New ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ Trailer Could Have Been Much Darker


Disney’s new movie, Raya and the Last Dragon, gains a new trailer and posters today. Set to release on March 5th in theaters and for premiere access Disney+ users, the movie centers on a girl named Raya and her misfit crew as the look for the last dragon to unite their world. Things become complicated as she finally finds the dragon only to learn that she is a misfit herself, and still, she and this crew must find a way to unite all the nations once and for all.

The new trailer surprised viewers as one of the main stars was a “con-baby,” a baby who comes up to Raya under the muse of being lost but is actually a con artist. The altercation that follows shows Raya and the baby showing off their skills and precision, as well as Raya potentially getting the baby to join her team to look for the dragon.



The team from the movie comes from many of the same producers and artists as Moana and Frozen, which is evident in the art style from the trailer. Although this movie features a highly anticipated upgrade to the animation, one that will show the various worlds and characters of all shapes and sizes.

One of the most surprising and exciting things about the movie, however, came from one of the film’s directors.

There was buzz for this trailer starting yesterday when The Disinsider shared that Raya, which is inspired loosely on the style of Jean Wick, has a cut that could have gotten an R rating. Director Carlos Lôpez Estrada is quoted saying,

“There may ha ve been some things that if we were to include would give s an R rating for violence. Just so you know. There is a cut of the movie with broken bones and stuff.”

Twitter took this in stride, with many wishing they could see this cut with a darker take on the typical Disney animation.

Regardless of if we get to see this other version or not, the new trailer has been blowing up on social media and hype for the movie is at an all time high. Will you be seeing this movie upon release March 5th? We sure will!

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Three Unknown Stanley Kubrick Scripts Have Been Found

Stanley Kubrick is one of the classic filmmakers. His films have stretched into the public imagination, making him a household name like Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Quentin Tarantino. His works have all been genre defining, ushering in new film techniques and inspiring dozens of imitators. His films have included A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr. Strangeloveand Eyes Wide ShutNow, twenty years after his death, three new screenplays have been found for unused script ideas Kubrick created during his lifetime but never made into films. These scripts were discovered in London and containing intriguing ideas that speak to much of Kubrick’s personal life as well as his imagination.


Image via The Dazed

According to The Dazed,  these scripts were written between 1954 and 1956. During this period, Kubrick was having problems with his then wife, Ruth Sobotka. The screenplays were entitled Married Men, The Perfect Marriage, and Jealously. The first script is the most extensive of the lot, featuring 35 pages of typed script with extra additions of handwritten notes. The second is just seven pages, while the third features a middle ground between the two: 13 pages. These scripts showcase that Kubrick, known for being far more reclusive than most other filmmakers, was working on much unknown work during his period. This is especially important as the 1950s were his least understood part of his career and showcased he was doing much more in private than anyone knew, while also revealing his deeply troubled wedded life.

The scripts enforce this, full of depressing quotes and dark lines about marriage. One quote showcases Kubrick’s attitude at the time quite well. He wrote:


“Marriage is like a long meal with dessert served at the beginning. Can you imagine the horrors of living with a woman who fastens herself on you like a rubber suction cup whose entire life revolves around you morning, noon and night?”


Yikes. Well that’s certainly a telling quote.

The script’s stories themselves are described as very mediocre and don’t showcase Kubrick’s talent. Kubrick was not a writer but his genius lay in his visual style and approach to filmmaking to make high art out of simple, often trashy, ideas. So, we don’t know what form these films would have taken onscreen. Still, finding these scripts is an incredible discovery for both writing and Kubrick fans, not to mention fans of film in general. Who knows what other projects Kubrick had under his wing that never saw the light of day.

What do you think of this cool discovery? Tell us in the comments!



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