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Surprise Your Dad With These 5 Amazing Books for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is here! If you need some last minute gift ideas, then look no further. You can celebrate the common interests you and your dad share with these titles that cover all the bases. They cover the classic films, icons, and History Channel topics that you’d be lying about not watching alongside your dad as a kid.


Star Wars: Millennium Falcon: Owner’s Workshop Manual


milfaconImage via Amazon


After decades of watching the Millennium Falcon take flight, it’s natural to wonder how the damn thing actually works, especially with the number of times we’ve seen Han Solo and Chewie (Rest in peace, my friend) tinkering with random parts, pieces, and electrical things. This space manual from a galaxy far, far way provides the most thorough specifications and technical descriptions of the beloved Corellian freighter.


Exploring the Deep: The Titanic Expeditions


titanicImage via Amazon


Your dad might not care whether or not Rose could’ve made room for Jack on the floating door, but he might enjoy exploring the underwater ruins of the Titanic. James Cameron can afford to take the deep dive to the Titanic’s remains for fun, and he’s nice enough to share all of the findings and insights he’s accumulated over the years. Previously unreachable areas of the wreckage are now accessible with the turn of a page.


Knockout: The Art of Boxing


knockoutImage via Amazon


Muhammad Ali. I’m willing to bet your dad has tried at least once or twice to imitate his swings and right hooks when he was younger. Hopefully, he hasn’t thrown out his back as a result, but if he’s feeling nostalgic, he can check out Knockout, to walk down memory lane with sports photographer Ken Regan. Regan shares first hand accounts of his photographic journey chronicling “The Greatest’s” most historic moments, inside and outside the ring.


Clint Eastwood: Icon


eastwoodImage via Amazon


While my favorite Clint Eastwood movie is still Gran Torino, the guy was a legend long before he was taking down violent teenage street gangs, and your dad is old enough to know. This deluxe art book traces Clint Eastwood’s entire career all the way back to when he was that studly cowboy on the movie poster, and traces the story of how his performances became cinematic archetypes that forever changed American filmmaking.


Die Hard: The Ultimate Visual History


die hardImage via Amazon


Remember when Bruce Willis had hair? Your dad does. The Die Hard movies are an American treasure. This book chronicles the thirty-year long legacy of the groundbreaking film franchise that branched out into comics, video games, and other mediums that have come to define the action genre. Yippee-ki-yay peeps.



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