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The Doctor and the Tardis in a Christmas Tree Filled Landscape

Doctor Who Villains Getting Their Own Stories In New Book Series

A short story collection set in the Doctor Who universe titled Twelve Angels Weeping will feature classic villains of the cherished British television series, reports Radio Times.


Dastardly foes of the regenerating Time Lord to be featured in the story collection include the robotic Cybermen, telepathic Ood, and the genocidal Daleks. No word on the Weeping Angels, but seeing as how one is featured on the cover, it would be a good bet that those time eating horrors are lurking around.


Weeping Angel in Snow

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Written by Dave Rudden, each story will revolve around one of the aforementioned monsters as they encounter some Christmas themed shenanigans and Yuletide adventure.


Twelve Angels Weeping is scheduled to be published this October, just in time for the holiday season. Remember to keep a sonic screwdriver in your stocking.


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Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss and Dracula

Sink Your Teeth Into This: ‘Sherlock’ Creators Begin Work on ‘Dracula’ Adaptation!

Rejoice, fellow nerds of the Doctor Who and Sherlock fandoms, the writing team of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are at it again! Their new project? A television series based around the 1897 novel by Bram Stoker, DraculaThe two men are known for their tight lips when it comes to their creative endeavors. Little by little, though, they’ve been revealing more information about this adaptation.




The exciting news is that the two men have finally put their heads together, and announced yesterday that they will begin their writing process will begin sometime “next month.” They have also revealed that within these next few weeks, they plan on fully committing to “getting stuck” into their writing process. Though Moffat has since left as showrunner and head writer for Doctor Who, this news is a bit upsetting to us Sherlock fans who might not see a new season crop up for quite some time. 




It has also been announced that Mark Gatiss would love nothing more than to play the unfortunate inmate at a “lunatic asylum,” R M Renfield. Renfield’s character is notorious for eating live creatures in an effort to adopt their life force. Dracula soon takes him under his wing as a loyal servant, though we can only imagine this arrangement ending in disaster. No news on who the two have their eyes on for the title character yet, however. 




As a fan of this creative team in general, I know I’m bloody well excited to see what new heights these two will take the most iconic vampire in history! 


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tom Baker

Lost Douglas Adams ‘Doctor Who’ Episode Finally Released!

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy author Douglas Adams wrote the finale to the 17th season of Doctor Who titled ‘Shada.’ It’s been lost to history…until now!


The episode, set in Cambridge, was almost finished shooting when there was a massive staffer strike. Unfortunately, filming was scrapped. BBC News has announced that the episode will now see the light of day, even featuring then-current Doctor Tom Baker!


It’ll be animated. Check out a teaser trailer here!



Since footage of the episode does exist, it seems like parts will be live action, but the rest will be filled in with animated clips. Adams’s story has the Fourth Doctor (Baker) going to Cambridge where he works with a retired Time Lord to battle a malevolent alien.


Baker’s companion at the time was Romana, played by Lalla Ward, who will be returning as well. Fans can download the episode November 24th or purchase it on DVD and Blu-ray December 4th.


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