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Michelle Obama is a Grammy Winner!

Michelle Obama has received a grammy this past Sunday at the 62nd Grammy Awards. She was nominated in the “Best Spoken Word Album” and won for the audiobook of her memoir, Becoming. This is the third Grammy win for the Obamas, with Former President Barack Obama winning for the first grammy in the same category for the audiobook of his memoir, Dreams of my Father.


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Barack Obama also won another grammy back in 2008 for another memoir, The Audacity of Hope. This is Michelle’s first win for her bestselling memoir, which has sold millions of copies. The book also broke the Fifty Shades of Grey streak for staying number one on Amazon, since 2012. The book chronicles Michelle’s life, starting with her childhood and her upbringing, all the way up to her life as a First Lady, and even her life after being First Lady. She doesn’t hold back and lets all of her feelings come to light about being married to Barack Obama, and her feelings about him running for President.




Former First Lady, Hilary Clinton, also won a grammy for her memoir, Living History, back in 2003. Clinton, wrote the book when she was a Senator in New York. While Michelle’s is more about her life and how she managed to find a voice for herself while being a wife, mother and first lady. One of the most inspiring aspects of her memoir is how she learned to find her own life outside of her husband, and her children and stand on her own two feet and do things that were important to her.

Michelle Obama is one amazing woman, and her grammy win is well deserved.


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