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17 Magical Gifts to Give a Harry Potter Fan This Holiday Season

Halloween just passed, which officially means the holiday season is upon us. As stores stock up on Christmas and holiday decor, gifts, food, and…everything you can think of, it’s clearly never too early to start shopping. Let’s be honest, holidays put an immense amount of pressure on us to buy just the right gifts for our loved ones and therefore you don’t want to be strapped for time trying to find just the right gift. 


So, here are seventeen perfect gifts to give your Harry Potter-obsessed loved one if you want to ensure their love and appreciation forever.


1. Harry Potter Ugly (Adorable) Christmas Sweater



Image Via Etsy (DachiCollective)


2. Harry Potter Coloring Book


Harry Potter Coloring Book

Image Via Amazon


3. Animated Illustrated Harry Potter Book


HP Kindle in motion

Image Via Amazon


4. Harry Potter Custom Music Box


Music Box

Image Via Etsy (EnjoyTheWood)


5. A Harry Potter Insult Handbook


HP Book

Image Via Amazon


6. Harry Potter Wall Decor



Image Via Etsy (GenefyPrints)


7. The Complete Harry Potter DVD Collection



Image Via Amazon


8. Harry Potter Unisex Baseball Tee



Image Via Etsy (CraftCreatureInk)


9. Cards Against Muggles Original Game Cards (Digital Download)



Image Via Etsy (HumanityHates)

*A smaller FREE version released by the original creators is also available here.


10. Hilariously Offensive Harry Potter Mug



Image Via Etsy (AccioFckEmporium)


11. Custom Harry Potter Acceptance Letter



Image Via Etsy (GothikDelights)


12. Saucy T-Shirt



Image Via Etsy (RaunchyRedhead)


13. Harry Potter Double Sided Quote Bracelet


HP Bracelet

Image Via Etsy (NikkiandNibby)


14. Harry Potter Holiday Card



Image Via Etsy (ByAbbie)


15. Classic and Comfy Harry Potter Sweatshirt



Image Via Etsy (UberThreads)


16. Harry Potter Wine Set



Image Via Etsy (SamiMaurerDesigns)


17. Cool-ass mug that morphs, revealing hidden Maurader’s Map


HP Mugs

Image Via Amazon


Feature Image Via (DachiCollective)/(HumanityHates)