl and we do too. We love you, Hedwig!



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Burns Landing on the Simpsons GoT map

7 Funniest Alternative Intros for ‘Game of Thrones’

Game of Thrones will be ending soon (although the book series still have two more books left), but before we say goodbye I want to look at the most recognizable aspects of the TV show: the intro title sequence. It starts off every episode, giving us a taste before we’re plunged back into the show.

In honor of the Game of Thrones intro, let’s look at seven of best alternative intros floating out there on the world wide web that, in another universe, we could have gotten instead of the one we are know.


7. 60’s Version


Ever wanted to go back in time and see what Game of Thrones would be like? The show would probably be worse, but the intro would be something to behold. Well, guess what? It exists in 2019.


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The music might have been written and composed only a few years ago, but if I didn’t look that up (it’s in the user’s description, the guy’s called Scott Bradlee and it features

According to this user’s description, Scott Bradlee and Dave Koz teamed up only a few years ago to write the music for their intro, but if I hadn’t looked that up I would have been stuck thinking it was lifted from some B-movie from the sixties. It’s that good. Here’s their iTunes if you’re curious.

Still not sold? Well, to add to the artistic value, there isn’t a clip of a single character in this intro. It’s all drawings, coming in and out (such as a moon that waxes and wanes, symbolizing the days Jon Snow stays at the Night’s Watch), and each one is highly detailed yet simplistic. The best? Some of them are specific moments from different seasons.

It’s fascinating. Watch this intro, listen to the beautiful intro, and comment below if you can notice what each of the drawings mean.


6 – Friends Version


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If your best friends on Thursday night Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Ross, and Monica, then this intro parody is for you. And if you’re not, check it still because it’s a work of art.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is now S.T.A.R.K.S, the upbeat tempo is hilarious coupled with this dark and dreary imagery, and the editing is top notch.

As Ned Stark talks to young Bran the music goes, “So no one told one told you life was going to be this way”

When everyone claps in the soundtracks, the crowd, including Sansa beside a peevish Little Finger, stands up to clap.

“Your jobs a joke…” plays right before Ned Stark looks at the crowd, about to get his head chopped off.

“When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month/Or even your year…” just fits the Starks so well, and just seeing Ned and Robb and Catelyn and young Bran who can walk we’re instantly reminded of all the terrible things that have happened to the Starks.

But the chorus? “I’ll be there for you” gives us hope that there is light at the end of this tunnel.


5 – 90s Verison


80s nostalgia is so last year. Now I want 90s nostalgia! I want my toys and movies and shows from before I was born and up until was four to come back in the public consciousness, and this intro tricks my little heart into believing that the 90s classic Game of Thrones has been unearthed.

Seriously, this thing looks straight off of a VHS. And the music? Oh, this is back when the 90s still sounded like the 80s but, in their effort to add something new, made everything sound like a mix between rock and pop. And the font? I normally don’t nerd out about character fonts, but this makes everything seem like a sitcom which….it just fits.

The only thing I would add to make it more 90s is Kevin Sorbo of Hercules fame.


4 – King’s Landing 90210


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With a rocking yet near mystical blaring guitar, this intro reimagines a Game of Thrones intro in the style of Beverly Hills 90210. The music’s rocking beats match up with knights beating on each other, the firing screech happens just as the camera zooms into Sansa’s terrified face and Robert Baratheon stands up with an “oooo” face.

The addition of ‘Dolby Surround’ at the bottom adds to the aesthetics, the color fading in as each character is introduced, and Joffrey walking in with the nicest smile, getting comfortable on the thrones with the cutest face, and talking to Sansa as the sun sets. He seems like such a nice kid, except he doesn’t smile when the camera brings up his name and the color fades in…almost like the creators of this intro are hinting at something.

But the best part of this intro? The ending. Just, just check it out.


3 – Simpson Intro


Yes, Season 23 of The Simpsons had way too many couch gags, but we can all agree that the eight couch gag is the best…mostly because it’s because Game of Thrones.

The intro starts out with its best foot forward by killing Homer Simpson – running him over and pinning him to the garage show – which is by far the best move the show has down in years.

As the intro goes on, we get many Game of Thrones references. Some examples are how everyone is seen in GoT-style clothing and how the music is obviously the GoT’s theme. The less obvious but still blatant would be how Grandpa Simpson’s face in carved into the tree Bart’s treehouse is on. A weird move, if you didn’t know Game of THrones, but us fans know that Bart now has a “weirwood treehouse” (I’ll stop). There’s also the fantastic choice of having Mr. Burns living at “Burns Landing”, turning the grumpy old man into Tywin Lannister (so, really, nothing’s changed).

But then three eyed ravens (or maybe they’re crows? We can hope, fellow book readers…) fly up and across the screen, showing us the couch in the distance.

It’s the biggest laugh because…well, it’s just a couch. It’s not made of Iron, it doesn’t even have spikes on it – it’s just a couch, and everyone wants it.

What other references did you noticed? Comment below.


2 – Europe Version


What if Europe was a TV Show? What would the Leaning Tower of Pisa’s adventures be like? Probably pretty boring, but with this stunning intro I’d still tune in to watch Game of Thrones: Europe edition. Plus, Game of Thrones is based on European history (Specifically War of the Roses), so it fits like bowling ball in the gutter


1 – Arya Warrior Princess


Let’s get to the best one of them by asking ourselves this one question:  What if Game of Thrones was just about Arya Stark?

What if, and hear me out, we only focused on what awesome we all know she is?

Well, our ultimate murder baby is getting her own intro. Here’s an ode to Arya in the style of Xena: The Warrior Princess.

“In a time of ancient gods, warlords, and kings” the intro goes, cutting from the Blood Raven Tree, to the Battle of Black Water, to Joffrey’s smug face, showing how this is the greatest idea eva. It’s the next Simpson’s couch.

We haven’t even gotten to Arya yet. Heck, we’re barely past the ten second mark of this video.

When Arya steps in we get these steady horns that announce her presence before we see her face. Cut to some nobody getting killed, cut back to the horns and we see Arya’s face: focused, but young. Calm, but curious.

Cut to sweet luscious sounds as Arya rides a horse through a forgotten wilderness, showing this is her journey, her story. “A mighty princess forged in the heat of battle?” This intro was made for Arya. I don’t even need the montage of murder with the choir chanting something that I don’t understand to get me pumped, I’m pumped already.

But how would this Arya: Princess Warrior show end? No clue, that depends on how the real show ends. What are your thoughts?

Arya Stark grows up into Xena Warrior Princess

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What if you were a LEGO? What if I was a LEGO? What if Game of Thrones was in LEGO?

Then this would be their intro.


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