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Fans Demand Disney Stop Casting White People for POC Roles

With the Black Lives Matter movement in full swing, fans are calling out all the white washing in hollywood. Disney included. The theme parks are known for casting white people for roles of color, such as Aladdin and Jasmine. When fans go to the parks and meet the characters of their favorite films, they expect to see people similar to what they see in the movies, not a white washed verison.

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Disney made a statement that they are in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, but fans started a petition. Characters, like Pocohantas, Tiana, Black Panther, Moana, and more should be properly represented, and if Disney stands with the movement, they should make these changes.

Representation is important and Disney has such a diverse fan base they should be more open minded to how they cast their characters. Disney already don’t have many princesses that are people of color, so the ones disney do have should be played by people that represent them. In total there are twelve disney princess and out of that twelve are only five women of color. That’s less than half. That needs to change, they need to tell more diverse stories. Little girls love to imagine themselves as princesses, and they need to see more of themselves portrayed in these films as well as in the theme parks.

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Fans are determined to make this change and they are so close to getting all the signatures they need. Change is coming and this time no one is going to stop until change actually happens. Kudos to Disney for supporting the movement, now let’s see them make this change.

You can sign the petition right here.

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