Broadway Shuts Down Disney’s ‘Frozen’

The first broadway show to get the axe is Disney’s Frozen. The remaining broadway shows are temporarily closed until September, and so far the two other Disney titles, The Lion King and Aladdin are still slated to return to the stage.

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When the animated film version of Frozen was released in November of 2013, it was a smash hit. Kids still sing “Let it Go” at the top of their lungs. Unfortunately, when the musical hit the stage in 2018, it wasn’t as popular as the movie. It even failed to win a Tony award in the three categories it was nominated in. However, despite its lack of awards, the play is still entertaining.

The actors that portrayed Elsa and Ana when I saw it back in Fall of 2018 were great and embodied their animated counter parts. The stage production was beautiful and resembled a winter wonderland, without Santa Claus. Of course the best part of the play is the music, but the only downside was that audience members were banned from singing along. How can you not sing along? The songs are so catchy!

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Despite the play being shut down, the touring production of Frozen the Musical is still slated to run. Right now due to the pandemic it is on hiatus, but it plans to open later this year in Boston, Chicago, and Charlotte. Also, a documentary titled Unknown: The Making of Frozen 2, will begin streaming on Disney Plus on June 26th. All six episodes of the documentary will be released on the same day.

Right now you can stream the new made at home animated short series At Home with Olaf, featuring Josh Gad, the voice of the love-able snowman. It began streaming on The Walt Disney Animated Studios Youtube channel, in April and it features Gad, performing new songs from Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

Of course you can also stream Frozen and Frozen 2 on Disney Plus right here.

Don’t forget to sing along!

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The Nerdiest Latte Art for National Espresso Day

If you’re feeling like you need an extra shot of energy today, you have an excuse to drink as much coffee as you want. I mean, if you’re a book lover you’re probably currently curled up in a cafe with coffee and a good book anyway. November 23rd is National Espresso Day!  Espresso is made by using pressurized water and ground coffee to create coffee topped with a foam called crema. Delicious, delicious caffeine…

Latte art is a form of art as delicate and precise as any other art form, and some of the nerdy designs that artists have made are just incredible. Here are 7 of the nerdiest (and coziest) latte art designs.


1. 3d pop-up book


If you thought a simple leaf or heart design was impressive, look at this beautiful 3D book. You could almost turn the foam pages.


Image result for latte art of book"

image via otakumode.com

2. i am iron man


This one might make you cry. It’s a rendition of Tony Stark using foam and food coloring to perfectly capture the colors of his suit.


image via @belcolno on instagram

3. for the Potterheads


This latte version of Harry looks like it came straight from Hogwarts.


Image result for harry potter latte art"


Or if you prefer a more minimalistic style, this one is cute too



Image result for harry potter latte art"

image via Calgary’s espresso bar coffee catering latte art love


4. it’s always time for a tea — or coffee — party


This foam clock melts right out of its coffee mug, Alice in Wonderland style.



image via boredpanda.com




5. Beware the frozen heart


Your heart won’t freeze from this cup of coffee, but you might get a caffeine rush!



Image result for elsa latte art"

image via Pinterest

6. Dragon latte


If you’re still reeling from the Game of Thrones finale, a sip of this latte topped with a fiery dragon might make you feel better.


Image result for game of thrones latte art"

image via pinterest


7. sleepy Bulbasaur


Here’s another amazing 3D foam masterpiece of a Bulbasaur whose coffee wasn’t quite effective enough—it put him to sleep.


Image result for pokemon latte art"

image via reddit





Featured image via Artpresso Design


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