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HBO Releases Trailer for ‘My Brilliant Friend’ Adaptation

Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend is nearing its on-screen premiere, as HBO has just released the trailer for the upcoming adaptation. 


The coming-of-age novel is the first book in a 4-part series, called The Neapolitan Novels, which follows the lives of childhood friends Elena and Raffaella throughout their adolescence into their old age.




The Neapolitian Novels have been embraced by many audiences and Ferrante has received positive reviews from critics since the release of My Brilliant Friend. The New York Times referred to Ferrante as, “One of the great novelists of our time.”



“Her voice is passionate, her view sweeping and her gaze basilisk. Her subject is the domestic world, and part of her genius lies in her capacity to turn this sphere into an infernal region, full of rage and violence, unlimited in its intellectual and emotional reach.”



HBO is taking Ferrante’s passionate and heartwarming tale to the screen and this official trailer shows audiences that the Italian author’s riveting story is just as emotional on screen as it is on page.



My Brilliant Friend will premiere in November 2018.




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Take a Trip Through Elena Ferrante’s Naples With This Gorgeous Photo Essay!

Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitian series, starting with hit novel My Brilliant Friend, has taken the literary world by storm, and is soon to be adapted for television by HBO. Italian director Saverio Costanzo will direct, while Jennifer Schuur will serve as executive producer. The plan is for a thirty-two episode series spanning all four books.


My Brilliant Friend follows the story of a sixty-year friendship between two women, which is told by one, Elena, after the other, Lila, vanishes. 


The Guardian recently published a beautiful photo essay by Sophia Seymour, which picturesby Giuseppe Di Vaio, exploring the neighborhood in which Ferrante’s protagonists grow up and forge their friendship. 


Costanzo notes:


The books follow the girls’ fraught relationship as they navigate the distinct social and economic divides of the city, both railing against and succumbing to the expectations of women as they struggle to be defined by something other than the violence and poverty of their post-war upbringing.


Giuseppe Di Vaio’s photographs capture the hustle and bustle of the Naples neighborhoods featured in Ferrante’s books, while Costanzo writes about their significance and the events, both real and fictional that took place there. 



Image Via Giuseppe Di Vaio for The Guardian



Image Via Giuseppe Di Vaio for The Guardian



Image Via Giuseppe Di Vaio for The Guardian


Like these? Check out the article and read about the connections to Ferrante’s hit novels here!


Featured Image Via Giuseppe Di Vaio for The Guardian


Want to Read the New Elena Ferrante Novel? That’ll be $200.

My Brilliant Friend author Elena Ferrante’s new novel isn’t due out until 2019, but an advance reader’s copy has been made available to a select few for the small fee of $200. That’s right! All that cash money you were intending to use as toilet paper can now be used to acquire Ferrante’s new book!


The money will go towards Bookselling Without Borders, a Kickstarter project aiming to increase the visibility of international writing and facilitate American booksellers to attend international bookselling conferences. Their website says, “We want to help American booksellers be better advocates for international writing, and to help them enrich their communities of readers with a diverse array of voices from beyond our borders.”


The project has already surpassed its goal of $30,000, and is offering all sorts of fabulous rewards to people who donate, but an Elena Ferrante novel two years early is really something else. My Brilliant Friend is currently being adapted into a mini-series by HBO as well, so when all your friends are yapping about how great their new favorite show is, you can give them a wry smile and smugly explain that you know things about the Ferrante-verse they will have to wait years to know. Nice.



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