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These Beautiful Bookmarks Will Revolutionize Your Reading Experience!


What do you use to keep your place in the book you’re reading? Ribbon? Receipts? Scrap paper? Cheese? (According to the librarians of Twitter, creative bookmarks are more common that you think!)

But ribbons get tangled or come loose, receipts and scrap paper easily flutter away and cheese? Well, let’s not even go there. But luckily, there is a better option, in the form of the beautiful Book Art Bookmarks.


On her website, Book Art Bookmarks’ creator Margaux explains where the idea to create these stunning place-keepers came from:

I have two young, curious boys who love to “help” me read and was constantly searching for my lost page. In an effort to solve my frustrations, I searched the internet, but didn’t find anything I thought would work for me. I ended up being inspired by a notebook I had just purchased that featured an elastic closure band. The next day I headed to my local craft store and made my first bookmark. Finally having found the answer to my problem, I shared with my fellow book lovers, and they ended up loving them just as much!


Created in January of 2018, Book Art Bookmarks has since gone from strength to strength, with a popular online store, selling over 6,000 of the unique and eye-catching bookmarks. “We are in five stores located throughout Wisconsin”, Margaux explains, “and have been fortunate enough to be involved in a few exciting monthly book boxes!” Book Art Bookmarks can also be found at the Frick Museum in New York, Malaprop and the Baltimore Museum of Art.

The bookmarks range from metal ornamentation, to geodes, to rhinestones, charms and more, so there really is something for every book lover, no matter your taste, whether you’d like something pretty, something a little darker, or perhaps something more timeless. You can also order a custom made bookmark, if you have something specific in mind!

Make sure to check out Book Art Bookmarks on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest designs and offers, and make your reading experience as beautiful as possible!


Enter to Win 12 Beautiful BookArt Bookmarks! (Contest on Hive.co)


Best Book Pins and Patches From Around Etsy

Etsy is best known for handmade goods like butterbeer scented candles to tea tins inspired by authors like Agatha Christie and William Shakespeare. Alongside the typical bookish gifts, there are tons of hidden gems, including pins and patches for those who like to show off their literary dedication.

Here are some of our favorites from across the site


1. DustandPages


pin 1

via DustandPages


A part of a series of pins depicting Literary Landscapes, this Hobbiton pin features the classic hobbit hole, complete with Gandalf’s dwarf rune engraved on the door. DustandPages, based out of Fort Worth, Texas, stocks all things literary from book inspired enamel pins to custom Funko figures


Pin can be purchased here


2. VioletFaneShop



pin 2

Via VioletFaneShop


This gorgeous Harry Potter inspired pin is from Spanish designer, Violet Fane. Her limited release of the “History of Magic” book is breathtakingly detailed with stunning maroon and gold details. Residing in Spain, this shop typically specializes in Lolita fashion and textile goods but have expanded into pins recently. 


Pin can be purchased here!


3. LiteraryEmporium



patch 1

Via LiteraryEmporium

This iron-on patch, inspired by Penguin’s iconic orange book covers, is the perfect gift for any book lover, including yourself. From the United Kingdom, Rio, who owns, makes, and designs LiteraryEmporium’s products creates gorgeous patches, pins, paper goods, and clothing perfect for any literary fan.  


Patch available here


4. JaneMount


pin 3

Via JaneMount 


Quite possibly the queen of literary pins, Jane Mount of Hawaii has an impressive 47 listings of book cover pins alone. Founder of the Ideal Bookshelf project, Mount “paints portraits of people through the spines of their favorite books.” Along with her prints of some of her work, she also sells her fantastic pins, mugs, and tote bags all featuring the literary subjects. 


This pin, among many others, is available here!


5. FrogandToadPress



patch 2

Via FrogandToadPress


Even Rory Gilmore knows that no one can resist the smell of an old book.


rory gilmore

Via Giphy


One of my favorite Etsy sellers, FrogandToadPress sells all sorts of gifts ranging from pencils to patches. This patch not only displays your love for smelling books, but that you’re proud of it too. Designed in Rhode Island, this patch is the perfect addition to any backpack or jacket. 


Patch available here!


6. fableandblack



pin 4

Via fableandblack


This adorable pin is from Etsy seller, fableandblack, who specialize in literary gifts for book lovers. This pastel bookshop stands out among the rest, making us wish it were real! The one woman brand from Nottingham sells everything from pins to coasters to posters


Pin available here!


7. ADaesthetic



patch 3

Via ADaesthetic


Just in time for the season 2 premier of A Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu, this patch is perfect for anyone looking to personalize while spreading Atwood’s gospel: Don’t let the bastards grind you down. This iron-on patch stands out amongst the rest with its striking yellow details. 


Patch available here


8. SleepyMountain



pin 5

Via SleepyMountain


For those who need a shiny reminder that life does go on, this Kurt Vonnegut pin from Seattle-based SleepyMountain is perfect! Hidden within his hair, this iconic phrase is perfect to display any way you choose.


Pin for sale here


9. ImBookishandBakewell



pin 6

Via ImBookishandBakewell


If the patch wasn’t enough and you’re still itching for more Handmaid’s apparel, this pin is perfect for you. A gentle reminder that you do not belong to anyone and a celebration of resilience and resistance of the women in the story, the handmaid’s face is covered with “not your babe.” Also available as a sticker, this pin is perfect for you or your favorite feminist.  


Available here!


10. BelleRegalia


pin 7

Via BelleRegalia


This delicately decorated pin clearly communicates that reading time is a ‘do not disturb’ time. Perfect for those who like to read without interruptions or intrusions, this pin will convey the message. Just small enough to stick on a shirt lapel, backpack, or jacket, this pin will get the message across. Along with pins, the Melbourne-based seller sells brooches, t-shirts, and keyrings with accompanying literary messages. 


Pin available here!


Featured Image Via Pinterest


Bookworms Beware, This Etsy Christmas Wishlist Will Bankrupt You

The holidays are heeeeeeah and it’s time to start assembling a lengthy and detailed list of desired bookish gifts to present to the people who claim to love you, in order to test their devotion. Let’s go. 


dancing potters

Via Giphy


1. Harry Potter Christmas Ornament  – $4.00

Harry Potter

Image Via Etsy


These absolutely adorable Harry Potter themed tree ornaments from BookishStuff make the perfect inexpensive gift, and come in a variety of different styles, including Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid or several owls! 


2. The Great Gatsby iPhone Case  $18.00


iphone case great gatsby

Image Via Etsy


Dress up your phone with this vibrant case from VeronicasShowcase and make sure to practice your rich voice for  any calls you make to spurned lovers. It’s almost as beautiful as silk shirts, but no need to cry over it. 


3. Game of Thrones Make Up Brushes $22.48


game of thrones brushes

Image Via Etsy


These Game of Thrones brushes from FungCreative are perfect for painting your face with the blood of your enemies! Happy holidays! 


4. Harry Potter Sorting Hat Candle $12.00



Image Via Etsy


Okay, so there is a seemingly infinite number of Harry Potter themed candles available online, but I think this one from GeekandWonder is particularly cool. “With a scent reminiscent of eating pumpkin pasties during a feast in the Great Hall, this magical candle will turn either red, green, yellow, or blue as it burns down, letting you know whether you’ve been chosen as a Gryffindor, a Slytherin, a Hufflepuff, or a Ravenclaw!”


5. Mr. Collins Tumbler  $9.00


mr collins tumbler

Image Via Etsy


If this hilarious tumbler from EverLastingTeaparty can’t get you in the mood for exercising or even just hydrating over the holidays, nothing will. Also, it feels really weird to type ‘tumbler’ not like ‘tumblr.’ (#millennial) 


6. Atticus Finch Themed Shoes  $95.00


atticus shoes

Image Via Etsy


Atticus Finch famously said: “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” Okay so, these aren’t quite someone’s skin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )  but you sure can walk around in them. Gift yourself a new point of view this holiday season with these amazing shoes from Brinkadoodle.


7. Olenna Tyrell T-Shirt $22.00


olenna tyrell tshirt

Image Via Etsy


Another one for the ‘blood of your enemies’ pile, this shirt from DrunkGirlDesigns will ensure nobody messes with you this holiday season. 


8. Jane Austen Pillow  $62.87


jane austen pillow

Image Via Etsy


Okay, I accept that $62.87 is almost always going to be too much for a pillow, but this is a really, really nice pillow from PalaceHomeCushions, perfect for positioning oneself comfortably for reading/observing/overseeing your kingdom.


9. The Great Gatsby Necklace  $10.26



Image Via Etsy


I’m very into this quote and would happily wear it on my person in any capacity. Even better is that this gorgeous pendant from LiteraryLaneBoutique also features our beloved F. Scott’s Fitz-signature. 


10. To Kill A Mockingbird Scarf  $46.00 


TKAM Scarf

Image Via Etsy

Envelop yourself in the immortal words of Harper Lee this holiday with this beautiful scarf from EmeraldDreamBotique. Dreamy. 


Featured Image Via Anytime Fitness Blog

enormous book shelf

11 Bookshelves That Will Warm Your Bookworm Heart

There’s nothing more beautiful to a reading fanatic than a bookcase stuffed full of immaculately organized books. But sometimes you need to spice up your library with something a little different. So check out these lovely bookshelves that’ll make you insanely jealous!


For the Harry Potter fans, there’s this curvy masterpiece that will either make you feel like you’re in Diagon Alley, or make you feel like you’re about to fall over. 


curved shelf


For the lazy reader who doesn’t want to have to get up to grab a book, there’s this multifaceted chair-slash-bookcase that only needs a massage function to be utterly perfect.


book chair


For the person who’s just a little creepy and proud of it, there’s this coffin bookcase. 


coffin book case


For the nature lover who doesn’t mind stacking dead trees on a dead tree that’s pretending to be a tree, try this tree bookcase.


book tree


For the person who apparently has nothing better to do except dust all day, there’s this spiraling bookcase. 


spiral shelf


For the readers who dig steam punk and/or indoor plumbing, there’s this


steam punk shelf


For the person who loves wine and books equally (you are fabulous, by the way), there’s this.


wine case


For the Tim Burton lover, bring home this creepy but beautiful work of art that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but would be pretty cool to have, anyway.

creepy shelf


For the person who actually detests bookcases (which…why?), you can buy these invisible shelves. 


invisible shelf


For the reader who has too many books and too much wall, there’s this beautiful monstrosity. 


wall shelf ladder


For the reader who has a whole lot of money and has, for some reason, not decided to give it all to me, there’s this


funky case


Imagine a library that features all of these crazy cases. If you believe (and start saving now), that library could be yours!


Feature Image Via Adam Smith Institute

Tankard, Dragon Costume, Cutting Board

Top 7 ‘Game of Thrones’ Must-Haves on Etsy

Recently, we did a roundup of some of the best book goodies available on Etsy, but there are so many Game of Thrones pieces available that we couldn’t resist compiling some of what we think are the most useful pieces…


1. Horned Drinking Tankard




We know that your friends have been giving you a hard time at the banquets recently because you don’t have your own horned tankard. You’ve had to drink your ale out of a plastic tumbler like a nerd. It’s very embarrassing for you, and we’d like to help. Here is your very own engraved tankard for all your feasting needs, perfect for toasting the demise of your enemies, a particularly good ale, or the ceremonial smashing of the plastic tumbler. 


2. Joffrey Dying Engagement Card


Joffrey card


If you are a complete asshole, you will enjoy gifting this tasteful card to your newly engaged acquaintances. Perhaps the ones who bullied you for not having a horned tankard. This’ll show ’em. 


3. Doggie Dragon Costume


Dragon doggie costume

Image Courtesy of Etsy


Now that you have solved your own bullying problem and are the proud owner of a horned tankard and gifter of nasty death-themed correspondence, you can turn your attentions to the social struggles of your canine companion. He’s no dire wolf, is he? The other dogs rough him up and won’t let him play with them in the park. Well, the solution is here. Simply pop him in this ferocious dragon costume and he’ll never be messed with again. Confidently, he will saunter into the park, and all the other dogs will bow to him. They’ll let him sniff their butts, and never again leave him out of a game of chasing. It also sort of implies that you are the Mother of Dragons. 


4. Hodor Door Stopper


Hodor door stopper

Image Courtesy of Etsy


Sick of shouting at your housemates to hold the door as you hurry in after them, having fallen behind, lost in thought, dwelling on solutions for you and your dog’s issues? Well, look no further. Not only have we supplied you with answers to your doggo’s problems, we have also tracked down your very own Hodor door stopper! Now you don’t have to rely on others holding the door open for you from slightly too far away, causing you to abandon your reverie in order to do that awkward half-jog thing to get to the door quicker… 


5. Game of Thrones Make Up Brushes 


GoT Make Up Brushes

Image Courtesy of Etsy


These make-up brushes are a must-have for cosmetically inclined Thronies. They are each shaped like symbols from the books and are so unique and eye-catching. You can use them for eyeshadow, blus h,contour and to paint your face with the blood of your enemies. So versatile! 


6. ‘Dinner is Coming’ Cutting Board


Dinner is Coming cutting board

Image Courtesy of Etsy


Unable even to eat without thoughts of Game of Thrones? Looking for a strong surface on which to carve the hearts of those who wronged you? Never fear! Here is the perfect item for your culinary needs: a ‘Dinner is Coming’ cutting board. 


7. Map of the Seven Kingdoms 


Map of the Seven Kingdoms

Image Courtesy of Etsy


Does looking at a map of the world instill in you an ever-growing sense of terror and crisis as you imagine all the terrible things that may be imminent? Well, your troubles are over. Replace your world map with this map of the Seven Kingdoms. Sure, they might be a site of untold horror and bloodshed, but at least it’s fictional horror and bloodshed, eh?


Featured Image Courtesy of Etsy