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Children sitting and reading in front of an aircraft

EasyJet’s ‘Flybrary’ Takes Off to Get Kids Reading in Air

When you’re 400,000 feet high into the clouds and your eardrums are blowing from time to time, there isn’t much to do to pass the time other than engrossing yourself in an interesting read. In this age of digitization, electronic tablets and other means of entertainment have almost rendered books obsolete. In a survey issued by EasyJet, out of the 2000 British parents that responded, 83% of participants expressed a concern towards the declining likelihood of children aged 8-12 picking up books and getting into the habit of reading. Also, 90% of parents said the widespread availability of entertainment devices has led to a steady decline in reading for pleasure. Because of this increasingly evident phenomenon, EasyJet aims to offer a wide selection of children’s reads on their aircrafts.


Children will be offered books to read on the plane from a book trolley.

Via EasyJet


Starting from this summer, EasyJet will be bringing more than 7,000 classical kids’ reads onto their 147 flights with ‘Flybraries’. Ranging from ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ to ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and to ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, this in-air, mobile bookclub will allow children to rediscover their passion in reading in a quiet setting. For parents who struggle to pacify their kids in-air, EasyJet’s mini-libraries have made great summer reads available through their partnership with best-selling childrens’ book author Dame Jaqueline Wilson and Puffin Classics.


'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', 'The Wizard of Oz', 'Peter Pan', 'Just so Stories', 'The Railway Children'


In support of this campaign, Wilson said: “The long summer break is the ideal opportunity for children to get stuck into a great story.


“Books stimulate a child’s imagination and development. Reading soothes, entertains, grows vocabulary and exercises the mind and a flight is the perfect place to escape into a literary adventure. That’s why I think this campaign is such a clever match.” 


Dame Jacqueline Wilson reading with children in-air

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EasyJet CEO Carolyn McCall said: “Our in-flight lending library means young passengers can pick up a brilliant book during their flight and then return it to the seat pocket at the end of the flight for the next customer to enjoy onboard.We think it will be popular with parents and children alike.”


Air crew holding children's books in front of an aircraft

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Although plane journeys may not be long enough for children to complete their enticing reads, easyJet allows free samples to be downloaded from their online bookclub


The first books have been available on board since Saturday July 22nd.


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