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Sarah Hill, CEO of Bookstr with Billy Hallowell on BOLD TV

Billy Hallowell Talks About The “Marginalization of Conservativism” in New Book

On BoldTV this morning, Bookstr Co-Founder Sarah Hill, along with hosts Clay Aiken and Carrie Sheffield, spoke with author Billy Hallowell about his new book “Fault Lines: How a Seismic Shift in Culture Is Threatening Free Speech and Shaping the Next Generation.”


Hallowell believes that nowadays conservative Christians are side-lined by the media. His book aims to look at the causes and data surrounding this belief.


Hallowell also said that the book looks at how Hollywood, the media, and universities all tend to promote one idea of thinking, namely left wing ideology, and that he believes this affects “free speech” and “religious freedom” in USA.


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He is interested in what he calls “the disconnect” between the media and the public. He mentioned that only eight percent of reporters attend regular worship either in a church or a synagogue on a weekly basis, while upwards of 40 percent of the American population do so. As a result, he feels that there is a bias towards people of Christian faith and that this is supported by Hollywood and universities, with 13 percent of professors conservative, and 60 percent liberal.


Hallowell was challenged by Sarah Hill and Clay Aiken on his assertions that there are no representations of good Christians on TV — Hill asked whether or not a representation of a good person equates to that of a good Christian. 


Aiken suggested that because, as Hallowell said, millennials are the first generation to be so inundated with media, and are therefore generally open-minded as a result of the different mindsets, races, orientations, and religions that they are exposed to, they see religion as something of a barrier. He put forward that they tend to see religion in this light because Christianity is so often seen as opposed to many things that are normalized in the media. Aiken said that surely instead of advocating that the media limit the ideas it puts forward, the church should be responsible for promoting itself in the light in which it would like to be seen.  


Ultimately, Hallowell feels that conservative Christians are left out of the discourse in predominantly left wing places and that these places, such as universities and the media, have a responsibility to provide an equal playing field. 


The segment provided some healthy debate and food for thought for viewers and can be watched in full on the Bold TV Facebook Page.


“Fault Lines” is available from bookstores nationwide. 


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