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LGBTQ Books Are Being Censored and Authors Are Fighting Back

According to Entertainment Weekly Middle Schools across the country are resisting teaching LGBTQ material in the classroom. One incident occurred with an author called Jen-Petro Roy, who had booked a trip to Texas in order to talk with students about her book, P.S. I Miss You.


P.S. I Miss You

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The novel follows an eleven year old girl who begins questioning her faith and sexuality, discovering she may not be straight and what that means for her identity. But, out of the blue, the school cancelled the scheduled visit.

According to Roy, the school had decided that by featuring her work, they’d be promoting an LGBT ‘agenda’ and she didn’t end up going to Texas after all. This is only the latest in a long string of controversies in children’s literature. Despite children’s books pushing forward with progressive attitudes, many LGBTQ voices are being silenced.


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Authors all over the country have noted they are suffering from being banned from even discuss LGBTQ material and many feel like they’re being gaslit. Schools often give excuses for teachers writing this material to not appear, making excuses that include scheduling conflicts or students study time. She describes this practice as ‘soft censorship’ and notes its really quite troubling, essentially enacting a ban on what literature young people are exposed to. She discovered parents had become upset at her for featuring pride flags on social media and they complained to the school, which likely helped make the decision.



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The author further noted that bans might get more attention for the schools, making it extra motivation to allow them to get media attention they wouldn’t otherwise receive. Anonymous employees for schools revealed they had pulled books they did not ‘line up’ with school values, with nearly one third being tossed out or banned. For example: Renegades was banned because the main character has two dads.

The authors noted that kids are suffering the most for this and that this banning of content will ultimately hurt kids in the future. What do you think of these schools and their policies? Tell us in the comments.




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Ross Mathews Previews Book Full of Juicy Hollywood Tales!


One of the stars and judges of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Ross Mathews has interviewed dozens of Hollywood personnel from the red carpet to “their natural habitats”. Because of this, he has many stories to tell.


Ross Mathews on the red carpet

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It’s been long awaiting, but finally he’s ready to spill a whole bunch of juicy Hollywood stories in his new book: Name DropThis is Mathews ready to share dishy details of the Hollywood scene. On the book, he was quote as saying from Entertainment Weekly:


“The stories where I actually get invited into celebrities’ secret lives — their natural habitats, if you will — are the real gold…Their private tables in restaurants, their magnificent movie trailers, their hilariously humongous houses — that’s where the really good stuff happens.”


The book explores him being an outsider in the world of show business. Many varied stories permeate the text of the work, from spending Christmas with the Kardashians to making national news while on Big Brother to his interview with Omarosa when she had just exited the White House.

Matthews has further shared an exclusive cover reveal with Entertainment Weekly: 


Name Drop

Image via Entertainment weekly

You can also read the official prologue to the book below, which Mathews has posted as a preview of the content within:


Name-dropping runs rampant in Hollywood, like high-speed car chases, gluten intolerance, and syphilis. And much like syphilis, name-dropping is super-grody and spreads quickly. You can’t walk five feet down Sunset Boulevard without overhearing some Real Housewife of Whatever telling a former Disney tween about how her new trainer is the guy who got Chris Pratt’s body into batshit crazy shape for that comic book movie. No, not that comic book movie. The other one. No, not that one. The other one.

Side note, Chris, if you’re reading this—and I just assume you are—I love your body . . . of work. Honey, I’d Guard your Galaxy any day! (Side note: I’d like to point out that I made a conscious choice to not make a cheap, tasteless Uranus joke here. Why? Because I’m trying to be bigger than that. We’ll see how long that lasts.)

As someone who has interviewed just about every celebrity you can imagine on every red carpet you can imagine for nearly the past two decades, I have some pretty amazing stories. And, trust me—the red carpet stories are the boring ones! The stories where I actually get invited into celebrities’ secret lives—their natural habitats, if you will—are the real gold. Their private tables in restaurants, their magnificent movie trailers, their hilariously humongous houses—that’s where the really good stuff happens.

From time to time, I’ve managed to sneak beyond the velvet rope that separates them from us mere mortals and see what few ever get to see.

The following Hollywood stories are wholesome and hilarious. No celebrity was harmed in the making of this book. But don’t worry, honey—we’re still gonna go there. I mean, don’t you wanna know what Kanye piled onto his plate at the buffet when I was in line behind him at the Kardashian Christmas party? And who would it hurt if I told you? Ham. It was ham. See—now you know and nobody died. Well, the pig did, but you can’t blame me for that.

No one ever specifically told me not to tell these stories, but I never do . . . Unless you take me to happy hour and ply me with cheap two-for-one cocktails and appetizers. What can I say? I’m a total whore for a hors d’oeuvre!

The idea for this book hit me as I was hanging out with a fun group of friends—some old friends, some new friends, some old friends who, thanks to Botox, look new. After about four Skinny Margaritas (I was going to have only three, but hello, they’re two-for-one!), I told one of these exceptionally juicy stories and noticed my friends, their mouths agape, hanging on my every word. When I finished narrating, one of them said “You have to put that in a book!” to which I indignantly replied, “I could never!”

And then I asked myself the same question I did when I was offered Skinny Margaritas number five and six: “Why not?”

You should also know that, in true Ross Mathews spirit, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a corresponding cocktail and a related recipe—or “Rossipe,” as I call them—for each chapter (why should Martha Stewart have all the fun?). What other book has done that for you, huh? Go open up Moby Dick! There’s not a single recipe in there—not even for fish sticks! I know—I was shocked, too! No wonder nobody ever read it!

So here we go. Let’s get this soon-to-be-classic piece of literature started! Pretend it’s happy hour and you and I are sitting at the bar. I look amazing and, I agree with you, much thinner in person. You look good, too. Maybe it’s the candlelight, maybe it’s the booze—either way, let’s just go with it. Just lean in, keep this all between you and me, and do me a favor? Don’t judge me if I name-drop just a little. Thanks. I promise this book will be out of this world. Just like Uranus. Dammit!


Ross Matthews

Image via RuPaul Drag’s Race wiki

The book is now available for pre-order on Amazon, with an official release due on February 4th 2020. Are you excited to see the juicy details that Ross Mathews will offer? Tell us in the comments!




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Varys Actor Conleth Hill ‘Disappointed’ With Last Few Seasons

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Varys actor Conleth Hill provided his thoughts on his time on Game of Thrones and not all were positive. Hill revealed he was ‘disappointed’ with the final few seasons of the show, and was upset about Varys’s death, specifically, he was saddened that Varys did not get to have a final scene with Littlefinger, as Littlefinger had been his nemesis.

Hill said he ‘kinda dropped off the edge’ after Season 6, noting Varys himself was also pushed to the sidelines and had not been focused on as much. Hill was frustrated by this but understood that, as a show about a great number of characters, he understood that not everyone could hold the spotlight. He said that though the last few seasons were not the best part of the experience, he thoroughly enjoyed his time on the show, over all.


Image via Game of Thrones wiki

He noted his favorite Varys scenes involved talking with Tyrion as they traveled in the cart together across Westeros, but commented that he was “dismayed”  that Varys seemingly dulled a little in the later seasons, making mistakes he would not have previously made.

Still, Conleth Hill did say that his inclusion in the show was perhaps the high point of his career, saying it was surreal to be working on such on a huge show. His favorite moment was when they shot at Fair Head in Ireland, which is coincidentally where Hill grew up and where he first dreamed of being an actor.

Game of Thrones will air its final episode this Sunday at 9pm ET on HBO.


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‘GoT’ Creators: Season 8 Battle Scene Will Surpass Helms Deep

Game of Thrones currently stands as one of the most popular shows in the world. The penultimate season brought in an average of ten million viewers across seven episodes, with the final episode, The Dragon and the Wolf, garnering over twelve million viewers. Hype for the eighth and final season is astronomical by this point, with fans all across the world eager to see how the grand saga will reach its conclusion. But as the war prepares to rage with Jon Snow, Arya Stark, and Daenerys Targaryen up against the forces of the Night King, a different kind of battle has been waging in real life: the fight to bring to life the final season and make it a worthy finale to one of the most successful series of all time.


The cast of Game of Thrones stand assembled in a mighty group picture


As revealed in this article from Entertainment Weekly, bringing the epic TV series to its conclusion has not been easy. Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have revealed that their battle scenes will be the most elaborate sequences yet, while Miguel Sapochnik, one of the directors for the season, has revealed he will be staging the epic battle of Winterfell, where our heroes will be going against the unstoppable undead armies of the Night King. Sapochnik estimates the length of the sequence will surpass the similarly elaborate Helm’s Deep siege from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and it seems the crew is feeling the pressure that comes with creating such a set piece. The crew had been working eleven weeks at night in the rural countryside, enduring freezing weather conditions, general exhaustion, and gruelling hours.


Still, the sequence in question should be worth it. According to the article, Bryan Cogman says:

‘This final face-off between the Army of the Dead and the army of the living is completely unprecedented and relentless and a mixture of genres even within the battle. There are sequences built within sequences built within sequences. David and Dan [wrote] an amazing puzzle and Miguel came in and took it apart and put it together again. It’s been exhausting but I think it will blow everybody away.’ 

The producers hope the effort will be worth it, but that doesn’t make their jobs any easier. For sequences this elaborate, any small mistake can disrupt the entire operation, as showcased when the shoot was forced to pause when a police helicopter buzzed the set. Or when a crew member among the seven hundred and fifty extras fainted from remaining still for too long, forcing medics to be called in.

Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) rides tall atop a horse
Image via EntertainmentWeekly

The individual actors have been suffering too. Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark, has been absent from battle scenes in the past due to her character’s training plot but now, she takes the plunge. Williams was forced to undergo a full year’s training ahead of time and has found the shoots ‘physically draining’. Iain Glen reveals the crew don’t get to bed until seven in the morning and he himself only gets a few hours before he’s back at it the next day. Other actors have been quoted as saying they hope they never have to do anything like this again.

But amidst all this chaos, all this news sound incredibly exciting. A battle sequence to surpass Helm’s Deep? All the characters we’ve loved finally coming together? And of course, the ultra kept secret of the show’s finale. Cast and crew have been utterly mum about it, naturally, but the article quotes Weiss as saying that he expects much fan debate if it was ‘A or an A+ finale’. Hopefully, the behind the scenes madness will be well worth to bring home the epic fantasy saga to its much speculated conclusion. We also hope the actors get some much needed rest!



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