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Check Out This Amazing Digital Library

Malay Mail reports that Penang Digital Library is challenging the traditional library setting by developing a library that has no books.

The library is a two-storey building, the first phase of which was a teacher’s main office next to Penang Free School used by students as a place to study. The newly-opened second phase expands to a different part of the building.

Tan Bee Eu is the architect who poses a model replica for the recently opened Penang Digital Library in George Town. She developed the concept of having a ‘library in a park,’ and notes how the rainwater harvest tank present on the grounds of the Digital Library collects rainwater which is used to water the trees, lawns and flowerbeds.


Image via malaymail.com


“I want a connection to nature so that the library has this whole natural feel to it from the lawn, the trees and the pocket parks,” she said. “They can also allow their young children to run around the lawn and the playground by the side.”


Image via malaymail.com


The Anglo-Indian style building only could fit eighty people, but due to its popularity, expansion was necessary. An annexe was also constructed to create more reading space and the hall which can be used for events accommodates up to 540 people at a time. There is also a lounge where people can eat and replenish before going back to their studies or work.

The annexe is beautiful, with its clear windows, sofas, and elegant glass ceiling with a pretty view of the park and lawn, as well as cubicles for people who want to do their work privately.


Image via malaymail.com


Image Via Malaymail.com


“We provide a range of space of different reading experiences, in booths, on sofas, cubicles, at the high tables and the bay windows to suit every need so users can read or work at ease,” Tan said. “We want a space for the community to come together, a space for families with young children and youths.”

The Penang Digital Library ‘s second phase covers 16,000 square feet and is open daily from 8am to 10pm.


Featured Image Via Penangdigitallibrary.com