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Top 5 Best Dragons in Fantasy Literature

Dragons! Just that name is insanely cool. The name dragon conjures images of huge beasts, filling the air with their mighty roars as they rain fire upon castles, do battle with knights, or kidnapping princesses. Dragons have filled our collective imaginations for a long time and their continued popularity means we’ll see many more iterations of these grand beasts continue to pop up. Below, we count down 5 of the best dragons to grace fantasy literature, from the big to the bigger.

Smaug the dragon towers over Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) atop his hoard of treasure in the Hobbit's film adaptation

Image Via The Verge.

1. Smaug: ‘The Hobbit’

One of the most famous dragons in literature and one who had a profound impact on dragon depictions going forward, Smaug from ‘The Hobbit‘ is a magnificent creation. A wicked creature, Smaug invaded the dwarven kingdom of Erebor, driving the native dwarves out and taking the mountain for himself. He resides in the stronghold for many years, until the events of the novel, where thirteen dwarves, Bilbo Baggins, and Gandalf venture to the mountain to plunder his treasure. Unfortunately, Bilbo’s stealing is noticed and enraged, Smaug emerges from his lair to attack the nearby village of Laketown. While laying siege to it, he is shot down by a man called Bard, who pierces his one weak point: a small patch in his jewel encrusted underbelly. Smaug is slain, allowing the dwarves to claim the treasure, but Smaug’s legacy lives on, both in the further novels of the Middle-Earth universe and in real life. As a fun fact, Smaug’s wealth is estimated to be 62 billion according to Forbes, making him the wealthiest fictional characters of all time.





A Hungarian horntail, a dragon, flies against the sky and breathes fire

Image Via Pottermore

2. Hungarian Horntail: ‘harry Potter’

Dragons play a minor but memorable role in the Harry Potter universe. For the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament in The Goblet of Fire the chosen students must steal a golden egg from a dragon’s nest. Harry goes up against the Hungarian Horntail, unfortunately for him as the Horntails are incredibly aggressive and ferocious. Harry, however, manages to outmaneuver the beast by calling in his trusty broomstick and snatches the egg from the creature’s nest. The dragon sequence was greatly expanded for the film adaptation, where the Horntail breaks loose and chases Harry across Hogwarts. In either case, the Horntail certainly made its mark as a memorable obstacle and beast.

Beowulf blocks the dragon's fire as he does battle with the beast
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3. The Dragon: ‘Beowulf’

The final act of the epic Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf chronicles the titular character’s battle with a dragon. The dragon is awakened when a slave steals a jeweled cup from its lair and it begins terrorizing the countryside. Beowulf, now old, takes up arms nonetheless to fight the monster. Scaling to its lair, Beowulf’s men abandon him at the sight of the dragon, leaving only Beowulf’s companion Wiglaf with their master. Beowulf receives a mortal wound during the epic battle, but Wiglaf impales the dragon through the belly, weakening it, and Beowulf finishes it off by slicing off its head. The dragon receives no characterization but is a memorable role both killing Beowulf and being the earliest recorded instance of a dragons layer in English literature.

The three dragons of Game of Thrones sitting with their master, Daenyrus, on an island

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4. Drogon, Viserion, Rhaegal: ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’

Dragons play a pivotal role in the Song of Ice and Fire universe, being almost akin to weapons of mass destruction. Raised by the Targaryens, dragons possess enough power to raise entire cities to the ground and House Targaryen used them to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. But when the House was overthrown, all the dragons were killed. However, Daenyrus Targaryen receives three petrified dragon eggs as a gift much later on, which she manages to hatch into three living dragons. Naming them Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegel, the dragons could grow into weapons Daenyrus could use to fulfill her destiny: to conquer the Seven Kingdoms as her ancestors once did. But it won’t be easy, as numerous people want the dragons for themselves and as they grow, the dragons are increasingly difficult to control.

Falkor looks upon the viewer as he lies down on the desert sands in the movie adaptation of the Neverending Story

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5. Falkor: ‘The Neverending story’

Falkor is a friendly luck dragon and friend to  The Neverending Story’s protagonists, Atreyu and Bastian. He resembles a Chinese dragon crossed with a dog, being furry and elongated, a contrast to most other depictions of dragons throughout literature. True to his name, Falkor has incredible luck in everything he does, such as when he locates Atreyu in the midst of a raging storm against all odds. He provides assistance to the protagonists in the book, carrying them across the vast landscapes of Fantasia and offering them wisdom where he can. Falkor is lovable, much like a big dog, and becomes a beloved companion to readers and the fictional universe alike.


What dragons are some of your favorites? Tell us in the comments!


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‘Game of Thrones’ Drops Explosive Trailer for the Final Season

On Tuesday, the trailer we’ve all been waiting for dropped. The epic trailer for Game of Throne’s final season dropped and oh boy, it is a doozy.

Among the spine-tingling images highlighted in the trailer are:

+ Cersei sitting alone in her throne room, crying as she sips a glass of wine. Cersei upset? This doesn’t bode well at all…

+ Jon Snow and Daenerys, side by side, standing before Drogon and Rhaegal. It seems the fan theories are coming true, as it looks like Jon Snow will finally embrace his Targaryen heritage and ride a dragon.

+ Grey Worm donning his helmet, flanked on all sides by his Unsullied brothers in combat, no doubt preparing to fight the enemy.

+ The magnificent dragons flying over the landscape, showcasing epic splendor and beauty as they soar together.

+ And most tantalizing of all: the army of Winterfell standing assembled with many familiar faces of our heroes among their ranks. Before a single hoof of the Night King’s horse stomps into view, facing Winterfell’s defenders.

Suffice to say, this season will be utterly epic in scope, with these battles perhaps surpassing everything we’ve seen before. The final season is only a little over a month away now and we, for one, can’t wait. Let’s just hope everyone’s favorites make it out of this final chapter alive.



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‘Eragon’ Author to Release Collection of Short Stories

The land offire breathing dragons is flying back into spotlight. It’s been seven years since the release of the last installment of the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. The first, and most famous, book, Eragon, follows a farm boy who finds a glittering a dragon egg. This discovery hurls him into the world of dragons, dragon riding and a war against evil. The young adult high fantasy brings the fantastical elements of dragons, elves and humans together in an epic battle.


Image via Penn State

Image via Penn State


Christopher Paolini is reviving his series through a series of short stories. The collection of short stories will be broken down into volumes, the first volume is called “The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm: Tales from Alagaesia: Volume 1: Eragon”. It brings Eragon and the dragon Saphira along with other characters from well-known young adult series. Pre-order is now available, however, Currently, the official release will be on December 31st, 2018.



Image via Bookstacked

Image via Bookstacked


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mother of dragons

The Sound of ‘GoT’s Dragons Is Actually Tortoises…Having Sex

Remember those stunning dragon eggs that hatched on Game of Thrones, revealing three adorable fire-breathing dragon babies who eventually transformed into massive beasts?  Aside from their enormous size, ability to dominate the skies, and ability to set anything or anyone ablaze, one feature that made them oh-so-terrifying was their ferocious vocals.


Apparently fierceness isn’t always true to size, because those terrifying sounds actually come from a few very small animals including tortoises. Tortoises who happen to be having sex.


Yeah, didn’t see that one coming did you?



Image Via Huffington Post


GoT’s sound designer, Paula Fairfield, revealed the interesting origins of the dragon’s vocals in a podcast with WNYC’s radio show Radio Lab. According to Fairfield, the vocals of two of the dragons were created from composing screeching birds, insects, and reptiles. When it comes to Drogon, however, the dragon perhaps the most nearest and dearest to Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, his voice is a wee bit different. 


Drogon’s vocals reflect his unique role to the Mother of Dragons who named him after her late husband, Khal Drogo. If you remember the hunky Dothraki whose dominant physique among other things made us all swoon in the beginning of the series, you’ll remember that he was quite…passionate. 


Drogon quite literally vocalizes this passionate trait, Fairfield revealed.


“I have sounds I might choose simply by certain personality traits that I might want to push forward,” she said. “She named that dragon after Khal Drogo, her hot late husband, so Drogon is like her lover. He’s whistling at her all the time, he’s whistling at her butt and saying, ‘Ooh baby.'” 



“Ooh baby,” Drogon roared. | Image Via HBO


“The groan of the male actually became, with some work and adjustments and stuff, the basis of Drogon’s purr with [Daenerys],” Fairfield said. “The funny thing about the purr with Drogon was watching people watching [the show] and giggling when they heard it, but not really knowing why. To me, it’s because it had that essence, that kind of sensual, sexual essence.”



Image Via HBO


According to Fairfield, while the representation of sex and love can seem quite odd being represented through a dangerous animal, it mirrors intimate human relationships.


“They’re very powerful, they can be very scary, they can be very destructive,” she said. “But what’s kind of magical in Game of Thrones is that the intimate scenes also melt your heart and bring you closer to these characters that should be burning your face off.”


I’m a bit ashamed to say that, after being a faithful viewer for the entire seven seasons of the series, I never once guessed that Drogon’s voice reflected the mating sounds of tortoise. I’m going to go out on a limb though and say I’m not alone.


We will all be able to hear the sexy sounds emit from Drogon once more when Game of Thrones returns in 2019. Until then, check out the video below if you need a recap of the interesting vocals of Drogon. 



Featured Image Via ‘HBO’

Undead dragon

‘Game of Thrones’ Director Speaks out About So-Called Ice Dragon


Game of Thrones resurrected a dragon, and then used said dragon to tear down the Wall. Fans can be certain of a couple of things regarding this so-called ice dragon. First, the dragon is undead. It was alive, then died, then the Night King brought him back. So it’s undead. Second, the dragon breathes stuff like a regular dragon. While fans have casually called undead Viserion an “ice” dragon, Jeremy Podeswa, the director of the Game of Thrones season finale, says otherwise.


Speaking to Huffington Post, Podeswa said:


The way I looked at it was, when the sept burned down, that was green fire, and so then the dragon is going to have some kind of blueish fire. It’s certainly still fire — it has the ability to burn the Wall and melt snow. But it’s going to have a different kind of magical quality to it, because it’s coming from an undead dragon.


It makes sense that Viserion isn’t breathing ice since we saw his breath melt the Wall. Still, there would be something very poetic about seeing fire-breathing dragons take on ice-breathing dragons. This just isn’t the direction the show has gone in. If you listen closely, you can hear the collective groans of Game of Thrones fan theorists. Hey, maybe George R. R. Martin will bring us our ice dragon.



Featured Image Via HBO