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Five Moody Castlevania Memes

There isn’t enough of the Castlevania anime, and there aren’t enough Castlevania memes, but I’m here to at least bring you a few.


It’s Me

Image via Know Your Meme



Me In Class

Image via Reddit

I first rejected this as being barely a joke. The bell part is the only part that connects! But I just kept thinking about it. I’ve laughed in class because I’ve randomly remembered a meme. People do not appreciate it. He’s a bell. Look at his face. Really an underappreciated meme, even by me.


Curses Can Be Flirting

Image via Pinterest

You know, honestly? Any one of these three could seduce me with their history knowledge. Obviously Alucard lived some of it, and Sypha reads so many books. They should be writing the history books, not just talking about them. And what an opening line. Hi, want to hear about my history book? Girl, yes. I really really do.


They Support It?

Image via Ali’s Cringe Den

This never really made sense to me. Like, ok. Dracula is kind of a nihilist, so I can see why he’d want this. But what about the humans? Like, it tried to give them pretty good motivation, but it still seems like they’ll be killed, just, like, last. And what about the vampires who help him? What in the world do they think they’re gonna eat when there are no humans? How did Drac get people on this wagon in the first place?


Tag Yourself!

Image via Tumblr

Okay, so obviously I’m Sypha, but I’m just her in general. We STAN a magic nerd, I swear. Like, if I could choose between that and being like, a knight or whatever, or being a vampire, you know what I’m choosing. Did I just out myself as the kind of person who always plays a mage? Whatever, it’s true. All of these are entire moods, though.


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