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#Bookstagrammer of the Week: @booksturnyouon

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This Week’s Featured creator: @booksturnyouon


Each week Bookstr is going to be highlighting your favorite Bookstagrammers. A Bookstagrammer is someone who shares all of their literary interests, ranging from book reviews and aesthetically pleasing book pictures to outfit pictures featuring their current reads. Anything that evokes bibliophile feels is on their Instagram pages. Make sure to give these Bookstagrammers the love they deserve! This week we are getting to know a Bookstagram account that is worldly and feminine positive: Cátia, or as you would know her on Instagram, @booksturnyouon.

Here is her story:

image via @booksturnyouon



Chapter 1: The Birth of a Bookstagram Account


When Cátia stumbled into the Bookstagram community, she decided she wanted to find a way to share her love of bookish culture with her country too.

At the time, I had been studying Portuguese Literature for at least seven years. However, and sadly, I didn’t encounter people who loved reading as often. I had this major passion but couldn’t really share it with anyone. I just wanted to discuss books with others. So, one night I was in bed and couldn’t sleep. I was checking my personal Instagram account and Penguin Random House stories came up. They had shared a post by @bookbaristas. That’s how I found the world of Bookstagram. I couldn’t find one similar account in Portugal, where I’m from. So that’s when I decided to become a Bookstagrammer!


Cátia is a fan of world lit, so her favorite books come from many different countries and genres, including:


image via @booksturnyouon


Cátia’s fun fact is that she reads in a very unique way.

When I connect to a character in a book, I like to say their lines out loud, like I am playing their role in a movie or something. I think that’s funny and I have no idea if other readers do the same. It’s just something I do because I feel very close to that character. My world completely fades away to be replaced by that life. But, when I notice that I am doing it, I laugh at myself.



Chapter 2: To The Bookstagramming


Bookstagrammers have a trained eye that finds the most photogenic book covers to post to their Bookstagram. Cátia has lots of favorites, but there’s one in particular that stood out to her.

Alfred A. Knopf shared the cover of Yaa Gyasi’s new novel that’s coming out on July 2020 and I must say that it’s terrific! I even shared it on my stories because I was amazed when I saw it.



image via @booksturnyouon



Cátia’s followers consider her personal Bookstagram aesthetic to be vintage.

My aesthetic reflects my own personal style and taste. I love to have a balance between reviews, bookshops, outfits and even lifestyle so I have that in mind when I am creating content.



What are Cátia’s favorite Bookstagram accounts, and what advice would she give to aspiring Bookstagrammers?

My favorite accounts are @magicpages, @bookmateriality, @brisoler, @umacertagabi, and @coffeeandbookss. I love their authenticity and deep and well-argued reviews. Moreover, all these Bookstagrammers have similar literary tastes to mine so I end up connecting more with their accounts.

If aspiring Bookstagrammers are looking for a curated feed, then I’d recommend to think carefully about the kind of aesthetic they would like to have. The Instagram handle is also important. And, I would suggest they take some photos before creating the account so they can share content consistently at the beginning!



Chapter 3: TBR

Cátia has over 200 books on her TBR list—that’s a lot of reads! Some of her top TBR books are:


Cátia’s publisher of choice to supply her with a lifetime of books would be Riverhead Books of Penguin Random House.

They publish great books and they have an amazing team!



image via @booksturnyouon



Chapter 4: What does bookstagram mean to you?


It means a lot. It was life-changing for me. I’ve always thought I wasn’t particularly creative. That’s why I was researching literature instead of writing. For a person who has always loved all forms of art, that made me feel sad. Then, when I created my account two years ago, I had no pressure. I just wanted to have fun and create. So, that’s what happened. In such an innocent and unexpected way, I discovered I am very creative. Today, I work as a creative director and I write. As important as this, my account is a digital space where I can share my passions and ideas: books, bookshops, feminism, fashion. 

I want my account to inspire people to read more. I want to introduce my followers to books they haven’t heard about. I want my account to be a digital space where people can actually have meaningful discussions about books. And, I also discuss feminism on my account so I want to raise awareness. I want to spread the meaning of tolerance, respect and equality on Books Turn You On.


Well, what did you think of @booksturnyouon? Isn’t it amazing how passionate she is about spreading her love for books and creativity? Do you have a favorite Bookstagrammer in mind? Contact us through any of our social media platforms and maybe you will see them here next week! 


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'The Guide, Period'

This New Book Is the How-To for ALL Young Girls

To all my ladies in this place, we can all recall those grueling and embarrassing conversations with our mothers when it was that time. Puberty can be a scary yet fulfilling time for boys and girls, but girls face it from a different angle. 


Mothers have some kind of embedded code in them that knows just when to sit us down and explain that moment when a girl becomes a woman. At the time, I was dreading it and wanted to hide, but now I embrace it. If I had this new book I may have seen the facts of life a little differently.


The Camp Gyno

From ‘The Camp Gyno’ Video/ Image Via Youtube


Naama Bloom first broke into the world of the web with her video ‘The Camp Gyno‘ that told the short story of a young girl being the first to get her period at camp. The humorous and relatable video sparked conversation amongst the 12 million people who viewed it. Her sequel to that video called ‘First Moon Party‘ is just as hilarious and loveable. We’ve all been there.


Now, Bloom is breaking through your computer screen and heading straight to the bookshelves. The founder of HelloFlo, a monthly feminine care package, has written a book to get girls ready for their inevitable monthly gift. “My dream is that girls feel very confident in their bodies and feel like they love who they are and how they look and what their body does.” 


The Guide, Period.

Image Via Penguin Random House


HelloFlo: The Guide, Period.: The Everything Puberty Book for the Modern Girl gives a visual aid to girls of all shapes and sizes and even dates back to the feminine trends of the Ancient Egyptians. Feminine history sounds pretty darn cool and so is Bloom’s message.


She wants girls to realize that they don’t have to conform to the images the media pushes forward. Puberty is a sensitive time of change and Bloom’s advice is there for you all the way. She doesn’t sugarcoat and dance around the subject. She jumps right in and gives us lessons that both girls and boys can learn from.


Be afraid no longer, dear adolescents, we are women. Hear us roar!


Feature Image Via Business Betties and Penguin Random House

Rupi Kaur holding her book 'milk and honey'

5 Books by Internet Poets You NEED to Read

Internet poetry is growing in popularity with an increasing number of poets gaining massive online followings and fame. These writers are tackling issues such as race, femininity, heartbreak, addiction, healing, and so much more in their work.


That said, the sheer volume of poets who have gained success online can make it hard to know where to start with your reading. We’ve compiled a list of the top five books by poets who gained success online and who continue to regularly post new and inspiring content on their socials. 


1. Rupi Kaur – milk and honey (Simon and Schuster, 2014)


Black background featuring title 'milk and honey' and illustration of bees

Image Courtesy of Goodreads


Rupi Kaur boasts a stunning 1.4 million Instagram followers, and her debut book milk and honey sold upwards of one million copies and spent over a year on the New York Times bestseller list. Published by literary giants Simon and Schuster, the Punjab-born, Toronto-raised poet, performer, and illustrator captured hearts and minds around the world with her simple, moving prose. She shared her work on Tumblr, before moving to Instagram in 2014 when she began adding appealing line illustrations to offset her work.


She explores themes of femininity, heartbreak, abuse, and survival, using only lowercase letters and periods. On her website she states she only uses lowercase letters because Punjabi is written in Gurmukhi script, which uses only lower case lettering. She writes this way “in order to preserve the small details of my mother language… a world within a world. which is what i am as an immigrant. as a disporic punjabi sikh woman.” 


Just this month, Kaur announced that her upcoming book will be entitled the sun and her flowers and will be published in October 2017. We’re on the edge of our seats!


2. Alicia Cooke – Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately (CreateSpace, 2017)


Line drawing of a mixtape featuring title

Image Courtesy of Goodreads


Alicia Cooke’s 19,100 Instagram followers would agree that this poet and activist is one to watch. She has been acknowledged by Teen Vogue, CNN, and USAToday, and her self-published “poetry mixtape,” Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately, was a finalist in the 2016 Goodreads Choice Awards. It is in the style of a 90s mixtape, with tracks instead of titles and sides instead of chapters (hint: side B features her own ‘blackout poetry’ remixes!).


Due to her extensive work on addiction, about which she regularly writes for the Huffington Post and other publications, 100% of the profits from her book go to Willow Tree Centre, a rehabilitation center in New Jersey. We’re so excited to see where her work takes her next! 


3. Atticus – Love Her Wild (Simon and Schuster, 2017)


A person falling gently through clouds

Image Courtesy of Barnes & Noble


With over 387,000 Instagram followers including the likes of Cara Delevigne and Karlie Kloss, and just yesterday endorsed by A-lister Emma Roberts on her own Instagram which boasts 10.9 million followers, Atticus’s star is rising.  He appears in the photo on Roberts’ account obscuring his face with his trademark book mask, which, he told Teen Vogue, is “not only to remain anonymous, but also to encourage himself to write what he truly feels, and not just what he thinks he should feel.”


This quote has since appeared in the form of a poem entitled “Mask” on his Instagram. In the Amazon entry for his book, it states that he was dubbed this year by Galore magazine asthe world’s most tattooable poet,” thousands of fans have had his work tattooed and his short works of searing honesty have captured the hearts of thousands more. Love Her Wild was published this year by Simon and Schuster and we can’t wait to see where Atticus will go next!  


4. Nayyirah Waheed – salt (CreateSpace, 2013)


The title in black in bottom right corner against white background

Image Courtesy of Amazon


Not a whole lot is known about Nayyirah Waheed beyond her body of work, but what work it is! With two books under her belt, salt (2013) and nejma (2015), Waheed’s words have been acknowledged by everyone from Florence Welch to Khloe Kardashian to the participants of the Women’s March on Washington and center around issues of race and femininity.


Unable to find a publisher for salt despite her large following, she self-published her work, which is now studied in high schools, and has gleaned over 263,000 followers on Instagram. Business Daily Africa described Waheed as an “urban poet with near-sacred folk tales of our generation born from honesty.” We’re sure the only way is up for this talent.


5. Tyler Knott Gregson – All the Words Are Yours (Tarcher Perigee – Penguin Books, 2015)


Birds in the distance flocking against sepia clouds with titles across them

Image Courtesy of Amazon


With 259,000 followers on Tumblr and 184,000 on Instagram, Tyler Knott Gregson’s first book Chasers of the Light became a national bestseller when it was published in 2014. He followed up the next year with our personal favorite, a collection of haikus about love called All the Words Are Yours. The book cemented Knott Gregson’s status as a ‘talented, soul-stirring writer,’ according to Entertainment Focus, and he has since come out with no less than three more: Love Notes (2016), North Pole Ninjas (2016), Be Bold, Be Brave (2017) and Be Wild, Be Brave (2017).


Is it too much to hope for another 2017 publication from this prolific poet? We’re not sure we can wait!


Featured Image Courtesy of The Odyssey Online