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Lady Voldemort, the Dark Lord Drag Queen, Is Here to Snatch Your Soul

2018 is truly a great year for Halloween content, and now as we are approaching the sacred day, the apex of the gay solar calendar, we have been truly blessed. 

San Francisco/Miami queen Florida Man (also known by her full name, Florida Elizabeth Man), who is known for her strange and bewildering incorporations of pop culture into her performances, has just gone viral for one of her “Lady Voldemort” performances.



Lady Voldemort is a character developed by Florida Man for what she describes (in an interview with Teen Vogue) as as a queer take on the Harry Potter universe:


Part of what I’m doing with Lady Voldemort is re-imagining a universe where the canon of Harry Potter is queerer and weirder, and I think that speaks to a lot of queer people and Harry Potter fans alike. It’s also just ridiculous.


"It has everything"

Via Tenor


The particular Lady Voldemort performance that has just gone viral comes with everything: burlesque, a reveal, a powerful lip sync, special effects (it’s a full-on multimedia event), and even an appearance from the Boy Who Lived himself.


However, I for one am a fan of a more stripped down performance, like, for instance, Lady Voldemort’s cover of “Shallow”:



Happy Halloween!


clip from Florida Man's performance

Image via Buzzfeed


Featured Image Via @flawdamaniac on Twitter.


Halleloo – RuPaul Is Releasing a New Book

In the midst of season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, we have been blessed with a new book from the drag mother herself, RuPaul. In a recent interview with People Magazine, RuPaul revealed the cover and some details about the upcoming book, GuRu by RuPaul



rupaul thank you

Via Giphy


In the interview, RuPaul explained that the book is a “collection of meaningful phrases and quotes that have helped me navigate the chaos of modern life.” Alongside the inspirational messages, more than eighty photographs of Ru through the years will also be included that illustrate the concept of “building the life you want from the outside in and the inside out.”




 Image Via Harper Collins


GuRu is scheduled to hit shelves on October 23rd of this year and is available for preorder now!


Featured Image Via Vulture

Queen Ida Kay reading to children

Drag Queen Story Time Puts the Read in Reading Rainbow

There is something very fishy about these librarians. On a Saturday morning, drag queens Ida Kay, Blair St. Clair, and Halle Pino are reading the rainbow to a room full of children some stories.


The event “Drag Queen Storytime” is hosted at Indianapolis Central Library. It has been newly added to their calendar since its start in June and has been a huge success. The most recent one held July 22nd was an encore of the first.


These queens weren’t the only ones playing dress-up. Indianapolis Central Library’s event “encouraged to dress up as their favorite superhero and listen to age-appropriate adventure stories” including the books “Rules of Being a Superhero,” “Princess Super Kitty,” and “My Mom Has X-ray Vision.”


Besides the reading, the library provided paper masks for the kids attending to decorate. 


The three queens with child dressed as Bat Girl.

Image courtesy of WHAS


“When we put on drag, that is a superhero costume because it is an extension of our existing personality,” Pino said in an interview with USA Today. “It allows us to do something greater than ourselves by being faces in the community and by being voices in the community.”


The event in the series started in June, pride month with the help of the organization “Indy Bag Ladies” which is a fundraising organization for HIV and AIDS. Drag Queen Storytime was an immediate success and drew in over 100 people at the first session. Stephen Lane, who organizes this event, was inspired by similar events in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York called “Drag Queen Story Hour.”


Drag queens are an obvious choice for children’s events since they are often dazzling with rhinestones, makeup, and eccentric dress. “Sometimes … when I do story time by myself, the parents are texting and the kids are, you know, rolling around,” Lane says to USA Today. “With drag queen story time, it seems that everyone’s engaged.”


Indy Bag Ladies at Indy Pride in 2011

Image courtesy of Flickr


The Indy Bag Ladies have attributed themselves as possibly the first HIV/AIDS fundraising organizations. On Indy Pride’s website, they are said to have began “in 1981 when a group of friends decided to replace their annual tradition of a Halloween party with a Bus Tour to bars and restaurants in Indianapolis to raise money for patients who had been diagnosed with a new disease (HIV/AIDS).”


By dressing up in costume and helping those in need, it can clearly be said that the Indy Bad Ladies are in fact America’s super heroes. They raised over 17,000 dollars on their 32nd Bus Tour in 2012.


What do you think they are reading next? Tuck Everlasting?


Feature image courtesy of USA Today