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Paddington and the Far Away Tree

‘Paddington’ Creators to Adapt Enid Blyton’s ‘The Magic Faraway Tree!’

Hot off the success of Paddington 2, which has been sitting merrily atop the box office charts in the UK since its release, StudioCanal have announced they will be responsible for bringing Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree to the silver screen. This is great because the Paddington movies are wonderful. Please see my further thoughts on this here


Paddington sliding down bannisters

Me, climbing totally on board with this new adaptation | Via Giphy


The Faraway Tree series was a favorite of mine as a kid, though I recall one of my childhood best friends dismissing it as ‘twee.’  (She did actually use that word at age ten, which in itself is very twee but however.) Maybe it is a bit twee, but it’s also pretty funny and has wonderful characters with names like ‘Moon-Face’ and ‘The Saucepan Man.’ What’s not to love?  The story follows a group of children (one of whom is named Fanny and I wonder if this will be kept for the modern adaptation) who discover a wonderful, nebulous tree in the Enchanted Forest, which is home to various wonderful, colorful characters. 


Sam Mendes and Pippa Harris first began plotting to adapt Enid Blyton’s beloved 1943 classic in 2014, with their company Neal Street Productions. Simon Farnaby, who wrote the new Paddington film, will write the Enid Blyton adaptation.


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Image Via The Enid Blyton Society


Farnaby has said “The Magic Faraway Tree books are a firework display of the imagination. The pages are lit up with wonderful characters, humor, peril and adventure,” while Danny Perkins, CEO of StudioCanal UK, has called Blyton’s work “timeless,” saying that it was “not unlike” the work of Michael Bond, who created Paddington. “We very much look forward to bringing enduring family classics to audiences worldwide.”


I’m such an advocate of the Paddington films that I have no doubt at all this adaptation will be just beautiful. 


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