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Author Pervis Taylor on Writer’s Block – Author Interview

As the pandemic comes to a close, it is easy to forget the struggles and hardships that came along with it. Stuck inside four walls with no inspiration besides the internet can become shackles to people’s creativity and mental health. Writer’s block and lack of motivation was a huge issue for a lot of writers.

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Pride Month Author Workshop: Writing Queer Characters

As the most colorful month of the year comes to an end, we must all remember that Pride should be a year-long celebration, and not a just monthly event. Everyone at Bookstr is dedicated to promoting LGBTQIA+ representation EVERYWHERE. But since we're mostly about the love of books, this article will be dedicated to queer representation in fiction. You don't have to be part of the LGBTQ+ community to write queer characters.

We have interviewed authors Carly Heath and Koakuma Gyaru (pen name: Nekohara Mimi) about their experiences in writing queer characters, and asked them to share some tips for straight authors who want to do the same in this special pride month author workshop!

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