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Netflix’s The Witcher Casts King Henselt for Season 2

The Witcher Netflix series has become quite a phenomenon in recent memory. Fans of the game and book series as well as those who gush over medieval fantasy absolutely lauded the first season. The show perfectly captured the essence of the characters and world while satisfying the masses that just came off the absolute dud of a finale from Game of Thrones. With a promised seven seasons for the show comes news on castings for characters both unknown and very familiar to fans that toss coins to all Witcher content.

The second season, according to Redanian Intelligence, has cast relatively unknown actor Edward Rowe in the role of King Henselt, ruler of Kaedwen. Fans of The Witcher game series will recognize the name from a major player from CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. In the game, Henselt is a prideful king with a taste for watching duels, warmongering, and hedonism. The player assuming the role of Geralt of Rivia has the choice of ending the king while on his literal high horse or manipulate him until the events of the next game however the show has something more in store for this tyrannical monarch.

Image Via Redanian Intelligence

In the past, Laura S. Hissrich the showrunner has clarified that the entirety of the show takes place before the events of the first Witcher game. The series will then explore Henselt’s origin story relating to the heroic trio of Geralt, Yennifer, and Ciri before becoming the boisterous king many gamers chose to execute. Perhaps he earns kingship while interacting with Geralt or he’ll possibly arrange for Geralt to fight in a duel against a neighboring kingdom leading him down a path toward eventual tyranny. The possibilities for the directions of the show can go just about anywhere and it just seems to spell excitement every step of the way until release.

Image Via Steam Community

After a slew of production halts from Covid-19 outbreaks to on-set injuries, it’s nice to finally have some good news about everyone’s new favorite fantasy epic. As usual fans and newcomers can rejoice at the effort put forth to ensure the most enthralling and bloody tales from Nilfgaard. The best content from a sprawling franchise like The Witcher comes from creators who are just as big of fans as the readers or gamers of the series. The inclusion of fan-favorite characters should spark piquing interest in the other parts of media the franchise inhabits as well as clarity on the denizens that live in the witching world. Should any production halts cease at once you can toss a coin to your favorite witcher on August 17th, 2021.

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In Pierce Brown’s Red Rising series, mankind is spread across the galaxy, and society is dictated by the stratification of humanity based on the color of their caste. The rulers are Gold, the lower strata Red, but what happens when a Red and Gold fall for one another? You’ll be gripped by the latest installment of the Sons of Ares, Volume 2: Wrath.

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Red Rising, Sons of Ares Volume 2: Wrath is a story of love, loss, and rage, an in-continuity story of revolution in the Red Rising universe. This thrilling series serves as a prequel to Brown’s Red Rising novels, and depicts the origins and growth of rebel group the Sons of Ares.

In this installment, Fitchner continues his quest for revenge on the Golds that mistreated his family, alongside the other Sons of Ares. The battle between the Golds escalates and grows into the start of a revolution that may upend all of the society itself.

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about the author

Image via Penguin Random House

Pierce Brown is a best-selling American novelist, screenwriter, and creator of otherworldly universes! Born in Denver, Colorado, he graduated from Pepperdine University and went on to pursue a myriad of varied jobs and positions. According to his website, he now lives in “Los Angeles, where he scribbles tales of spaceships, wizards, ghouls, and most things old or bizarre.”

His thrilling series, Red Rising, hit the New York Times Best-seller list at #20 in 2014 and with each new release, the reviews have been stellar. The final novel of the trilogy, Morning Star, landed at No. 1 on USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list.


Enter to Win These Unmissable 'Red Rising' Prizes (Contest on Hive.co)


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