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10 Fascinating Facts About YA Legend Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell is the author of beloved YA books like Eleanor & Park and Fangirl and is most specifically known contemporary romance. Rowell wasn’t always a author, she was a columnist and ad copywriter at the Omaha World-Herald from 1995 to 2012, but then eventually led to her writing her first novel Attachments on the side. While we’re waiting for the sequel to Eleanor and Park, here is some crazy facts about the author! 


10.  She wrote Harry/Draco slash fic to prepare herself for writing Landline‘s dual narrative!

A cool 30,000 words of it! Where can we find it?!


9. She spent nearly eight years writing her first book.

While writing for an ad company, she was writing her debut novel Attachment on the side. 


8. Harry Potter and Twilight influenced Fangirl

The main character in the story Cath writes fan fiction and its loosely based of Harry Potter  in the name of Simon Snow and his roommate is Baz, is a vampire…cough cough Twilight.


7. Eleanor and Park wasn’t meant to be Young Adult Fiction

Her first book was adult fiction and Rowell said she wrote Eleanor and Park in the same way, but it was classified as YA because both the characters were in high school.


6. Music is just as important to her as you think it is.

She listened to the indie band Wild Beasts to get into the dramatic scene for Eleanor and Park


5. She does not read fanfic of her own work.

Though she is aware there is lots of it!


4. Her favorite book as a teen was The World According to Garp by John Irving.

It’s also a movie starring Robin Williams!  


3. Rowell met her husband when they were in the seventh grade.

She was friends with her husband since she was twelve, and remained just friends until after college.


2. Her motivation for Eleanor and Park was to make people actually feel love, to give them a realistic view of it.

And for someone who has never been in love, Eleanor and Park will give you an indication of what love is. 


1. She collected books about the Beatles that were often found at thrift shops. 

Rowell knows every word to almost every song written by The Beatles.




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