You Don’t Want To Miss These Hilarious #TrumpBiographyTitles

#TrumpBiographyTitles, a hashtag started by HashtagSkirmish, quickly started to trend viciously on the Twitter community as bundles of users continued to tweet hilarious book names that will knock you off your feet. Although we are certain that plenty of books will be written on President Donald Trump during his time in office, none will have names as funny as these.












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Trump Tweet Confusing

We’re Trying to Figure Out What ‘Covfefe’ Means Too


On Wednesday, May 31, at precisely 12:06 a.m, US President Donald Trump tweeted, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

Trump tweet covfefe


The confusing tweet comes amongst a slew of other ones that make much more sense, including one about his upcoming decision on the Paris Accord, in which he ended “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”. 


While he deleted the original tweet containing the seemingly made-up or incredibly misspelled word, ‘covfefe’, he did tweet this (six hours later):


Trump tweet 2


Some people have tried to figure out what Trump’s obscure sentence could possibly mean. CNN wrote; “Trump seemed to be trying to type ‘coverage’ but misspelled it. As he often does. Then he fell asleep and didn’t correct the mistake until he got up in the morning.”


The President is well-known for his tweets, using it for a variety of reasons, so it’s no surprise that the world is responding to his nonsensical tweet – including celebrities.


Zach Braff tweet


Some have tried to give a proper definition of the word:


Wellcome Col


The real winners are these two, however:




We’re still unsure of the meaning, but we’re erring on the side of an autocorrected version of ‘coverage’. 


We dug a little deeper and split the word up. “Co” is a prefix meaning “together, mutually, or in common”, as in “copilot”. “Fe” is actually an element- iron! Any chemist should know that… 


So far we’ve got “together” and “iron”, so what about the “v” in the middle of it all?  This may be a stretch, but v is the Roman numeral five, so perhaps that’s what the President was going for? If we are correct, then the word ‘covfefe’ means:


Together five iron iron


Could it be an allusion to the President’s love of golf? A five-iron is a type of golf club…


Further decoding is clearly necessary.