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Harry & Draco, sitting in a tree...?

Tom Felton Calls Harry Potter’s Crush on Draco “Clearly a Fact”

Chances are, if you’ve read the Harry Potter series, you’ve read Harry Potter fan-fiction. And chances are, if you’ve READ Harry Potter fan-fiction, you’ve at least tried your hand at writing some. (In my past life as a teenage employee of a moving company, I once stumbled upon a handwritten HP fic hidden in a child’s bedroom.) Okay, so maybe writing fan-fiction isn’t as easy as a flick of the wrist and a wave of the wand—but even if you’ve never put quill to paper, you’ve almost certainly IMAGINED an alternate ending or bonus scenes to the series.

Draco Malfoy is one of the most prominent characters throughout Harry Potter fan-fiction, and I’m going down into the fandom trenches to prove this with statistics. A search for “Draco Malfoy” on one popular fan-fiction website yields 62,072 results. Though Hermione is a more central character in the source material, querying Hermione’s name yields only 54,259. Why the discrepancy? It’s not a matter of sexism: try “Ron Weasley” and you’ll find a mere 38,931. (“Harry Potter” is a bunk search term in this case since every story in the fandom would be grouped under that name, regardless of whether Harry himself plays a role.)


Yes, Harry Potter fan-fiction can get weird. It gets weirder than this. | Image Via Someecards


One of the reasons for Draco’s popularity is that, clearly, villains and antagonists are conceptually sexy—a reality that doesn’t need any statistical backing. But perhaps the more significant reason is that while Draco himself features heavily in the series, Draco’s internal monologue is largely absent. We can guess at his thoughts and feelings, but Rowling leaves a great deal of ambiguity in regards to Draco’s personal life. Often, fan-fiction seeks to close gaps in a canonical narrative, telling the stories we didn’t get to read.

Though we discover Draco is married to Astoria Greengrass in the epilogue, it’s relatively unsatisfying to see such an impactful character pair off with one to whom we have no emotional connection. We as readers see Draco’s life primarily through the lens of his interactions with the protagonists; as such, it’s more satisfying to imagine that they are central to his private thoughts and feelings. Appropriately (or, inappropriately, as the Google image results may be), Draco & Harry and Draco & Hermione are some of the most popular fan-fiction pairings.



Tom Felton himself is all aboard this ship. In an interview with AOL, Harry Potter co-stars Felton (Draco Malfoy), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), and Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) debated whether or not Draco and Harry could have been, so to speak, ‘more than just enemies.’

“Harry Potter was constantly crushing on Draco,” Felton asserted. “He just couldn’t hide it.”


There’s a LOT we don’t know about Draco’s personal life. | Image Via Wattpad


Lynch dismissed the idea of a Draco & Harry pairing, but, as Draco’s actor, Felton has more expertise on the subject. Apparently, he’s also seen for himself how the pair would get along… in the form of NSFW fan-art. “I’ve seen some pictures,” Felton clarified, “some alarming ones.” Of course, nobody really wants to see pornography of themselves and their coworker, so Felton can be Team Drarry and not Team-Fake-Nudes-of-Himself.

But it’s not that Felton is just supportive of the fans’ imaginations. When it came time to talk about another popular pairing, Felton blew the ship right out of the water. “I think that’s fan-fic,” he said when asked about Draco & Hermione as a couple. He added: “In fact, I feel like I’ve seen some fan-fics along that line. What is it with Draco and matching him up with various Gryffindors?”

Even though there’s all subtext and no text when it comes to Harry & Draco’s relationship, worry not! One day, J.K. Rowling will declare that the couple had an ‘intense sexual relationship‘ all along like Dumbledore & Grindelwald.



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The Kind-Hearted Tom Felton Reveals Weird ‘Harry Potter’ Fan Experiences

Witty, snotty, and a bit condescending, Draco Malfoy is a pure-blooded wizard who makes it his business to make Harry Potter and his friends’ world miserable. However, the actor who brought this platinum blonde and Slytherin prefect to life, Tom Felton, is actually a pretty sweet and awesome guy. It’s no secret that many Harry Potter fans loved Tom Felton’s portrayal of Draco Malfoy; he was a guy you love to hate, but hate to love. However, sometimes fans get a bit out of hand with their dedication and love (or hate) for the characters.


Tom Felton revealed during an interview with Yahoo! Movies that a strange occurrence happened when he was playing a young Draco Malfoy. A man who had legally changed his name to Lucius Malfoy (the fictional father of Draco Malfoy) reached out and offered to adopt him and make Tom change his name legally to Draco. Um, okay. Creepy. In the interview, Tom Felton stated:



One man wanted to adopt me. He had changed his name legally to Lucius Malfoy and wanted me to change my name to Draco Malfoy and to legally adopt me. I declined!





And don’t get him started on his fans from America. Some fans have a hard time differentiating between the character and the actual actor. We confuse the two then make the actor seem like they reflect their character. Tom Felton actually isn’t too bad; he’s a pretty chill person. However, it didn’t stop people from sending him angry letters, he said:



I’ve got some angry Americans tell me ‘Leave Harry Potter alone man! What did he ever do to you?’ but are deadly serious in how they deliver it… They seem to think I had some kind of influence on Rowling’s writing!







He can’t help with J.K Rowling wrote! He’s just depicting a character; it’s not his fault his character just happens to have a few flaws. However, like I said before, Tom Felton is a great person. When him and Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter, come together, they have beautiful chemistry and though both have hung up their wands, it doesn’t mean they haven’t kept in touch. Recently, Tom Felton dropped by to watch Daniel Radcliffe perform on Broadway. He also visited Matthew Lewis, who portrayed Neville Longbottom.



Image via Bustle

Image Via Bustle


I guess that’s the ups and downs of being a Harry Potter actor. There’s always that one fan that takes it too far with angry letters and some unpleasant encounters. However, there are also the pleasant reunions between the now-older cast members. This happens when the magic blooms once again and a little bit of wizardry and magic spark back to life. We love you Tom Felton; you’re our favorite Slytherin and don’t ever change!



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Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton Had a Little Harry Potter Reunion with Total Hogwarts Vibes

This is definitely the cutest spell I’ve ever seen cast! 



According to Eonline, Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) and Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis), the two salient figures representing the Hogwarts houses Slytherin and Gryffindor, hung out in L.A. with serious Harry Potter vibes!




See how close he was to converting…. @mattdavelewis #gryffindork

Tom Felton(@t22felton)分享的貼文 於 張貼



In this picture, we can see Felton is acting as if he’s threatening Lewis, with one hand over his prey and the other holding a dark green bag imprinted with a Slytherin mark. Lewis, however, does not look like an ordinary prey-he is PROUD! With Felton’s caption, “See how close he was to converting” and the hashtag “gryffindork,” OWWWWW, we’ve decoded this situation-Draco Malfoy, as if his villain fuel continues, is hijacking our little cute Neville!



What would Neville say to this? 




Take your Slytherin paws off me, you damn dirty ape! @t22felton

Matthew Lewis(@mattdavelewis)分享的貼文 於 張貼



Well, our tiny Neville is not tiny anymore! He was best known for his brilliantly bright and brave behavior when confronting Voldemort’s snake in Deathly Hallows, and in his Instagram post, Lewis jokingly shouts out, “Take your Slytherin paws off me, you damn dirty ape!” The ape metaphor implies to Felton’s acting in Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011).



Well, this Hogwarts house humor is not the first of its kind. Eonline also recalled that in 2015 when Felton enrolled on Pottermore, he tweeted:





In J. K. Rolling’s original setting, Malfoy is kind of the leader of Slytherin squad and he’s proud of that, but apparently, Tom Felton was sorted into his enemy house!



Responding to that, Rolling tweeted:




It’s fun, isn’t it? #Gryffindork or #Slytherinforlife, which one Rictusempra’s you?



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