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Edgar Allan Poe with raven

This Historic Cottage Is the Poe-fect Plan for Halloween

Looking for last minute, bookish Halloween plans? Live in the New York area or are you willing to travel for an author you love? Well, lucky for you, I’ve got the Poe-fect idea for you. *Exaggerated wink face*


The master of Gothic literature and dark twisted ideas is your go-to guy for Halloweekend. Edgar Allan Poe is the epitome of grim and grotesque and for that he’s pretty much one of the best in literary history. From freaky stories to hauntingly beautiful poems this man was and still is a genius. Although his past wasn’t always successful you can still see where the most famous of his works were created.


Poe Cottage

Image Via OHNY


It was in 1812 that a quaint little cottage was built in the hilly Bronx area of New York and it was thirty-four years later that Edgar Allan Poe made a home for himself there. Accompanied by his sick wife, Virginia, and her mother, the grim author stayed there from 1846 to 1849. Virginia was stricken with tuberculosis and Poe was told the fresh air and solitude would be good for her. Despite her passing in 1847, Poe was able to create his best hits from this small getaway. A getaway that cost him $100 a year. I could afford that.


Edgar Allan Poe

Same. | Image Via Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore


Times were tough financially for him then, but his completion of ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ and ‘Annabel Lee’ gave him the name he has today. Within the small cottage are the original rocking chair, mirror, and additional furnishings that were part of their minimal lifestyle. Who would’ve thought? Did you also know that:


-He died penniless and under mysterious circumstances. He was found in distress running through the streets in some stranger’s clothes. Even four days later, when he passed, they still didn’t know the cause.


-He got himself kicked out of military academy…on purpose.


-He was paid $9 for The Raven despite writing professionally twenty years prior to it.


-His beloved feline Catterina died the same day as him.


If you want to find out more, the best way is to immerse yourself in history. Check out the famous Poe Cottage on the Bronx County Historical Society.


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6 Easy DIY Crafts for a Bookworm Halloween

October is the best time of the year to fulfill your literary fantasies and create the best literary themed parties! Every book nerd needs these crafts to complete their Halloween! 


1. Edgar Allan Poe Wreath


Gwen Moss

Image Via Gwen Moss Blog


Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” has inspired many eerie Halloween creations! Gwen Moss created this beautiful Halloween wreath with book pages and a raven. It’s as if Edgar Allan Poe made it himself.


2. Floating Candles Harry Potter


Floating candles

Image Via Amino Apps 


I’m sure many of you had the Harry Potter fantasy of eating dinner in that beautiful dining hall equipped with the floating candles. You can now have that for your Halloween party (or year round in your dining room) with this DIY craft! All you’ll need are paper towel rolls, a glue gun, LED tea light candles, and white paint! Check out this how-to!


3. Book Pumpkin 



Image Via Pinterest 


This craft requires a bit more effort, but looks absolutely beautiful! It is the perfect way to transform old or damaged books into everyone’s seasonal gourd. For the full tutorial click here


4. Elegant Literary Pumpkin 


Literary Pumpkin

Image Via Pinterest


This craft is an easy, chic way to add elegance to your Halloween decor. For the full instructions click here


5. Practical Magic‘s Book of Shadows



Image Via Natural Witch Life 


Just like we need our bestsellers, every witch needs her spell book! You can model these spell books after Practical Magic or Harry Potter. Be sure to take full creative license with the pages, binding, and, of course, your choice of spells!


6. Body parts in a jar for Frankenstein



Image Via Instructables


Over time, Frankenstein’s monster to often thought to be created by Dr. Frankenstein using a number of different body parts. Mary Shelley, however, never specified how the monster was created. You, for example, can make any room in your house look like Frankenstein’s lab! A head here, a femur there. Get the full instructions on how to spookify your lab right here!


Feature Image Via Instructables / Gwen Moss Blog

Magnifying glass on book

5 Short Mysteries That You Need to Solve

There’s nothing better than a good old yarn. A good old-fashioned yarn. The issue is they can take forever. It’s especially painful when you can see the ending coming. There’s nothing more pointless than reading a mystery that you know how to solve.


This list will hopefully put a stop to these mystery woes. Here are some yarns that’ll engage you but end before they overstay their welcome.


1. ‘Sredni Vashtar’ by Saki


‘Sredni Vashtar’ tells the tale of a sickly little boy, Conradin, who concocts a theology around a god named Sredni Vashtar. Sredni Vashtar is a ferret. Having to deal with his overbearing cousin, Mrs. De Ropp, Conradin asks Sredni Vashtar to interfere. Interfere the ferret does. Give this little, darkly humorous mystery a read, and let us know if Sredni Vashtar’s found a new acolyte in you.




2. ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


‘A Scandal in Bohemia’ is the first Holmes short story (though it’s the third story featuring Holmes, following the novels A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of the Four), and might be the most well-known. This one follows Holmes meeting his match in American opera singer Irene Adler, whose had previous liaisons with the now-engaged King of Bohemia. When Adler threatens to release compromising photos of the king to his soon-to-be in-laws, in comes Holmes to save the day. Except, problems arise. You know how stories work: conflict, etc. Give this classic mystery a read!


3. ‘Continuity of the Parks’ by Julio Cortázar


Cortázar’s little mystery will reverberate big time in its readers’ minds. When a swamped businessman picks up a book he’d gotten distracted by, the events of the story bleed into his real life. At the risk of stepping on the story’s toes, I’ll hold off on any further summarizing. Take a few minutes and read it. Be prepared to scratch your head, and, then, when you’re done scratching, scream.


4. ‘Death and the Compass’ by Jorge Luis Borges



Image Via Minetest Forum


Among Borges’s many interests (infinity, God, etc.), one that might seem peculiar is his love of mystery stories. ‘Death and the Compass’ follows Holmes-esque detective Lonnrot as he tries to uncover the culprit behind a series of seemingly unrelated murders. As the evidence begins pointing to a secret, religious motivation, Borges twists the mystery in a wholly unpredictable direction. This one will worm into your brain, and you may not read mysteries the same way again.


5. ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ by Edgar Allan Poe


Admittedly, your commute might have to be a little long to finish this on your way to work. Still, this Poe tale is a classic. This story’s about two insane siblings who put their friend in the middle of their messed up relationship. There’s a botched burial, some heightened senses, and a house that’s apparently alive. One of the big twists might be a little predictable, but the very ending will split your brain in two.




Feature Image by João Silas on Unsplash

coloring books

5 Spine-Chilling Coloring Books Every Horror Fan Will Die For

With Halloween around the corner waiting to bring us hoards of sweets and the highly anticipated ’13 Nights of Halloween’ movie marathon (Hocus Pocus is the winner), it’s never too early to celebrate.


Horror fans can mix their love of everything spooky with arts and crafts with these terrifying horror-themed coloring books!


Grab some markers, sip your favorite Pumpkin-spiced latte and check out these goodies.


1. The Beauty of Horror: A GOREgeous Coloring Book ($12)



Image Via Amazon


Described as “The Walking Dead meets The Secret Garden,” this coloring book contains intricate illustrations showcasing severed heads, monstrous beasts, haunting skeletal remains, and delicate landscapes. Sounds beautiful!  


2. Adult Coloring Book: Horror Land ($6)



Image Via Amazon


Discover the lovely grounds of Horror Land with this very inviting coloring book. Featuring forty incredibly scary illustrations of woodsy landscapes and an array of monsters waiting to greet visitors, this coloring book is simply lovely!


3. Edgar Allen Poe: An Adult Coloring Book ($10)



Image Via Amazon


Celebrate the literary legacy of author Edgar Allen Poe by re-discovering his wonderfully twisted stories! Illustrated by artist Odessa Begay, these incredible illustrations feature references to the settings, motifs, and details found in Poe’s works. Embrace your duel love of literature and horror with these dreamy illustrations!


4. Gothic Halloween: A Scary Adult Coloring Book ($8)



Image Via Amazon


Described as the antithesis of a Charlie Brown Halloween, this coloring book features thirty-one illustrations of classic Halloween motifs. Decomposing skulls, gliding bats, and much more await you!


5. Monsters of Literature Adult Coloring Book of Horror ($9)



Image Via Amazon


This special treat for literary buffs brings your favorite literary monsters back to life, allowing you to re-imagine them in an artistic way. From Frankenstein’s creature (no the creature’s name is not Frankenstein despite popular belief) to Oscar Wilde’s Canterville Ghost, readers can greet a wide range of characters (i.e. 25) whose inspirations helped to make Halloween what it is today. 


Are you ready to discover what horrors await?




Featured image courtesy of ‘Amazon’