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The First Official Trailer for ‘The Little Stranger’ Is Here!

The first official trailer for The Little Stranger is here! Room director Lenny Abrahamson returns with an adaptation of Sarah Water’s haunting novel of the same name. The film is set in the summer of 1948 and centers on Dr. Faraday (Domhnall Gleeson) a country doctor who gets called in to help a patient in the financially failing estate known as Hundreds Hall.




Gleeson’s Faraday is familiar with the estate since his mother was a housemaid there. After meeting the curious family who now occupy it, including Mrs. Ayres (Charlotte Rampling) and her children Caroline (Ruth Wilson) and Roderick (Will Poulter) he discovers an ominous force causing bizarre occurrences around the home. Faraday soon discovers that the Ayres’s story is inextricably linked to his own.


This trailer reflects an eerie tone of a ghost story that seems identical to the novel. The footage that is revealed also centers on how the insanely haunted happenings around the estate impact each character’s psychological state especially Domhnall’s Faraday who appears to be the focal character in this story. 


The film arrives in theaters on August 31st, 2018.


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