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3 Chilling Demons From Mythology That Inspired Fictional Works

For centuries, we have believed in supernatural deities and afflictions caused by malevolent spirits. But these dark beliefs have proven to be more than simple evil; they serve as plot devices in their own ancient histories and sources. And in modern days, we still feature demonic characters both serving the good and bad. Here are the top three demons in mythology that have inspired various works of fiction.




1. Azazel




Image Via Nestor Avalos



Azazel is a very well known name throughout the world. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism all recognize the name in some way, shape, or form. However, the name Azazel is most commonly noted as one of the many fallen angels who followed Lucifer in his downfall.


Azazel is noted also as being one of God’s strongest and most intelligent lieutenants in the angelic army. After supposedly being cast out, the demon is referenced in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Azazel was primarily held responsible for teaching man the ways of brutality and warfare. With his influence, the fallen angel supposedly corrupted most of humanity.


The name Azazel has been given to a number of characters and works over the years. Both Marvel and DC have characters with the name that exist in their separate universe, and there are various literary works with the title such as the novel series by Boris Akunin or the 2008 novel by Youseff Ziedan.




2. Leviathan




Image Via Brian Godawa



Many people fear the ocean, and we may have this huge bestial force for instilling this fear into us. The Leviathan is mentioned several times in different mythologies and stories of old. Most often, it is depicted as an enormous fish or other huge sea dwelling animal.


The Leviathan’s role is seen as somewhat of a rampaging beast, as well as a victory or sacrifice during the end times. It is hinted that when the world will end, the Leviathan will perish and feed humanity. Yeah, that’s how big it’s supposed to be.


This huge demonic being has been an inspiration for countless sea monsters in literature, film, and even history. Many sailors wrote about their encounters in strange new seas with unknown, huge monsters that dwell just below the waves. The Leviathan has inspired the likes of the Kraken and features in a multitude of films.




3. Oni




Image Via Kappa – The Kappapedia



The Oni are a class of supernatural spirits of Japanese myth and folklore. As a type of yōkai, these beings are able to accomplish feats that humans can only dream of. Oni are born when corrupt and immoral humans die and are reincarnated in one of the Buddhist Hells.


Oni are usually depicted as enormous, hulking ogres that mainly carry around huge clubs as weapons. They are often depicted as antagonistic towards humans and are mainly villainous in their roles in many stories. They terrorize mankind any way possible, and will even resort to eating humans as a form of consumption as well as spite.


The Oni have gone on to inspire even more stories about themselves as years have passed. They have been included in many Japanese fairy tales such as Momotaro among others.




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The Top 5 Looks from the Met Gala and the Literary Characters Who Would Definitely Wear Them

The Met Gala is always my eyes’ favorite night of the year, as the rich and beautiful (women at least, men in tuxes—what you doing?) pull out all the stops to honor whatever the years’ theme is, to absolutely mind-bogglingly beautiful results. This years’ theme—Heavenly Bodies—yielded some unsurprisingly spectacular ensembles, reminiscent of many amazing fictional characters; the red carpet looked like an amalgamation of the potential casts of many, many wonderful movie adaptations. So I’ve chosen five of my favorite looks, and picked literary characters who would definitely go in for get ups like these! 


1. Ensemble: Sarah Jessica Parker.


Images Via Vogue and Popsugar

Images Via Vogue and Popsugar


SJP absolutely kills it at the Met Gala each and every year. Her costumes (they are so much more than just outfits) are often pretty divisive, as they are frequently just so much to handle that spectators are overwhelmed and categorically reject the lengths to which she has gone. However, I absolutely love her genuinely insane get ups and she never lets me down.


Character Who Would Dig It: The Queen from Snow White.

Image Via Blogspot

Image Via Blogspot


This year, her outfit was extremely reminiscent of something the Queen from Snow White might don: intimidating, elaborate, dripping in gold, the very definition of opulent. Tell me a sentient mirror didn’t validate this look before she stepped onto the red carpet… 

2. Ensemble: Rihanna


Image Via Vogue and Popsugar

Image Via Vogue and Popsugar 

This Pope-inspired work of art is as fabulous as we’ve come to expect from the woman who can do absolutely no wrong whatsoever at all. And she knows it. The detail of each piece is so astonishing and the Mitre-like headdress should make its way into its own exhibit at the Met. I’m so sold on this. 


Character Who Would Dig It: Cersei Lannister


Image Via Geek and Sundry

Image Via Geek and Sundry 


Cersei loves a bit of power, and being worshipped to an almost religious degree would suit her down to the ground. While Catholicism may not exist in Westeros, Cersei would definitely rock this get up on the Iron Throne.



3. Ensemble: Emilia Clarke


Image Via Vogue and Popsugar

Image Via Vogue and Popsugar 


Mother of Dragons Emilia Clarke absolutely killed it in this beautiful cherub encrusted gown, paired with stunning earrings and delicate tiara. The OTT blush and red lips make her look like a fierce fairytale princess.


Character Who Would Dig It: Princess Buttercup


Image Via BFI

Image Via BFI


The titular character from William Goldman’s The Princess Bride, though a woman of simple tastes, would absolutely rock Emilia’s royal attire. In fact, while she’s wearing something pretty close in this picture, I think Emilia’s black and gold dress would imbue her with power that she lacks while playing the role of kidnapped princess in to the repulsive Prince Humbert.. 


4. Ensemble: Kim Kardashian


Image Via E! and Elle

Image Via E! and Elle


Kim has been (unfairly in my opinion) accused of ignoring the theme with this figure hugging golden number, but I’m seeing a heavenly body as well as religious iconography emblazened on the dress so where is the problem? I cannot find it? 


Character Who Would Dig It: Princess Jasmine


Image Via Disney

Image Via Disney


Kim’s already sporting the same up-do as Jasmine (albeit when Jasmine is using her womanly wiles to trick and defeat Jafar) and the slinky fit of the dress would suit Princess J down to the ground. 


5. Ensembles: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


Images Via Vogue

Images Via Vogue


Powerful gremlin queens the Olsen twins always look exquisite, albeit otherworldly (or underworldly) and this year is no exception. Mary-Kate’s beautifully detailed neckline contrasts with Ashley’s wonderous cape thing. 


Character Who Would Dig It: Eowyn 

Images Via The Tolkein Shop and Pinterest

Images Via The Tolkien Shop and Pinterest


Eowyn, a noblewoman of Rohan in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, would rock either of these ensembles, especially Ashley’s, which calls to mind the flag of Rohan with its coloring. Eowyn and the Olsens also have very similar hair, and are badass icons. 


Featured Image Via Vogue and Pinterest