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Stolen Books Worth $3.5 Million Discovered Beneath a House in Romania

Three years ago, 200 valuable books were stolen from a warehouse in London and among these were first editions of Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, and Francisco Goya. Last Wednesday, however, they were found beneath a house in Romania. Read to learn more!

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5 Things This Author Learned From His Grandfather’s Incredible Story

The novel dives into what his experiences taught both him and his family, a century later. These are five key things to take from Joe’s narrative, and lessons that were imparted onto John and his children all those years later.

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New Novel Chronicles the Truth About The American Dream and the Immigrant Experience

The American Dream - a term used so loosely in recent years, that it is hard to capture its true essence. But the idea behind it remains the same; an offer of a land of freedom, a life of freedom, and emancipation from any hardships that came before.

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