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#BooksasOutfits Trend on Twitter Has Some of Your Favorite Books as Inspiration

#BookasOutfits trend on twitter has readers interacting with their favorite books in a new and creative way. Book lovers can interact with books they love through the expression of fashion. For this trend, users find some of their favorite books and match an outfit to the book cover…and Twitter is loving it! 

Take a look at some people following the trend! 



  1.  Cute outfits and good book recommendations, what can get better than that?

2. This book lover tried…and succeeded! 

3. A desi version!


4. A penguin classics aesthetic? Yes please!

5. Come and join the fun!

6. It is never too late to join the trend!

7.  This one might be the winner

While we are staying inside, this is a creative way to interact with the books we love. We can find inspiration anywhere, especially with our favorite books at our side. You never know, maybe you’ll find a book suggestion among the outfits you like! 



feature image via Twitter


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Gloria Vanderbilt, Author and Fashion Icon, Passes Away at 95

An icon has passed away. Gloria Vanderbilt, according to CNNhas died at the age of ninety-five after a long battle with stomach cancer. The news was reported by her son, famous anchorman Anderson Cooper. Vanderbilt died at home, surrounded by friends and family. She had been in slowly declining health for the past few months. She was a famous socialite, fashion designer, and author, producing numerous well-known and celebrated fashion magazines. She licensed her name for numerous brands, including those that made scarves and designer jeans. Her lines were hugely successful, garnering her international fame, which was difficult for Vanderbilt due to her shyness in public. Later in her career, she branched out into art exhibitions, which included Dream Boxes and and thirty-five paintings at the Arts Center in Manchester.


Gloria Vanderbilt holds a cigarette in a black and white photo

Image Via Wikipedia


Throughout her life, Gloria Vanderbilt was also a successful novelist. During her lifetime, she wrote two books on art, four memoirs, and three novels. She was also a regular contributor to The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Elle. Her novels include Obsession: An Erotic Tale, Never Say Goodbyeand The Memory of Starr Faithful. 

She also wrote the memoir The Rainbow Comes and Goes with her son, Anderson Cooper. The novel told about their relationship, offering an intimate glimpse into their lives, careers, and Cooper’s coming-of-age under his mother’s unconventional house rules. This book offers a portrait of two great people who dearly loved each other, making it all the more heart-wrenching to see Cooper announce his mother’s death: the memoir showcases just how strong their bond truly was behind closed doors.


Image via NBC


Gloria Vanderbilt remains an icon of design, fashion, and authorship. She will be remembered both for her forceful personality and her loving relationship with her son. It’s safe to say she made a huge mark on the world and will be remembered forever as a genuine icon!



Featured Image Via CNN.