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Why 2020 Doesn’t Have to be Endgame for the MCU

Marvel studios isn't releasing any movies in 2020, a first for many MCU fans. However, delaying phase four until 2021 doesn't mean endgame for our beloved heroes, in fact it can do some good.

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Five Things We’re Dreaming Of Seeing In Marvel’s ‘Wandavision’

Although this pandemic has delayed amazing content like Disney Plus' 'WandaVision'; all this extra time allows us to dream up what we're itching to see!

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A Super Exhibit Shining A Light On The Great Female Cartoonists

If you ask the average person who's Stan Lee or Jack Kirby, chances are they'd know who those legendary men are. However, if you then ask 'who's your favorite female cartoonist?' chances are they couldn't come up with an answer, at least without a little research. One online exhibit is hoping to change that.

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