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Exeter and The Leaky Cauldron Sign

Menu for ‘Harry Potter’ Themed Bar Revealed!

The invisibility cloak has been whipped off further details of Exeter, Englands’s highly anticipated Harry Potter themed restaurant, revealing what we’ve all been waiting for: THE MENU. 

The Cauldron Inn will open in Gandy Street in just two weeks on Friday, August 25.



The menu does seem a little muggle-centric, but we suppose no self-respecting witch or wizard would be caught fraternizing with muggles in a non-magical setting such as this. That said, we were hoping for some pumpkin pie at least!  


Bookstr reported on The Cauldron Inn when The Huffington Post relased full details of the inn’s ‘augmented reality’  in June. “The inn will be ‘dotted with floating candles,’ have ‘pint glasses that fill mysteriously from the bottom,’ and lights and taps that go ‘on and off with a flick of a wand.’ It will be called The Cauldron Wizarding Pub and Inn.


Featured Image Courtesy of Devon Live and Pinterest