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10 Funny Fan Stories For Twilight’s Anniversary

With one of the greatest followings in literary and cinematic history, we celebrate Twilight's anniversary by looking at some of the most relatable, funniest, and most cringe-worthy fan stories! Read on for some quality nostalgia and a bit of a good laugh.

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‘GoT’s Star Wants Show’s Name on His Grave

It seems the actors on Game of Thrones are just as big fans of the show as we are! According to RTE, Liam Cunningham, who plays Davos Seaworth otherwise known as ‘the Onion Knight’, wants the show’s title etched on his grave. Cunningham considers the show a tremendous honor to be on and a ‘once in a lifetime experience’. Cunningham said the fantasy drama on his resume was like a ‘calling card of quality.’


Liam Cunningham in character looking at camera, in forest
Image Via WikiofThrones


Liam Cunningham’s role as Davos has certainly entrenched him as a firm fan favorite and its a testament to his skill that Davos has not met an untimely end yet. His character has shown great nuance and multiple layers to his visage, so it makes sense Liam has such a love for his role as much as we do. The name of the show being etched onto his gravestone will likely be a worthy tribute to one of favorite actors from the show! But don’t be so quick to go yet, Cunningham, we want to see more of you once this show comes to end!


Featured Image Via Den of Geek